Digg Relaunches News.me As “Digg Deeper” To Give You Personalized News Alerts

digg-new-featured What should you read or watch today? Digg is hoping to help you answer that question with a new launch of an old service, News.me. Renamed Digg Deeper, the tool uses signals from the people you follow on social media to surface the most interesting and important news of the day. It's not a new idea. News.me was originally a Betaworks-developed iOS social news app that was scrapped in 2012 after running afoul of Twitter's API display requirements. Betaworks, which also owns Digg, kept News.me going as an email newsletter. Nuzzel and Prismatic offer similar services and even the New York T [...]

Deja Vu: The “Digg Effect” Is Back

digg-logo-200px Close your eyes for a moment and go back with me to 2006. Twitter was a newborn. Facebook wasn't nearly the behemoth that it is today. Google+? Yeah, right. Social media was a fairly new term at the time, and back then it boiled down primarily to two websites: MySpace and Digg. For publishers, it was really all about Digg. If your content hit the Digg home page, you'd see incredible traffic spikes (like the one a brand new Search Engine Land saw in December 2006). We called it the "Digg effect," and many websites were knocked offline by the tidal wave of traffic the site would send. T [...]

Google Reader & The Coming FeedBurner Subscriber Count Apocalypse

rss-featured Google Reader is closing next Monday, July 1. Yeah, you knew that. But did you also know that when it closes, anyone using FeedBurner is likely to see a huge plunge in subscriber counts reported for their feeds? Here's why, and also why we may begin to see replacements for Google Reader publish their own subscriber counts. FeedBurner & Subscriber Counts FeedBurner is a service that allows publishers to manage their RSS feeds. Google purchased FeedBurner in 2007. Since then, it has increasingly felt abandoned by Google. However, FeedBurner still provides some core features, among them, an [...]

Digg’s RSS Reader Will Beta Launch In June, Final Version Likely To Be Paid Product

Digg has announced that it's planning to release a beta version of its RSS reader in June. The company also says it's planning to charge for the final product, though exact pricing isn't decided at this point. The timing is good for Google Reader users that still haven't found a replacement reader. Google has said it'll shut down Reader on July 1st, so it should be to Digg's benefit to give users access to an early version of its reader before they have to make a decision. A couple weeks ago, Digg did another survey of the 18,000+ people that have volunteered to help provide feedback on [...]

Digg Does The Google Reader Survey That Google Should’ve Done

rss-featured It's ironic that the best survey of Google Reader users that's probably ever been done is being done by Digg. About a month after announcing its plans to build an RSS reader and asking Google Readers to help out by taking a survey, Digg has started sharing some of the survey results. Digg says it's already received 8,000 survey responses (an astonishing number, in my opinion), and no surprise: The data proves that Google Reader has a lot of power users. It makes sense because RSS never reached mainstream acceptance and has been a popular tool primarily among information connoisseurs. [...]

Yes, Digg Was Dropped From Google Briefly, Back Now

digg-logo-144px Some have noticed that pages from Digg were no longer appearing in Google today. Both the social media news site and Google confirm this was the case, due to mistaken malware issue. It's now been solved. Matt Sawyer tweeted that Digg seemed to be off Google earlier today, and it was picked up by State Of Search and even Hacker News. Digg: We're Not Malware Digg told us that the cause seemed to be that pages from Digg's previous life continue to link to content from across the web — some of which may become malware infected — which causes Digg itself to have issues with Google. Digg [...]

Digg: We’re Building A Google Reader Replacement

digg-logo-144px Want a good replacement for Google Reader? Perhaps it's appropriate that another brand from the Reader heyday, Digg, is planning to build that. From Digg's blog post today: We’ve heard people say that RSS is a thing of the past, and perhaps in its current incarnation it is, but as daily (hourly) users of Google Reader, we’re convinced that it’s a product worth saving. So we’re going to give it our best shot. We’ve been planning to build a reader in the second half of 2013, one that, like Digg, makes the Internet a more approachable and digestible place. After Google’s announ [...]

Digg Says It’s Growing, Starting To Monetize

digg-logo-144px The new Digg, which launched less than six months ago, has started to monetize its website. It's doing so by including ads for mobile apps in the existing "Apps We Like" section of its homepage; today, the space is showing an ad for an app called Picturelife. The ad is clearly labeled as "Sponsored," as you can see below. The "Apps We Like" feature changes every week, and has traditionally been a hand-picked choice from Digg's staff. Developers can now apply for consideration and, if Digg likes the app, they'll follow-up with pricing information. Though it didn't share any numbers [...]

Betaworks Axes News.me Apps & Shifts Focus To Digg

digg-new-featured Those who've relied on Betaworks' News.me apps to find the most meaningful content from their followers are going to need to find another solution. News.me for the iPhone and iPad is no longer available in the App Store. News.me was a popular way for users to find the top content from their social connections -- something that Twitter has been focusing on internally with the Discovery tab. Betaworks stated that the News.me apps were deemed to be in violation of the new Twitter API display requirements and that they had to be either completely re-worked, or removed. And removed they were. [...]

Reddit, New Digg Make TIME’s Best Websites Of 2012

time-magazine-logo Two social networking stalwarts have made TIME magazine's list of the Top Websites of 2012: Reddit and Digg. The magazine compiles its list annually, and this year's Top 50 seems to focus even more than usual on sites that would be under the radar of a mainstream news magazine audience. As TIME says, most of the sites it likes to choose "aren't yet household names." So, this year's list includes both Reddit and Digg, two sites that have been around the social networking space for a long time but certainly don't have the name recognition of Facebook or Twitter. (Heck, pretty amazing that [...]

New Curated Digg Launches Without User Profiles, History or Commenting

digg-new-featured When betaworks acquired Digg a month ago many folks were confident that they had the right attitude, team and environment to resurrect the failing site. Today that dream died when the new Digg was officially launched. The betaworks team worked for six weeks to rebuild the site form scratch, and it shows. New Digg v1 comes without user profiles, all user history is absent, no Digg login exists (only Facebook,) no commenting is allowed and users have to submit a link via Facebook or Twitter. Digg, the slowly dying social news site can now officially be pronounced. Digg is dead. The new Dig [...]

A New “Rethought” Digg Will Launch August 1st

Last week, betaworks bought the remaining assets of Digg after the once-prominent social site sold. The Washington Post acquired the Digg team, LinkedIn purchased 15 patents and betaworks was left with the Digg.com website.   Well, betaworks isn't planning on sitting around moping, today they released a blog post on rethinkdigg.com that states they are launching a brand new version of Digg. Betaworks runs the News.me service, and there was talk that Digg would be simply a Digg skinned News.me site.  This won't be the case.  The blog post states: News.me will continue to be available [...]

Buried: Digg Bought By Betaworks For A Fraction Of Its Former Value

digg-nation-featured It feels like MySpace all over again. Seems like just yesterday Google was about to buy the hot-shot Digg for a reported $200 million dollars. But nay, today the NY-based tech firm Betaworks is purchasing the fallen giant for a meager $500,000.   [UPDATE: Techcrunch is reporting that other portions of Digg have been disassembled and sold off.  LinkedIn paid between $3.75 and $4 million for nearly 15 Digg Patents while the Washington Post ended up paying $12 million dollars for the Digg team.]   Betaworks plans on folding Digg into News.me Inc. according to the Wall Street Journal. [...]

Reddit On The Rise While The Decline Of Digg Continues

The Social News battle between Reddit.com and Digg.com is nearly over - with a clear winner prevailing.  A recent post from AdamSherk.com, studied traffic from 12 major magazines and web-only destinations from both Digg and Reddit. The results?  Reddit referrals rose 360% from 2009 to 2011 while Digg traffic dropped to 4.6 million in 2011 - just 14% of the referrals the site was sending 2 years ago. [caption id="attachment_4495" align="aligncenter" width="431" caption="Image Courtesy of AdamSherk.com"][/caption] Even with 45 million in funding, Digg continually found a way to aliena [...]

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