Warning To Video Advertisers: Banned AdWare Creator Sambreel Now Injecting Ads On YouTube

It turns out Sambreel, the notorious adware provider that everyone thought had been quashed is still going strong. The London-based Web traffic analysis firm, spider.io, has found Sambreel, operating under the guise of companies named Yontoo and Alactro, is injecting video and display ad slots into YouTube pages. In an analysis of over 1 billion video ad impressions sold through non-Google ad exchanges, spider.io found that over 15 percent of the inventory were ad slots injected into YouTube by Sambreel. As spider.io recounts in its latest blog post on this issue, back in 2011, Sambreel r [...]

3 Essential Secrets To Becoming A Programmatic-Savvy CMO

Big Data It's hard to get away from the terms "programmatic marketing" and "big data" these days. But what does today's CMO really to need to know to be "in the know"? 1. What Big Data & Programmatic Marketing Actually Mean & What They Don't For me, the concept of big data is the most misleading. Marketers have been using big data in their marketing since marketing began -- just ask Sears, Amex or Walmart (or Tesco, for our UK readers) about the massive wealth of data they have on almost every consumer and what they do with that data. [caption id="attachment_55560" align="alignright" width [...]

Are You Smarter Than A Supercomputer? It Depends.

Algorithmic Marketing Matrix Who knows what is best for your customers? You or a computer algorithm? That is the question that big data has raised for many marketers. And like all great questions, the answer is, "It depends." I've wrestled with the question for a while, because I appreciate both sides. There's no doubt that tremendous value can be unlocked from all the data that customers emit these days. Digital pheromones that drive marketers wild, if you will. Computers are capable of analyzing such voluminous mountains of data and, if we let them, acting on it within milliseconds. How could we humans ever exp [...]

AOL To Buy Programmatic Video Ad Platform Adap.tv, Expanding Efforts To Change Video & TV Ad Buying Process

AOL Inc. is boosting its stake in the online video advertising space by purchasing Adap.tv, a leader in video advertising technology, for $405 million in cash and stock. The deal is expected to close in September. Adap.tv's programmatic ad platform facilitates real-time bidding as well as premium upfront and spot buys. The platform also works across media devices -- Web, mobile and connected TV. According to Adap.tv, 10 billion video impressions run through the platform monthly. AOL CEO, Tim Armstrong said in a statement, "Two trends are prevalent in the video space right now – the mov [...]

Advertising Has a Banking-Industry-Size Fraud Problem

vantage_local_battles_display_fraud Local advertisers are more susceptible than ever to deceptive digital agency practices. The metric commonly used to gauge success in local display advertising today, click-through rate (CTR), can be easily manipulated to provide the illusion of success, leading local advertisers to believe that their campaign is performing well. Unfortunately, the selective manner in which many agencies restrict reporting transparency prevents investigation by the advertiser and does not allow for true optimization. Financial Engineering Fraudsters A common tactic used by some of the largest local online [...]

Navigating Around Icebergs: How Elemental Data Charts A Better Course For Display Advertising

Iceberg Icebergs are deceptive. Their icy peaks jut out of frigid waters, revealing only a fraction of their volume. What appears to be a small, confined piece of floating ice that can easily be navigated around might very well turn out to be a massive barrier below the surface. [caption id="attachment_51032" align="alignright" width="258"] Image credit: istockphoto.com[/caption] Perils Of Segment-Based RTB Segment-based, real-time bidding for display advertising is sort of like an iceberg. It looks really cool, but can obscure the real picture. The promise of better performance through progra [...]

The Real State Of Programmatic Marketing

Facebook world map Clearly, we have an industry awash with talk about programmatic marketing and big data. But what is real, and what is BS? What practical executions exist today? And what does a future world look like if big data really is everywhere? I am on somewhat of a personal mission to provide a simple way for marketers to think about what programmatic marketing and big data mean. To do that we must think about what a marketer’s goal is – to reach the right person, at the right time and with the right message. But in a RTB (real-time bidding) media world, we must also include the right price, give [...]

Quantcast’s FBX Integration Goes Beyond Retargeting, Lets Advertisers Target Prospects At Scale

Retargeting through Facebook Exchange (FBX), Facebook's real-time bidding ad exchange, has proven exceptionally popular for brands seeking to reconnect with customers and site visitors. Now Quantcast has introduced a new integration with FBX that allows advertisers to target look-alike audiences that match the profile of their customers on Facebook. Quantcast predicatively models target audiences based on the online media habits of an advertisers' converting customers and then applies that data through FBX to pinpoint prospects on Facebook in real time. Quantcast then continually update [...]

Study: US Travel And Retail Sectors Got Aggressive With Programmatic Display In Q2

Programmatic display advertising continued to show huge growth year-over-year in Q2 , particularly among retail and travel advertisers. That's according to the Q2 Digital Marketing Report issued this week by IgnitionOne. The study found that, in addition to increasing investment in search, retail advertisers spent 130 percent more on programmatic display advertising in the quarter year-over-year. Impressions rose 80 percent. However, clicks didn't keep up, rising just 25 percent compared to the previous year.  IgnitionOne found the average clearing prices for programmatic display ads came [...]

FBX News Feed Ad Study: CTRs 21X Higher, CPCs 79% Lower Than Standard Retargeting

When Facebook introduced its retargeting platform, Facebook Exchange (FBX), last year it was a nearly instant success, with partners raving about performance metrics. Then, earlier this year, Facebook opened up its News Feed to retargeting. We've seen early positive reports on News Feed retargeting, and now Ad Roll has released its latest data on FBX in the News Feed. AdRoll looked at over 1 billion impressions from 547 advertisers running retargeting campaigns on FBX right-hand side, FBX News Feed and standard web retargeting. After just one month, News Feed FBX accounted for 15 percent [...]

Let’s Raise Our Standards Online: Stop Faking ROI & Start Acting More Like TV

ML_comScore 6.3 TV advertising is one of the most effective means of increasing brand awareness; and, despite the heightened use of ad-skipping devices, marketers continue to allocate ad dollars in massive amounts to television. But, as digital starts to deliver similar products, there has been a debate raging about measurement. Nearly One-Third Of Online Display Ads Aren't Seen So far, this debate has been about things like Gross Rating Points vs. Impressions; but, there is a more fundamental issue that we have to fix before digital can be measured accurately and effectively for advertisers. A recent c [...]

Amazon Ad Revenue Jumps 45 Percent, Tops $600 Million [Report]

The world's largest online seller generated nearly $610 million in ad revenues last year according to a new report from eMarketer. The e-commerce giant is making a play for more digital ad business with substantial efforts to build out its in-house ad tech capabilities and expand its offerings on mobile through the Kindle and apps. Last year's revenue jumped 45.5 percent from 2011, and the company's ad revenue growth is expected to increase nearly 37 percent this year to $835 million after traffic acquisition costs (TAC). eMarketer assumes that, unlike competitors like Google, Amazon does n [...]

Twitter Set To Launch FBX-Like Retargeting Ad Exchange [Report]

twitter-logo-tweet-200px In its latest effort to beef up advertising offerings, Twitter is aiming to get in on the rise of retargeting and programmatic, real-time ad buying. The company is  gearing up to launch a new ad retargeting exchange that would function much like the successful Facebook Exchange (FBX) and allow brands to retarget ads to site visitors when they are on Twitter. According to a report from AdAge, Twitter has been looking into the ad exchange idea since last year and meeting with FBX partners to learn about their approaches to retargeting on Facebook. No launch dates have been discussed, and Twi [...]

Beyond AdWords: Demand Side Platforms Explained

Real Time Bidding (RTB) Ecosystem Having worked at a self-serve demand side platform (DSP) for over 2 years, one of the most common questions I get when trying to explain the concept of a DSP to others is: "Isn't that kind of like AdWords?" Even amongst experienced marketers, most only have a vague idea of how DSPs work and how they ultimately differ from a platform like Google AdWords. Most DSPs are similar to AdWords in that they are used to create ad campaigns. But, DSPs provide advertisers access into the vendor-neutral RTB ecosystem; whereas AdWords only allows campaigns to run within the Google network. The difference [...]

Google Launches Real-Time Bidding Platform ‘Open Bidder’ [BETA], Seeking Testers

Google announced the launch of Open Bidder for developers to build real-time bidding solutions. Currently in Beta status, the platform uses the Google Cloud Platform and DoubleClick's real-time bidding protocol. Over a year in the making, the Open Bidder Team wrote in a blog post that the platform removes development barriers for companies looking to build their own RTB technology. Open Bidder removes these barriers by providing a customizable bidder toolkit with a reference implementation that developers can adapt to plug in their own bidding logic and data. Additionally, we provide an ad [...]

The 4 Strategic Phases Of Lean Display Advertising

Professional stand-up comedians are known to practice their routines with smaller audiences in preparation for their big shows and HBO specials. They do this in order to find out what works and what doesn't and to hone all the elements of their routine: timing, delivery, wording and so on. That way, when they hit the big stage, they have the confidence that they are delivering an optimized routine. This is not unlike the "lean startup" approach described by Eric Ries in his book, The Lean Startup. In it, he advocates the "build-measure-learn" cycle, which puts experimentation, measurement [...]

5 Ways Real-Time Bidding Differs From Direct Buys

For marketers that want to run online display ad campaigns, choosing between direct channels and real-time bidding (RTB) platforms might seem a little unclear at first. After all, the ultimate result is the same: you are placing your ads on a website somewhere. The process that a marketer must follow, however, to reach that end goal is very different depending on the approach, and each has its pros and cons. To help you understand which approach may be best for you, we’ll begin by contrasting some of the characteristics of traditional direct buys and RTB, and what they mean to brands, age [...]

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