ICANN Parks The Domain Registry Of America, Termination May Be Coming

Icann domain If you've ever registered a domain name, you're likely acutely aware of the Domain Registry of America. The company is notorious for the incessant mailing of deceptive renewal letters that essentially trick users into renewing with the Domain Registry of America (DROA) (many times at a much higher price) instead of renewing with the company where the domain was initially required. These mailings however may be stopping soon. ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has suspended Brandon Gray Internet Services (dba namejuice.com) the company behind the DROA. Brando [...]

Google Domains: A New $12 Domain Registration Service Google Is Testing

google-domains-600 Google is dipping its toes into the domain registrar business. The company today announced a beta service called Google Domains that looks very much like the beginnings of a full-fledged domain registrar business. The service is invite-only at the moment, and interested parties can request an invite via the link above. Just pretend to search for a domain name and you'll get prompted to ask for an invite. The Google Domains landing page has links like "Manage my domains" and "Transfer a domain name." A separate Features page shows what Google is planning for this service: $12 d [...]

Amazon Loses Bid For .Amazon Domain

amazon-featured Amazon's bid to own and operate .amazon as a new, generic top-level domain (gTLD) has been rejected. ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers -- the governing body of the web's domain name system -- has sided with the recommendation from its Governmental Advisory Committee in rejecting the company's bid to get .amazon as well as the Chinese and Japanese translations of its name. The folks at Domain Incite explain what it means for Amazon this way: That basically means all three applications are frozen until Amazon withdraws them, wins some kind of appeal, manages t [...]

.Guru(s) Galore: New Top-Level Domain Passes 50K Registrations

dotguru Nevermind that the label/title "guru" has been getting mocked for years. That's not stopping anyone from registering domains using the new .guru top-level domain (gTLD). In fact, according to nTLDStats.com, .guru recently became the first of the new gTLDs to pass 50,000 registrations. That puts it ahead of the far less annoying .berlin, .photography, .email and .link, all of which round out the top five most popular new domains. Domain Incite reports that .guru just passed the 50,000 mark on Wednesday, if you exclude some infrastructural domains. And it reached this level in just [...]

Senator Jay Rockefeller Asks ICANN To Kill .sucks Domains

voxpopuli-sucks-domain-600 Pardon the obvious pun, but a US Senator thinks one of ICANN's new generic top-level domains ... well ... sucks. West Virginia's Jay Rockefeller, chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, sent a letter to ICANN on Wednesday (PDF version) calling the pending .sucks gTLD "little more than a predatory shakedown scheme." Rockefeller is concerned that the name, if approved, will force businesses and individuals to spend potentially significant amounts of money on defensive domain registrations. He called .sucks "a gTLD with little or no public interest value, and said the domain's busine [...]

200,000+ Generic TLDs Have Been Officially Registered

icann-domains-featured As of last night, the 200,000 mark has been broken in Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs). According to Domain Incite the number hit 201,184 registries to date. The top 10 most registered gTLDs are: While some bigger known companies like GoDaddy have entered the space, the current gTLD registration leader is Donuts who applied for 307 TLDs back in 2012. Of the top 10 gTLDs shown above, all belong to Donuts. This trend  won't stop anytime soon as Donuts will continue rolling out additional premium gTLDs throughout the summer. For more information and detailed stats head over to Doma [...]

KPMG Says It’s Leaving .Com For .KPMG Domain, Wrongly Cites SEO As A Reason

kpmg-logo KPMG, the multinational professional services agency that was born in 1870, says it will abandon its .com domain and switch to its own .kpmg top-level domain (TLD). And one of the reasons the company gives is an expectation that the new domain will help the company's search engine optimization. David Green, KPMG's chief of digital marketing, revealed the company's plans in a recent interview with World Intellectual Property Review (WIPR). "We won’t immediately drop .com; there will be a phased migration," Green said. In making the switch, KPMG is set to become one of the first -- pe [...]

Yahoo Is About To Do A Garage Sale For 100+ Unused Domains

yahoo-purple-y-logo Unwanted and unused goods are a staple of garage sales, but it usually involves things like old clothes, games, toys and maybe even some old electronics. And that stuff usually fetches a fraction of the original price. Yahoo found some unwanted and unused goods, and is putting them up for auction. The big difference in Yahoo's garage sale is that it's selling some premium domains and they're going to sell for a lot more than what they cost to register. Yahoo is calling this week-long auction "Domainapalooza," and it all starts tomorrow. The auction will end on November 21st. Some o [...]

GoDaddy Opens Pre-Registration On 4 New TLDs, Including .Luxury At $1,200

godaddy-logo Interested in one of the many new generic top-level domains that are coming online in the next couple years? Better get out your wallet or start saving now. If the prices that GoDaddy is asking for pre-registration on four new gTLDs is an indication of what's to come, this is gonna be awfully expensive. GoDaddy has announced that it's taking pre-registrations for four new TLDs: .uno .menu .build .luxury For each domain, GoDaddy is offering "pre-registration" or "priority pre-registration." The latter is more expensive, and if there is more than registrant, GoDaddy will conduct an auctio [...]

Microsoft Wins 13 Bing-Related Domains From Squatter

bing-2013-icon In a decision announced last week, Microsoft won 13 domains from a cybersquatter based in Taiwan. It was a quick case. Microsoft submitted its complaint on September 24th, asking the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) to transfer ownership of the domains from the registrant, Chiou Ji-an. The domains listed in the complaint all include the name of Microsoft's search engine, Bing: bing119.com bing1314.com bing168.com bing911.com bingaudio.com bingbaidu.com bingbio.com bingbrazil.com bingegypt.com bingface.com bingfrance.com bingspain.com bingvision.com The defendant told the N [...]

Pinterest Gets Control Of 100 Domains, Wins $7.2 Million In Cybersquatting Case

pinterest-logo A federal judge ruled in Pinterest's favor this week, granting the company $7.2 million in damages and the control of 100 domains that were registered by a Chinese cybersquatter. Qian Jin, described in the judgment as a "serial cybersquatter" that owns hundreds of domains similar to the names of large companies, registered domains such as pinterests.com, pimterest.com and pinterost.com "after Pinterest.com and the PIN mark gained fame and began attracting visitors," the judgment says. The judge determined that this constituted "willful" infringement and said that "the association of defe [...]

Google Job Postings Offer Insight On Company’s Future Top Level Domain Program

Google Jobs screen capture DomainNameWire.com caught two Google job postings that offer evidence supporting the company's plans to grow its top level domain name program. The job postings are both for positions in Google's San Francisco office, one for a Product Marketing Manager, Domains and the other for a Strategic Partner Manager, gTLD program. The Product Marketing Manager listing claims, "The Internet is about to explode with new top-level domains, going from the 22 familiar faces like .com and .net and .edu to over 1,400+ in the next 18 months." The Strategic Partner Manager listing states explicitly, "Goog [...]

ICANN Rejects Google’s Plan For Dotless Search Top-Level Domain

google-icann-logos Google may still get to own the .search generic top-level domain (gTLD), but it won't get to operate it as a dotless domain. ICANN ruled this week that dotless domains are prohibited, citing "the current security and stability risks" that have been identified in previous studies of dotless domains. The decision affirms recommendations made earlier by an ICANN security committee. The news was first reported by DomainIncite.com, which doubts that the decision will have any impact on Google's application to own the .search gTLD. But it does put an end to Google's desire to operate that a [...]

Amazon Beats Pinterest In Fight Over .Pin Domain

amazon-pinterest-logos Amazon has beaten Pinterest in a battle over .pin, one of the many new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) that are in the process of joining existing domains like .com, .net and .org. In a decision issued this week, a World Intellectual Property Organization mediator rejected Pinterest's objection to Amazon's application to own .pin. Pinterest filed its objection in March, and based its argument on the fact that it's applying for a trademark on the word "pin" in the U.S. and more than 60 other countries. It also explained to WIPO that content posted on its site are called "pins," users ar [...]

Why Are Banner Ads Showing Up On Popular Websites Like Apple.com & Bing.com?

According to a recent Ars Technica article, two CMA Communications customers have reported banner ads being injected directly into webpages on popular websites, and they are blaming the ISP. Earlier this year, Robert Silvie and Zachary Henkel noticed banner ads running along the bottom of pages belonging to companies like Apple, Walmart, Target, Bing and eBay. Both Silvie and Henkel were using Internet service provider CMA Communications when they spotted the suspicious banner ads. Knowing that Bing didn't run commodity banner ads at the bottom of its home page, Silvie first thought it w [...]

Pinterest Takes On Two Domain Fights: Pinterest.info & Amazon’s .pin Request

pinterest-logo Domain Name Wire is reporting that Pinterest has gotten involved in two separate domain-related fights: one over an existing domain registration and another over Amazon's plans to create a new generic top-level domain (gTLD). Firstly, Pinterest has formally objected to Amazon's request to own a new .pin domain. That's one of 75 new domains that Amazon applied for in ICANN's ongoing expansion of the top-level domain space. Barnes & Noble and a couple authors' groups have also objected to some of Amazon's other domain applications. Secondly, Domain Name Wire also reports that Pinterest [...]

FairSearch Objects To Google’s “Top-Domain Name Land Grab”

fairsearch-logo FairSearch is taking its anti-Google battle to the domain space. The organization -- which is backed by the likes of Microsoft, TripAdvisor, Nokia and other Google competitors -- announced today that it has filed objections with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) over Google's application to own three new generic top-level domains (gTLDs): .search .fly .map Those are three of the more than 100 new gTLDs that Google has applied for as part of ICANN's expansion of the domain space. Here's the crux of FairSearch's objection: FairSearch recently filed [...]

Foes Line Up Against Amazon’s Domain Desires [Report]

amazon-icon Two publishing industry groups and rival bookseller Barnes & Noble have filed objections over Amazon.com's request to own several new, generic, top-level domains (gTLDs), according to a Wall Street Journal report. The paper says the Authors Guild, the Association of American Publishers and Barnes & Noble have all told the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) that Amazon shouldn't be allowed to own domain spaces like .book, .read and .author. "Placing such generic domains in private hands is plainly anticompetitive," wrote Scott Turow, Authors Guild president, [...]

ICANN Aims To Help Brands With Domain Trademark Clearinghouse

icann-logo-square ICANN, the agency that oversees the domain name system, is planning to launch what it calls a Trademark Clearinghouse next month to help companies and individuals protect their rights as new top-level domains roll out later this year. According to ICANN's announcement, the clearinghouse will open on March 26th at trademark-clearinghouse.com. Rights owners will be able to submit their trademark information into a central database for verification and, once verified, they'll have two primary benefits: "Sunrise Registration" will give verified rights owners the chance to register their [...]

U.S., Euro Governments Seize 132 Domain Names Selling Counterfeit Goods

fake-website-icon For the third consecutive year, websites selling counterfeit products online have been seized on Cyber Monday, the day generally thought to be the busiest online shopping day of the year. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced today that 132 domain names have been seized this year in two campaigns known as "Project Cyber Monday 3" and "Project Transatlantic." The latter project refers to the fact that law enforcement agencies in several European countries also took part. The US-based effort nabbed 101 domains, while the European project claimed another 31. The ICE s [...]

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