Where Will Facebook Marketing Be In The Next Nine Years?

[caption id="attachment_32500" align="alignright" width="300"] image from Stock.XCHNG[/caption] This month marks the nine year anniversary of when Facebook (then known as TheFacebook.com) was first conceived and created by Mark Zuckerberg. Since then, Facebook has grown by leaps and bounds, currently supporting over one billion active users (as of December 2012) and over 618 million active daily users. Facebook's capabilities and layouts have undergone the most obvious changes over the last nine years, and the way that marketers have learned to connect with users has grown, as well. [...]

Facebook Vacation: 61 Percent Of Users Say They’ve Taken One

Facebook-Ads A new Pew survey on Facebook usage patterns leads me to want to coin a new term: "Facay" -- for "Facebook vacation." According to survey data collected in December, "61 percent of current Facebook users say that at one time or another in the past they have voluntarily taken a break from using Facebook for a period of several weeks or more." Pew says that its data, based on a survey of 1,006 US adults, "indicate there is considerable fluidity in the Facebook user population." In addition to the above finding, 20 percent of survey respondents say they no longer use Facebook, while 8 percent [...]

Twitter And Facebook Report On Top Tweets Per Minute & “Top Moments” During Super Bowl

facebook-twitter-logos-200px While it appeared to me that she was still lip-syncing yesterday, Beyonce Knowles was one of the big winners of yesterday's social media buzz bowl. The not-so-single lady's celebrated halftime performance generated more than 250,000 tweets per minute (TPMs). Overall, according to Twitter, her performance drove 5.5 million tweets -- and perhaps shut down power at the stadium for a half hour thereafter. Other top TPM winners were the following: Power outage: 231,500 TPM 108-yard kickoff return for Ravens TD by Jones: 185,000 TPM Clock expires; Ravens win: 183,000 TPM Jones catch [...]

Facebook Posts $1.58 Billion Q4 Revenue, $5 Billion For The Year

facebook-numbers-stats-featured Facebook released Q4 and full year results for 2012. The company posted $1.585 billion in quarterly revenue, representing an increase of 40 percent YoY. Full year revenues were $5.09 billion. Ad revenues were $1.33 billion or 84 percent of total quarterly revenue, which was a 41 percent increase over 2011. Mobile revenue represented 23 percent of total ad revenue, up from 14 percent in the previous quarter. Facebook said that Mobile daily users exceeded Web daily users in Q4 for the first time. The following are additional user-numbers highlights: Monthly active users were 1.06 [...]

Facebook Tries To Explain Why It Cut Vine’s, Others’ API Access

facebook-unlike-featured Don't use our platform to copy what we do without permission. That seems to be the core issue in a Platform Policy change that Facebook announced on its developer blog about an hour ago. The change, according to Justin Osofsky, Facebook's Director Platform Partnerships, means that the "vast majority" of developers should "keep doing what you're doing." But, in light of Facebook's decision to cut API access to Vine and Voxer within the past week, Osofsky offered this clarification of Facebook's policies: For a much smaller number of apps that are using Facebook to either replicate our fu [...]

Screw The Mission Statement, Facebook Cuts Connections With Twitter’s Vine, Yandex & Voxer

facebook-logo-square Brands and individuals that are testing out Twitter's new video toy, Vine, are learning the hard way that it doesn't play well with Facebook. Sure, there's a big button to connect your Vine account with Facebook so you can finds friends and connect more easily on the new video platform ... but it's broken. As AllThingsD reported Thursday, Facebook cut off Vine's ability to tap into the Facebook friend graph. Try it, and you'll get a message saying that "Vine is not authorized to make this Facebook request." Facebook didn't completely kick Vine out; after a video is made, users [...]

France Wants To Tax Facebook, Google “Personal Data Collection”

taxes-featured Summarizing a report issued by the French government last week the New York Times says that France is considering a range of creative taxation schemes on US based Internet companies -- Google and Facebook in particular. France is trying to generate new revenues amid a challenging economic climate in Europe. Google and Facebook are seen by many European governments as "deep pockets." There's also a punitive quality to the various taxation proposals as well. France (among others) has been frustrated by what it sees as domestic tax avoidance by large Internet companies. It is seeking to c [...]

Stock Price Be Damned! Facebook Is Top Company On ‘Best Places To Work 2013′ List

facebook-people-happy-featured Nevermind the underperforming stock price. Facebook employees are still happy enough to have voted the company the top place to work in 2013 in Glassdoor's fifth-annual Employees' Choice Awards. Overall, Facebook scored a 4.7 rating (on a 1-5 scale) and CEO Mark Zuckerberg got a 99 percent approval rating from his employees. This is the second time Facebook has come out on top of the list. It was number one on the 2011 list, then fell to third overall on the 2012 list, which was published late last year. Numerous tech companies scored well in the Glassdoor survey. Google ranked six [...]

Touché! Instagram Starts Pulling Its Images From Twitter

instagram-featured You'll be excused if you think the social media platform battles are starting to look like something you'd see on Romper Room. The latest step in this back-and-forth is Instagram's decision to prevent its images from showing properly on Twitter's website and clients. At the LeWeb conference today, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom confirmed the move and said that his company plans to fully prevent Instagram images from being embedded on Twitter. Here's how he's quoted on the New York Times' Bits blog: We've decided that right now, what makes sense, is to direct our users to the Instagram Web [...]

Cash-Strapped Euro Governments Look To Online Giants For Additional Tax Revenues

tax-money-180px Google, Facebook, Twitter and even Starbucks are being criticized and investigated for what several European governments consider to be tax avoidance. In the UK and France in particular Google is under scrutiny. And earlier this week a French newspaper (albeit like the satirical Onion) reported that French authorities had served a whopping EUR 1 billion tax bill on Google. Google has denied that it has received such a bill. Google's practice of billing advertisers and running profits through its Irish subsidiary, which is legal, allows the company to minimize taxes. According to a Reuter [...]

Facebook “Relief Rally” Drives 19 Percent Gain After Upbeat Revenue Numbers

Call it a "relief rally." After Facebook's Q3 yesterday ($1.26 billion) beat consensus revenue estimates financial analysts changed their outlook on the company, with many shifting recommendations from "neutral" or "hold" to "buy." As a result Facebook saw its shares gain nearly 20 percent by the close of trading on the NASDAQ today. The big sigh of relief that could be heard all over Wall Street was about Facebook's mobile revenues and metrics. There were 604 million monthly active mobile users in Q3 according to the company, representing a steady month over month gain but a big 61 per [...]

Facebook Q3 Earnings: 36 Percent Ad Revenue Growth, 14 Percent From Mobile

facebook-earnings-money-featured Facebook has released its Q3 financials and there are some solid numbers in the all-important advertising category. Overall, revenue was up to $1.26 billion for the quarter, a 32 percent gain over Q3 2011 and the third consecutive quarter of higher revenues. The company is reporting $1.09 billion in ad revenue for the quarter, a 36 percent increase year-over-year. That sum represents 86 percent of Facebook's total revenue. Perhaps most importantly, Facebook says that 14 percent of its ad revenue came from mobile. That's been something of an achilles heel for the company and it's i [...]

The Formula Behind The Facebook “Like” Number

facebook-like-featured Facebook's private messages spawned quite an uproar last week when it was uncovered that messages were not only being crawled, but also used towards the overall "Like data" of a page. One of the important lessons that marketers learned from the situation was that the "Like count" wasn't really about likes, rather other interactions (and messaging) that occurs on Facebook.  This led us to ask the question -- Just what does count towards the Facebook Like data? According to the official Facebook Developers page, four different variables make up the Like number: The number shown is the sum o [...]

Facebook Reaches One Billion People & Releases TV Ad

facebook-numbers-stats-featured Facebook announced they have hit a billion active users and to celebrate they released a TV ad. The TV ad goes through the events, life cycles and routines people go through on a daily basis and explores those emotions conveying how Facebook is there to help you keep track of the things that connect you. The TV ad is named "The Things That Connect Us." Here is the ad: Facebook explains that chairs, doorbells, bridges, and airplanes. "These are things that people use to get together and connect. Facebook is also something that over a billion people around the world use to connect w [...]

Facebook Phone? “Wrong Strategy” Says Zuckerberg

Rumors have come and gone and come again that Facebook will develop it own phone. But that idea makes no sense for the company, says Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. In an interview today at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference, Zuckerberg told Mike Arrington that it makes more sense for Facebook to work with others than try to build its own device. "It's always been the wrong strategy for us," Zuckerberg said. "It's so clearly the wrong strategy for us" Assuming Facebook did build one -- and Zuckerberg quickly stressed that it wasn't --assume maybe it attracts 20 million people. That [...]

EMarketer Lowers Its Facebook Ad Revenue Estimate

facebook-money Market research firm eMarketer has lowered its revenue estimate for Facebook due to "underperformance" so far in 2012 and "questions about the effectiveness of some of the site’s ad products." The firm previously pegged Facebook's 2012 revenues at $5 billion, but is now lowering that estimate to $4.23 billion -- still about 34 percent higher than 2011 revenue. Emarketer says Facebook ad revenue will continue to grow, just not at the rate that it has in the past. The firm estimates Facebook's ad revenue will grow to $5.48 billion next year and $6.81 billion in 2014. Facebook has [...]

Survey: Ten Percent Would Pay At Least $10 Per Year To Remove Ads From Facebook

Facebook-Ads Internet radio app Pandora allows users to pay $36 per year to remove all ads from the service. About 14 percent of Pandora's revenue comes from this subscription service. I'm a subscriber and I happily pay the annual fee. That got me thinking about Facebook and whether there was an appetite for an "ad-free" version -- and how much revenue it might generate. An ad-free Facebook that didn't do data-mining or target ads based on the content of posts would address many of the privacy problems and objections that Facebook is confronting right now. It would also open up a promising new revenu [...]

Facebook Q2 Revenue Slightly Beats Expectations But With A Net Loss

Facebook Logo Facebook's Q2 revenues are out. In the run up to the earnings announcement there was critical speculation about the company's prospects. In terms of top-line revenues, Facebook beat analyst consensus estimates. Quarterly revenues were $1.184 billion vs. $895 million last year. However the company also reported a net loss of $157 million. Immediately after the release there was a mixed reaction in the financial community, with some arguing analyst expectations were managed to be artificially low. There was general disappointment among many with these results; however some are taking a "wait [...]

Google, Facebook Boost Washington Spending To “Educate” Congress

Google and Facebook both increased their spending trying to educate (read: influence) Congress in the second quarter, according to filings made under the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995. Companies that employ lobbyists must file these reports on a quarterly basis. The disclosures show that Facebook spent just under $1 million ($960,000) on lobbying in Q2, up from $650,000 in Q1 2012. That compares with $320,000 spent trying to influence lawmakers in Q2, 2011. A wide range of bills and issues were cited on Facebook's disclosures. Among them privacy, intellectual property reform, corporate [...]

Washington State Partners With Facebook To Help Register Voters

If you live in Washington state a new way to register to vote will soon by available.  A Facebook app will reside on the Secretary of state's page that will exist directly within Facebook.  The AP reports that the app will be the results of collective efforts of Facebook, Microsoft and the state. Washington will be the first state to offer voter registrations on Facebook. Users will have to click on the app and allow Facebook to access their information and will be required to also provide an ID card or drivers licence.  The app will not have access to the state records, rather wil [...]

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