Where Will Facebook Marketing Be In The Next Nine Years?

[caption id="attachment_32500" align="alignright" width="300"] image from Stock.XCHNG[/caption] This month marks the nine year anniversary of when Facebook (then known as TheFacebook.com) was first conceived and created by Mark Zuckerberg. Since then, Facebook has grown by leaps and bounds, currently supporting over one billion active users (as of December 2012) and over 618 million active daily users. Facebook's capabilities and layouts have undergone the most obvious changes over the last nine years, and the way that marketers have learned to connect with users has grown, as well. [...]

The #Hashtag Bowl, Game Over: Twitter Mentioned In 50% Of Super Bowl Commercials, Facebook Only 8%, Google+ Shut Out

twitter-football-featured The Baltimore Ravens just beat the San Francisco 49ers to win Super Bowl XLVII in a game that came down to the final seconds. But online, the social network showdown belonged to Twitter in a dominating win over Facebook, Google+ and all other social networks. According to my count, Twitter was mentioned in 26 of 52 national TV commercials -- that's 50 percent of the spots that aired during CBS' game coverage. Facebook was mentioned in only four of those commercials -- about eight percent. Google+, which is reportedly the No. 2 social network in the world, wasn't mentioned at all. YouTube [...]

Facebook Sponsored Results: An Under-Explored Opportunity

About six months ago, Facebook introduced yet another type of ad for advertisers to try: the Sponsored Result. Marketers can serve Facebook users searching for Pages, Applications, and such with ads in the Search bar. As Facebook says, the goal of Sponsored Results is “... help [Facebook users] better find and discover the brands, products, and experiences relevant to them.” For advertisers, it’s a great way to increase exposure and to send more people on to your Page or Application.   The Details Sponsored Results ads do require some creative. While the image, title, an [...]

Three Proven Social Media SEO Opportunities

social media seo opportunities Social media isn't solely about direct social results. There are many places on your website where social media may improve your search engine optimization (SEO) while helping your business grow its online presence. No SEO strategy can guarantee results, but these tips can help ensure that you have all the bases covered to take full advantage of the available opportunities. Alt Tags For Icons Alt tags for images are sometimes overlooked by website marketing managers, who are so focused on meta tags or the content of the site, that they forget the benefit other meta tags can bring. Adding [...]

Taking Advantage Of Facebook Offers

We’ve talked at length about the importance of engaging your Facebook community beyond simply acquiring fans. Page Post ads are a great way to encourage this interaction. If you're a retailer, consider Facebook Offers, a relatively new type of Page Post that allows brand pages to create coupons and share them exclusively on Facebook. Offers can be beneficial to businesses both on and off Facebook. On Facebook, you can spread the word about your product or service to your fans, as well as to their friends. At the same time, you’re driving traffic off Facebook to your store or website and [...]

Do You Have A Social Content Strategy?

question-mark-2 We all know that content on websites is important, but what about content on social media sites? There are countless companies that have amazing, well-written websites, but when it comes to content strategy on social media... they fall a bit short. Simply posting the link and letting the link preview on Facebook do all the work isn't always working anymore. Social media users are getting smarter and know how to decipher and sift through the content that company pages have posted on Facebook. This is especially true with the introduction of promoted posts and sponsored stories on Facebook [...]

New Preferred Marketing Developer Center Helps Facebook PMDs Gain More Visibility & Business

PMD-Center Back in April Facebook's "Preferred Developer Consultants" were renamed "Preferred Marketing Developers." Now, all PMD's will be included in the new Preferred Marketing Developer Center. This will help folks find the right developers for their Facebook apps and enterprise tools. Some of the main features of the new PMD center include the addition of company profile pages that can include case studies, white papers, advanced details and more. All PMDs will be able to include a specialty list to more adequately display their core expertise. The center will also spotlight certain news and [...]

Facebook Ads Don’t Work? That’s A Big Myth, Global Marketing VP Reportedly Says

Facebook-Ads [caption id="attachment_27385" align="alignright" width="257"] Everson's profile photo on Facebook[/caption] Despite being a public company with billions in revenue, there's still a lot of doubt about Facebook advertising. The company's Global Marketing Solutions VP Carolyn Everson is trying to dispel that doubt, reportedly sharing at a conference this week that Samsung -- though "sophisticated" targeting and other techniques -- brought in $129 million in sales of its Galaxy S III solely by spending $10 million over three weeks on Facebook. That's a considerable return on ad spend in any [...]

Beyond The Campaign: Exploring Next Steps

So, you’ve chosen your ad types, written creative, ran and optimized your campaign. What’s next? Evaluating Success It’s a fairly straightforward process to decide if your campaign was successful. Did you get fans? Conversions? Sign ups? Did you fulfill your campaign’s original goals? That should be easy to measure. The optimization strategies outlined in my previous column should have allowed you to make the most of the dollars you spent on Facebook. You’ve (hopefully) come away feeling satisfied that it was money well spent. Don’t forget about the less tangible successes [...]

How To Optimize Facebook Campaigns For Peak Performance

To get the most out of your Facebook campaigns, you need to devote time to evaluating their performance -- not just after they’ve finished running, but while they are still active. You aren't best served by creating ads, running them for several weeks, and then checking them after they have finished spending. You will see much better results if you’re willing to optimize on a regular basis during the lifetime of the campaign. Determining Your KPIs So what is optimization? As we mentioned before, optimization is a term for improving performance of a given key performance indicator (K [...]

Facebook Reaches One Billion People & Releases TV Ad

facebook-numbers-stats-featured Facebook announced they have hit a billion active users and to celebrate they released a TV ad. The TV ad goes through the events, life cycles and routines people go through on a daily basis and explores those emotions conveying how Facebook is there to help you keep track of the things that connect you. The TV ad is named "The Things That Connect Us." Here is the ad: Facebook explains that chairs, doorbells, bridges, and airplanes. "These are things that people use to get together and connect. Facebook is also something that over a billion people around the world use to connect w [...]

Reaching The Right Audience Through Facebook Ads

facebok-advertising-tips More than any other element, targeting is what sets Facebook advertising apart from other channels. Anything that a user inputs into his or her Facebook profile is targetable: age, gender, relationship status, location, interests, level of education, and more. These capabilities allow you to reach customers at a much deeper and more customized level. Instead of waiting for your customers to come to you, you can bring highly relevant content to them. Don't Oversimplify Overlooking or oversimplifying your targeting approach limits the kind of success you can have. The abundance of targe [...]

Simple Tips For Writing Effective Facebook Ad Copy

It’s easy to dismiss creative as a lesser element of Facebook advertising. But it really does matter! In the many campaigns SocialCode has run, we've seen massive variance in performance across different text elements.  Here is an opportunity to showcase what your brand or product is about, to distinguish yourselves from other ads or potential competitors, and to capture even more data. Again, Facebook is a unique platform and as such requires unique creative. Not all ad types allow for creative input, but the most widely used Standard Click and Like Ads do offer creative control, a [...]

Is It Time For Facebook Advertisers To Conduct Click Fraud Audits?

shutterstock_83575045-fraud An Achilles heel of pay-per-click internet advertising is the risk that someone will click on an ad they're not the least bit interested in. To the extent that unqualified clicks are limited to a few over-caffeinated users who click wildly, this isn't really a big concern -- especially to advertisers accustomed to the targeting constraints of traditional media. Yet click fraud, usually called invalid clicks by advertising platforms, has been a real concern over the years. Click fraud comes in many forms. Paid to read schemes target ads which compensate the hosting site with a percenta [...]

“Subscribe” For Pages Being Tested By Facebook

Facebook Logo Last week a fan spotted an abnormal occurrence that was showing on our Facebook page; a "subscribe" button.  Nestled directly to the right of the Like button, the subscribe button appeared, mirroring the subscribe for users implementation.  A Facebook rep confirmed that the Subscribe for Pages was being tested. One of the issues that has arose since the switch from 'Be A Fan' to 'Like' was that many users may want to follow a brand without implicitly stating that they 'like it."  The Subscribe for Pages would let users stay engaged with page messaging without adding the page to th [...]

Designing A Facebook Campaign To Meet Your Marketing Goals

In the last column, we saw that a number of different elements make up an effective Facebook campaign. One of the most important elements is ad selection. In contrast to some forms of digital marketing, which offer almost no variety or evolve very slowly, Facebook is constantly updating their inventory of ads to provide even more choices for advertisers. Just recently, they introduced the ability to target ads to users on mobile phones. To take full advantage of the platform, it’s key to understand these ad types and which work best with your marketing objectives. We’ll continue t [...]

Facebook’s New Business Site Emphasizes Education, Case Studies

facebook-logo-square With some very visible questions about the effectiveness of advertising on Facebook in its rear-view mirror, Facebook has revamped its Facebook for Business Page with an emphasis on education and case studies. The new page takes a more hands-on approach to what you'd call "onboarding" -- the process of eliminating friction for small business owners that are considering adding or expanding their Facebook marketing plans. The home page offers "Success Stories" and "Steps to Business Success," and promises to teach business owners how to turn some of Facebook's 900-million-plus users into cust [...]

How To Get Serious About Your Facebook Reach

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? That’s the question a lot of marketers are asking themselves since Facebook began providing reach data directly on Timeline posts. Now “no one” may be a bit extreme, but if only 3% to 6% of your posts are reaching your Facebook community, that sound is just not loud enough. It’s been suggested that the recent addition of this data is meant to illustrate how many people brands are not reaching, thus prompting marketers to consider Facebook’s Reach Generator. The Reach Generator, which sounds [...]

Building And Supporting Online Communities Within Facebook And Twitter

shutterstock_78780598-village Having a popular social media presence is important, but many companies and organizations are now taking it a step further by also fostering loyal and active online communities within Facebook and Twitter. These online communities are passionate about a certain brand, product, cause, or industry and, when companies foster this passion by sponsoring an online community, it can continue to flourish. Find And Foster Existing Communities To find existing online communities that have an affinity with your brand or product, look to see where they have already been created. For instance, take th [...]

‘Want’ Button Plugin Discovered In Facebook SDK

Users may be able to do more than just 'like' something on Facebook in the near future. InsideFacebook reports that Facebook a 'want' button plugin has been found inside the Facebook Javascript SDK by developer Tom Waddington of Cut Out + Keep. The XFBML tagcan be found within the SDK but is not listed publicly. Previous iterations of 3rd party 'want apps' have made it possible, but this is the first time found within the actual Facebook environment. A 'want' button could be a major tool for marketers as users could essentially make wish lists that show a different intent than a 'like." [...]

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