The “Paid Organification” Of Facebook: Why Facebook’s Plan Isn’t About Display Ads

facebook-logo-square The future of Facebook marketing isn’t about display ads. It’s about visibility and reach. There has been so much pre/post IPO chatter about the flawed Facebook display advertising model. It's been mentioned that nobody clicks on ads and that ads have been ineffective.  Frankly, these folks have it wrong. Facebook is undergoing an organification movement that fellow marketer Marty Weitraub has been preaching for years now. Facebook ad units that everyone screams and yells about are fading away; paid interactions, increased reach and word of mouth advertising are coming to the forefront [...]

Facebook Announces App Center, The Hub For Social Apps

facebook-apps-featured Facebook apps are are getting a new centralized, mobile-friendly destination for users.  The App Center has been officialy announced as the new home for all social apps.  Apps can be easily viewed, sorted, search, reviewed and previewed: Not only does the App Center look slicker, it will have a variety of benefits for users and developers.  Facebook stressed that app success revolves around quality (engagement & ratings) and have added new app metrics into Insights: This information will be crucial for App Center visibility.  Facebook states: "Well-designed apps that peo [...]

Report: Use of Facebook Social Reader App Is Plummeting

Last September, WaPo Labs (a division of The Washington Post Co.), launched the Washington Post social reader app to make reading and sharing news instant.  Today, the app appears to be losing some of its steam.  The social reader has upset many users as some people don't like the fact that others can see what they are reading (a feature that can be hidden) and some are unhappy that users must authenticate the app before reading an article. The required authentication has helped to make Social Reader one of the fastest growing apps ever.  However, social news site BuzzFeed, has re [...]

Facebook Approaching 50 Percent Share Of Social Logins [STUDY]

facebook-logo-sm Facebook is the number one choice for social login and its gains over the past two years have it now approaching 50 percent penetration among social login services, a new study shows. In analyzing at the 365,000 websites that use its services, Janrain reports that 45 percent of consumers use their Facebook accounts to login on third-party websites -- a number that's been increasing steadily since the first quarter of 2010. As the graph below shows, Google was previously the top social login service, but it's a fairly distant second place now with 30 percent market share. Janrain f [...]

Facebook Launches Open Graph Action Links For Apps

facebook-logo-square Facebook applications will be getting a bit more customized thanks to a new Open Graph feature, action links.  Instead of just liking an actionable item, apps will be able to leverage the Open Graph Platform to customize the links that are shared. For example, instead of liking a recipe from NYCCookbook, a user can "save" the recipe.  When you see the item via Timeline or News Feed, the post will show the customized link: When clicked, the action will appear as "saved" rather than "liked": This is especially helpful for integrating account actions via Facebook.  For example, now u [...]

TheFind Gives Us A “Glimpse” Of A New Social Shopping Experience On Facebook

Over the past several months there have been a number of stories about how retailers and brands are shuttering their Facebook stores because no one was paying attention. The outlook would thus appear to be dimming for so-called "F-commerce." However earlier this week shopping site TheFind  launched a social shopping app (soon to be an iPad app too) called Glimpse. It may yet prove to be a model of sorts for commerce on Facebook and social commerce more generally. Some have argued it takes its inspiration from (or copies) Pinterest and seeks to be its rival. It's Pinterest-like in [...]

Trending Articles Now Showing In Facebook’s News Feed

facebook-logo-square In a new change today, "Trending Articles" have been appearing in Facebook users' news feeds.  The new feature scrolls through 5 articles that appear to be hot across all of Facebook.  This feature very much resembles Google's  the "Hot On Google+" functionality but adds in the name of a friend who has recently read the article: The articles that we spotted did escort users off of Facebook to an external story.  Each article can be hidden and all articles from a given source can be hidden: All sources that we have seen have been tied to the social reader app.  For more info [...]

Facebook Launches New Preferred Marketing Developer Program

The number of Facebook developer programs is shrinking thanks to a consolidation and enhancement effort. In the past Facebook has had multiple programs that helped developers build apps, plugins and manage ads for Facebook campaigns.  Moving forward the only program that will remain is the Preferred Marketing Developer Program.  This new program will combine the previous Preferred Developer Consultant (PDC) and the Marketing API Program (MAP) programs. The goal of the new program is to make it easier to match the right developers to the right clients.  Companies can be recommende [...]

How Real Is Social Media Fatigue?

computer-dog-tired-featured Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Pinterest. Foursquare. LinkedIn. Path. How many of these social networks do you belong to? Do you participate in every day? Every week? Every month? When a new one comes along does your heart leap in anticipation, or sink a little when you realize it’s one more thing to add to your already burgeoning list of chores; one more series of tasks on an already too-long to-do list? As pervasive as social media seems, it’s still early days and there have already been shakeouts. Some of us are old and hoary enough to remember Orkut, to once have thought we’d neve [...]

Facebook Interest Lists Add More Personalization For Users (And Visibility For Marketers)

facebook-like-featured Last week we reported on Facebook Interest Lists that were reported in the wild.  Today its official - Interest Lists have launched.  In an effort to help users personalize, tidy up and subscribe to pertinent genres of information users can now search for and create custom targeted lists.  When logged into Facebook, users will see a message about the new feature, or can navigate directly to their interests page: Interest lists will help users see more posts from their interests, essentially replacing broad community pages about topics.  When describing interest lists, Facebook state [...]

Facebook Interest Lists Spotted In The Wild, Then Quickly Removed

Along with the new Facebook Pages launched this week, another interesting element for marketers was spotted in the wild - interest lists. Social Fresh, a social education company, spotted this addition alongside the new Facebook pages, an addition that was quickly hidden from marketers. The Interest Lists button displayed directly underneath the brand's cover page: Users were also given the option to create new interest list to see a special news feed of related posts: Interest lists could be yet another powerful tool for companies on Facebook, one that can continue to help di [...]

Facebook Trumpets Its 320 Million Monthly Mobile Apps Visits

facebook-logo-square Facebook wants everyone to know just how big and successful its mobile platform has become in a short period of time. In short: Very big. And very successful. In a blog post this morning, Facebook's James Pearce (Head of Mobile Develoepr Relations) trumpets several big stats about how the Facebook Platform has benefited mobile apps and games: more than 60 million visitors every month more than 320 million visits to mobile apps last month (January) traffic from Facebook Mobile to Yahoo's mobile news app has increased 3.5x since February 14th to 1.6 million visitors per day Pearce [...]

Bing & Facebook See Deeper Search Integration With “Linked Pages”

Yesterday a new feature was announced by Microsoft that allows logged-in Facebook users to link related pages to themselves.  The new product, 'linked pages,' not only allows users to link pages to themselves, but also to friends. To see all linked pages simply click on the tab underneath the search box.  Those Facebook friends with a linked page will show up in the left column.  When pages are linked to a profile, the Facebook result displays first with all other linked pages below: One missing option that may anger users is that users cannot move other pages above the Facebook [...]

Facebook Says Subscribe Button Has Been Good For Media, But One Journalist Has Doubts

facebook-journalism-media-featured Earlier this week, Facebook touted some data showing how the media has reaped benefits from the Subscribe button -- but at least one journalist isn't so sure that the numbers mean much. The Subscribe button launched in September and added Twitter-like functionality to Facebook; users could subscribe to anyone else's public posts, whether they were Facebook friends or not. Facebook's Vadim Lavrusik, who manages the company's journalist program, wrote that thousands of journalists are using the Subscribe button, and that the average journalist has seen a 320 percent increase in subscribers [...]

Will “Apps For Timeline” Make Facebook The Next Major Apps Ecosystem?

facebook-apps-featured Last night Facebook formally launched the previously announced "Apps for Timeline." If you're Zynga CEO Mark Pincus (or one of a handful of other high profile publishers) then you'd probably argue that apps on Facebook have been wildly successful.  But for most publishers and developers apps have not done quite as well. However this new "distribution mechanism" -- the embedding of apps in Facebook Timeline -- is almost certain to be much more effective. A new "app store" to rival Apple, Google? In fact Facebook could ultimately become another “app store” to rival the major mobile app ma [...]

Yahoo Expands Facebook Integration To 26 More Sites

yahoo-logo Based on the success of its initial integration with Facebook's Open Graph, Yahoo is going all-in by expanding the integration to 26 more Yahoo sites around the world. According to Yahoo's announcement, the sites will include some in India, Spain, Brazil and Singapore, as well as U.S.-based properties like Yahoo Games, Yahoo Movies, Yahoo TV and the omg! celebrity gossip site. In the U.S., Yahoo is also adding "Notifications" -- a new feature that appears on several Yahoo properties and alerts users to things their friends are doing and saying online, along with other types of alerts (su [...]

Publishers Seeing Early Success With Facebook Open Graph Integration

A little over two months ago at f8, Mark Zuckerburg announced new Open Graph features that were created to make reading article more social.  Some early adoption and usage results from the initial media partners are in.  Facebook reports that the results are encouraging for both existing websites and Facebook apps. Here are some quick stats from each of the media partners: Websites With Deep News Integration Yahoo! News: 10 million people have turned on the social news experience so far.  Since the changes Yahoo! News has seen a 600% increase in traffic coming from Facebook. [...]

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