Ghost Town? Study Says 70 Percent Of Facebook Pages Are Inactive

facebook-ghosts-featured "Ghost town" is a phrase that's been tossed around when describing the apparent low activity levels on Google+, but a new study suggests that it could also apply to business activity using Facebook Pages., a social media tools/analytics company that we've covered before when it looked at Wal-Mart's Facebook Page strategy, is now out with a wider study that looks at overall Facebook Page activity ... and it isn't pretty. In October, the company examined more than 5.7 million Facebook Pages with at least 10 "Likes", and used a subset of about three million Pages to dig deeper [...]

Tune Out Your Friends & Tune Up Brands With Facebook’s New “Pages Feed”

facebook-logo-square Sick of all your friends pictures of pets, babies and food? Facebook's here to help. Today a new feature, "Pages Feed," was launched. This feature is basically a news feed for Page content only. This is a perfect time for a greater emphasis on pages as Facebook has come under fire for recent Page reach issues. Just last week notifications for Pages was announced, yet another feature to help bring back Page reach and frequency. This new feed acts much similarly to the normal Facebook feed, with the most relevant posts being displayed to users. It appears that the new Pages Feed but [...]

Brands Rejoice! Page Notifications Will Help Increase Facebook Reach

facebook-like-featured The hottest issue over the past few months has been the dwindling reach that Facebook pages have seen. A new feature, Page Notifications, is in the process of being rolled out that will allow for users to see all posts from any given page. This will work much like the "Close Friends" functionality for accounts. If the "Get Notifications" box has been checked on a page, Users will not miss updates from that specific brand. A Facebook spokesperson told us the following about the new feature: “We are currently rolling out the ability for people to receive notifications from specific pag [...]

Classified Information: Is Facebook Planning To Revive Marketplace?

Facebook Logo Earlier this week The Daily uncovered information that Facebook was experimenting with a proprietary classifieds system called "Marketplace" that focused more on a peer-to-peer exchange. Not only would users be able to list items, but also leverage Facebook audience tools like promoted posts or ads to help get items sold. The Daily reports that the new system would allow users to create ads that would appear in friends' feeds -- much like promoted posts. It's also been suggested that the posts would take an alternative more image-heavy look to draw more attention to the posts. An interesti [...]

‘PageLever Now’ Launches Real-time Facebook Post Analytics & Management Tool

Post-Reach One of the toughest items that most Page admins ask is "what should I post my content?" While there have been various studies and findings, a new tool helps admins maximize post reach and visibility. PageLever has launched PageLever Now, a real-time Facebook Analytics tool. This tool gives admins a visual representation of post reach that allows users to see when a post is dwindling down so they can either pay to promote it, or release another post. This also acts as an all-in-one tool for Page Management. The rel-time view lets admins see the overall virality of their posts and most [...]

Facebook Continues To Tighten Organic Page Post Reach

facebook-wrench-screw-featured Earlier this year, we put together a piece about the "paid organification" of Facebook and how users can pay-to-play for optimal visibility. LLsocial reported that over the past week many admins have discovered a loss of reach from organic page posts in a widespread fashion. Reports varied from a decrease of  5%-40% organic reach to a September report showing overall viral reach losses of 14%. One theory from Geoffrey Colon was that Facebook is trying to display 80% of organic content in the News Feed and with the other 20% consisting of sponsored items. The fact of the matter is that the [...]

Klout Adds Facebook Pages Into Its Scoring Mix

klout-k-logo Klout's mix of influence scoring signals finally includes Facebook Pages. Klout announced today that its users are now able to connect Facebook Pages to their accounts. Facebook Pages are already being factored into Klout scores, and content from those pages will soon start to show up on Klout profiles. For those who care about Klout scores, the company says that mean score increase from connecting a Facebook Page will be about seven points. The scoring algorithm will look at things like how many fans a Page has and how many people are talking about the Page, among other things. Ther [...]

The Biggest Losers Of The Great Facebook Like Purge Of 2012

facebook-like-featured Over the past two days Facebook has removed millions of fake Likes for pages in an attempt to improve overall integrity. Facebook estimates that less that 1% of Likes on any given Page will be removed. The Like removals will target those Pages that violated Facebook Terms in order to gain Likes. The official statement claims: These newly improved automated efforts will remove those Likes gained by malware, compromised accounts, deceived users, or purchased bulk Likes. While we have always had dedicated protections against each of these threats on Facebook, these improved systems have been [...]

Time To Get Personal With Facebook’s Page Post Targeting

Marketers communicating via their Facebook pages could once only speak to their entire fan base at the same time. While we've been able to geotarget posts, we'd never been given the chance to say “hi” to the men (or women), between the ages of 18 to 35 (or 35 to 55) that were single (or married, or engaged or in a relationship), or to customize our communications to each group. Now we can − with  Page Post Targeting. For the first time on the Facebook platform, sans advertisement, we have been given the chance to have a conversation with very distinct groups. This will allow brand [...]

Walmart’s Local Facebook Strategy Isn’t Working, Study Says

walmart-storefront-240 Walmart's launch of 3,500 Facebook Pages last year for its local stores has had "very low consumer impact," and the pages aren't as popular as the Facebook pages of competing small businesses in similar local areas. Those are some of the findings from a new study by, a social media tools/analytics company. Walmart launched the "My Local Walmart" campaign last October, which involves a Facebook app that stores can use to communicate sales, specials and other updates with fans in the local area. But, according to the study, local stores haven't been using their pages effective [...]

Pages Manager App Now Allows Admins To Promote Facebook Posts On-The-Go

Promoted Post via Mobile Promoted posts for pages are coming to a mobile device near you, thanks to the new feature added to the Facebook Pages Manager app. Administrators will now be able to do more than just update, as posts can be promoted and analyzed directly from latest version. When using the Pages Manager app, users will now see a "Promote" link next to recent posts: Upon clicking, administrators will have the ability to purchase promoted posts directly in the app. By using a slider, the admin can select the dollar amount and promote: Once the post has been promoted, administrators can use the app to [...]

Report: The Facebook Medalists Of The 2012 London Olympics

facebook-olympic-medals-featured The 2012 London games are officially over with the Americans topping the medal count at 104. But which athletes and countries had the most success on Facebook once the games where officially over? Wildfire created and tracked the growth of fan bases across Facebook to help determine just who exactly won the Facebook Gold. The biggest winners were the championship U.S. Women's Gymnastics team. Of the top 10 athletes by Facebook Fan Base Growth the U.S. Gymnasts took 4 places. The number one growth leader across all the games as Gabrielle Douglas who increased her fan base growth from 14,358 [...]

Photos Increase Facebook Reach, But Does It Drive Traffic?

facebook-camera-photos-featured Photos are said to improve engagement on Facebook, but does that engagement in turn boost traffic or fans? No, our testing found — but there still might be value in using them. Ever since Facebook started displaying Reach data directly on Facebook fan pages, here at Marketing Land and Search Engine Land we have been diligently watching the fluctuations happen day-to-day.  Knowing that using photos is a sure way to attract a more engaged audience, we started to deliberately manually post more photos on Facebook, and not via our third-party tool. We spent about a week posting photos with l [...]

Is It Time For Facebook Advertisers To Conduct Click Fraud Audits?

shutterstock_83575045-fraud An Achilles heel of pay-per-click internet advertising is the risk that someone will click on an ad they're not the least bit interested in. To the extent that unqualified clicks are limited to a few over-caffeinated users who click wildly, this isn't really a big concern -- especially to advertisers accustomed to the targeting constraints of traditional media. Yet click fraud, usually called invalid clicks by advertising platforms, has been a real concern over the years. Click fraud comes in many forms. Paid to read schemes target ads which compensate the hosting site with a percenta [...]

Report: Major Brand Adoption Of Facebook & Google+ Has Dropped

google-plus-facebook-logos Fewer "top brands" are using Facebook and Google+ today than eight months ago. But it's not a huge decline and may just represent the normal coming and going of online brand activities. In its latest Social Share Report, BrightEdge says that 90 of the world's top brands have Facebook pages and 75 have Google+ pages. That's as of July 2012. Eight months ago, in its SocialShare Report from last December, BrightEdge reported that 93 top brands were on Facebook and 77 were on Google+. Not shown in the chart is that BrightEdge says 80 of the top 100 worldwide brands have a Twitter pre [...]

“Unpublished Posts” Give Facebook Pages The Ability To Sponsor Posts Without Pushing To Newsfeed

A new Facebook Pages Graph API was released yesterday and a few surprising additions were present. The API now ties in the official scheduled page posts released last month as well as an "unpublished" post that simply won't show in your timeline. Additionally, the new roles released last month are also addressed for 3rd party tools with page admin permissions in the API. Unpublished Page Posts This new feature allows admins to create posts that are not formally published to a timeline and newsfeed, but rather on the right hand side of the page. In the official developer blog post Facebook st [...]

“Subscribe” For Pages Being Tested By Facebook

Facebook Logo Last week a fan spotted an abnormal occurrence that was showing on our Facebook page; a "subscribe" button.  Nestled directly to the right of the Like button, the subscribe button appeared, mirroring the subscribe for users implementation.  A Facebook rep confirmed that the Subscribe for Pages was being tested. One of the issues that has arose since the switch from 'Be A Fan' to 'Like' was that many users may want to follow a brand without implicitly stating that they 'like it."  The Subscribe for Pages would let users stay engaged with page messaging without adding the page to th [...]

Airlines & Telecom Companies Are Best At Facebook Page Customer Service

customer-service-bell Companies in the telecom and airline industries are tops when it comes to providing customer service on Facebook. That's the conclusion of a recent study by the social analytics company Social Bakers. At the company level, KLM Airlines, T-Mobile and Sony Mobile were the most active brands in responding to customers and prospects on Facebook. Social Bakers analyzed Facebook brand pages -- the ones that allow Facebook users to post -- to see what companies respond most often to public posts from regular Facebook users. Between March 1st and May 30th of this year, telecom companies replied [...]

Report: Facebook’s Timeline Is Killing Tab Engagement

facebook-pages-timeline-featured There's been a lot of speculation about the impact that Facebook's Timeline has had on business pages since their launch in late February and the full transition a month later. Some early reports said fan engagement was up on business pages, while other reports said the opposite. Now, citing data from analytics provider Pagelever, Mashable is reporting that fan engagement on Facebook Page tabs is down 53 percent since Timeline's launch. From the Mashable report: Why the general drop-off? PageLever founder Jeff Widman believes it's a combination of two things: That brands can no longer se [...]

How To Get Serious About Your Facebook Reach

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? That’s the question a lot of marketers are asking themselves since Facebook began providing reach data directly on Timeline posts. Now “no one” may be a bit extreme, but if only 3% to 6% of your posts are reaching your Facebook community, that sound is just not loud enough. It’s been suggested that the recent addition of this data is meant to illustrate how many people brands are not reaching, thus prompting marketers to consider Facebook’s Reach Generator. The Reach Generator, which sounds [...]

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