According To Facebook, 8.7% Of Accounts Aren’t Real

facebook-mask-featured During Facebook's first earnings call last week a good chunk of user data was released. Facebook reported 955 million monthly active users, 552 million active daily users, 543 million monthly active mobile users. The official 10-Q filing that was published this week was quite transparent around user data showing that a total of 8.7% of users (83.09 million) were not real accounts. The false users can be broken down by the following groups and percentages: 4.8% - Duplicate accounts 2.4% - Mis-classified accounts (business page as a profile..etc) 1.5% - Undesirable accounts (spammers [...]

Is It Time For Facebook Advertisers To Conduct Click Fraud Audits?

shutterstock_83575045-fraud An Achilles heel of pay-per-click internet advertising is the risk that someone will click on an ad they're not the least bit interested in. To the extent that unqualified clicks are limited to a few over-caffeinated users who click wildly, this isn't really a big concern -- especially to advertisers accustomed to the targeting constraints of traditional media. Yet click fraud, usually called invalid clicks by advertising platforms, has been a real concern over the years. Click fraud comes in many forms. Paid to read schemes target ads which compensate the hosting site with a percenta [...]

Report: Major Brand Adoption Of Facebook & Google+ Has Dropped

google-plus-facebook-logos Fewer "top brands" are using Facebook and Google+ today than eight months ago. But it's not a huge decline and may just represent the normal coming and going of online brand activities. In its latest Social Share Report, BrightEdge says that 90 of the world's top brands have Facebook pages and 75 have Google+ pages. That's as of July 2012. Eight months ago, in its SocialShare Report from last December, BrightEdge reported that 93 top brands were on Facebook and 77 were on Google+. Not shown in the chart is that BrightEdge says 80 of the top 100 worldwide brands have a Twitter pre [...]

Eyetracking Study Underscores Facebook’s Mobile Ads Challenge

ipad-eyetracking Facebook now claims 543 million monthly active mobile users. The good news for Facebook is that mobile users are "more active" than PC users. The bad news is that mobile users are much harder for the social site to make money from. This challenge has been widely discussed and was the subject of several questions on the recent Q2 Facebook earnings call. Facebook executives repeated several times during the call that they were being cautious about monetizing mobile so as to not disrupt the user experience. Source: Facebook Facebook is going to need to do something different with its [...]

Facebook’s Share Of Social Logins At 48 Percent, Has Grown For Two Straight Years

facebook-like-thumb-featured Facebook continues to be web users' preferred option when it comes to social login, and has now seen two consecutive years of quarterly growth in that area. According to Janrain's latest quarterly report, Facebook now accounts for 48 percent of all social logins as of Q2 2012. That's up from 45 percent in Q1 of this year, and represents eight straight quarters that Facebook's share has risen -- dating back to Q1 of 2010. Google remains second at 30 percent in Q2, which is consistent with where it's been over the last six quarters. Twitter has moved into third place with nine percent, th [...]

Google+ Debuts With ACSI Consumer Satisfaction Score Well Above Facebook’s

google-plus-featured The annual American Customer Satisfaction Index is out for social media sites, measuring satisfaction with Google+ for the first time against other social networks. What a debut! Google's year-old social network had the best satisfaction while the world's most popular social network, Facebook, came in last. Top Marks For Google+ The scores look like this: On the scale, 100 would be perfect satisfaction. Google+ came in at 78, or what I'd call a B- or C+ letter grade, far from perfect. But it was much better than Twitter (64 points, rated for the first time), LinkedIn (63 points, also rate [...]

Facebook’s Time-On-Site Back Above 400 Minutes Per User In June, comScore Says

facebook-clock-time-featured After a couple months of stagnant activity, Facebook usage rebounded in June according to new data from comScore. The company says that Facebook users averaged just above 400 minutes on the site in June, which is about a five percent gain from the 381 average minutes they spent in May. But it's not the first time usage surpassed the 400-minute level; earlier this year, comScore reported that Facebook users were averaging 405 minutes on the site. ComScore also reports that Facebook's unique visitor count rebounded slightly in June after a couple months of declines. There were an e [...]

Facebook’s Grip On The Web: 22 Percent Of Pages Link There, 8 Percent Use Open Graph [STUDY]

facebook-logo-square More than one-fifth of the web links to Facebook in some way, and almost eight percent use Facebook's Open Graph tags -- two numbers that offer a glimpse of Facebook's deep grip on the web. The numbers come from a Zyxt Labs study of about 1.3 billion URLs earlier this year. The study found that more than 242 million pages, about 21.7 percent of the total studied, referenced at least one Facebook URL -- usually things such as the Like and Share buttons and other social widgets, but also traditional links to Facebook profiles or Facebook Group pages. Here's a look at the breakdown of the [...]

How To Get Serious About Your Facebook Reach

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? That’s the question a lot of marketers are asking themselves since Facebook began providing reach data directly on Timeline posts. Now “no one” may be a bit extreme, but if only 3% to 6% of your posts are reaching your Facebook community, that sound is just not loud enough. It’s been suggested that the recent addition of this data is meant to illustrate how many people brands are not reaching, thus prompting marketers to consider Facebook’s Reach Generator. The Reach Generator, which sounds [...]

Reuters Survey Paints Picture Of A Facebook Backlash

facebook-dislike-featured Facebook's recent IPO has led to legal troubles at the financial/markets level, and there are signs, too, that it's also having a negative effect on the site's regular users. A new study shared today by Reuters/Ipsos paints a picture of the user backlash related to Facebook's troubled IPO, and also questions both user activity and e-commerce capabilities. After surveying more than a thousand U.S. adults between May 31 and June 4, the survey found that 44 percent of Facebook users said the company's IPO made them view Facebook less favorably. That echoes other recent statistics that sugg [...]

Facebook Accounted For 9 Percent Of US Internet Visits In April, Hitwise Says

facebook-logo-square With Facebook's gazillion-dollar* IPO inching closer, Experian Hitwise has shared a number of statistics that provide something of a snapshot about the site and its audience. One of the numbers that stands out is that nine percent of all U.S. internet visits last month were to Facebook. Hitwise says Facebook is averaging more than 229 million visits per day -- that's about 1.6 billion visits per week -- so far in 2012. And it's an extremely loyal audience: 96 percent of Facebook's visitors in April were returning to the site -- i.e., they had also visited the site at least once in the pr [...]

Survey: Nearly 50% See Facebook “Fading Away” Over Time

facebook-fade-featured A new poll from AP and CNBC on the eve of the Facebook IPO shows that Americans are ambivalent about the company and that it faces numerous challenges as it seeks to generate more revenue growth from its already massive user base. The AP-CNBC poll was conducted May 3 through May 7. The  survey sample was 1,004 US adults. Among survey respondents 56 percent had a Facebook profile, 40 percent did not and 4 percent didn't know. Google, Apple and Microsoft are viewed more favorably than Facebook. Of the comparison group Twitter was viewed less favorably. The results shift by demographic [...]

Facebook Approaching 50 Percent Share Of Social Logins [STUDY]

facebook-logo-sm Facebook is the number one choice for social login and its gains over the past two years have it now approaching 50 percent penetration among social login services, a new study shows. In analyzing at the 365,000 websites that use its services, Janrain reports that 45 percent of consumers use their Facebook accounts to login on third-party websites -- a number that's been increasing steadily since the first quarter of 2010. As the graph below shows, Google was previously the top social login service, but it's a fairly distant second place now with 30 percent market share. Janrain f [...]

Consumers Union Aggressively Challenges Facebook On Privacy

The Consumers Union, the entity behind Consumer Reports, is launching an aggressive campaign for a national privacy law that would offer more transparency and control to online users in connection with data mining, online ad targeting and tracking. In particular, Consumers Union is taking aim at Facebook as the exemplar of practices that it believes should be made more transparent to consumers and/or reined in. The advocacy group took out a full-page ad (.pdf and above) critical of Facebook in the print version of Politico according to AdAge. AdAge remarked that "While the ad copy seems [...]

Facebook “Roadshow” Begins, IPO Set For May 18

facebook-numbers-stats-featured The Wall Street Journal reports that the Facebook IPO is set now for May 18. Prior to that date Facebook executives will be on a roadshow selling the IPO to brokerages and institutional investors. According to the Journal CEO Mark Zuckerberg "will make some appearance on the roadshow, though he won't attend all meetings." The heavy lifting will be by COO Sheryl Sandberg and CFO David Ebersman. It will be a huge IPO, probably "oversubscribed." Investors will be going out of their minds to get in on it (how long the stock is held is another question). Out of the gate the company will [...]

Facebook Updates S-1: 901 Million Users, $1.06 Billion In Revenue, 23 Million Shares To Instagram

facebook-home-page-featured Facebook has amended its S-1 filing to include a range of new facts and data. Below are some of the more interesting details that I was able to find on my first review of the revised document. Revenue & Users In the first quarter this year Facebook made $1.058 billion. That was up from $731 million a year ago but down from Q4 2011. In 2011 as a whole the company made $3.71 billion. Ad revenue in Q1 was $872 million; "fees and payments" revenue was $186 million. The company has $3.9 billion cash on hand. Facebook also disclosed that 15 percent of Q1 2012 revenue came from Zynga: Thirt [...]

Facebook Passes Google As Most-Visited Site In Brazil

facebook-google-logos Google's dominance outside the U.S. is taking a slight hit with news today that Facebook has overtaken it five times this month as the most-visited website in Brazil. The news comes from Serasa Experian (link in Portuguese), the Brazilian version of Experian Hitwise. The company reports that Facebook first beat out Google for most visits back on April 1st, then again on April 6th and April 8th. It happened for the fourth and fifth times this past weekend, when Facebook was the most popular site in Brazil on both April 14th and 15th. On the 14th, Facebook received 10.86 percent of all we [...]

If Google’s Really Proud Of Google+, It Should Share Some Real User Figures

google-plus-numbers-featured Google+ now has 170 million users. Well, 170 million who have "upgraded" to Google+, whatever that means. It's the latest in crazy numbers from Google. The people who actually do use Google+ as a social network deserve better than this PR spin. It's time for Google to properly report their numbers, lest outsiders begin believing the "ghost town" moniker. Do I sound tired? I am. We get numbers that aren't numbers, and this from the company that once spent a month in crisis mode back in 2005 when competitor Yahoo claimed to have more web pages indexed than it did. Oh dear. We had to have [...]

Survey: Only 40 Percent Of Marketers Are Using Google+, But Many Plan To Change That

google-plus-red-128 Marketers have been slow to adopt Google+, with only 40 percent currently using it, but many say they want to learn more about it and plan to increase their use of Google's incipient social network. Facebook, meanwhile, remains the dominant social networking site for marketers, with more than 90 percent adoption. The numbers come from Social Media Examiner's fourth annual survey of marketers and business owners. The January survey collected replies from more than 3,800 marketers around the world, a group that was almost equally split between B2B and B2C marketers. Most Popular Socia [...]

Report: Facebook’s Timeline Gives Brands 46% Higher Engagement Per Post

It's only been three weeks since Facebook's announcement of  Timeline for brands.  So far the results are looking very positive.  A study from Simply Measured, a social analytics and reporting company,  revealed that Timeline has increased fan engagement, content engagement & photo & video engagement for brands.  Timeline for brands allows for a much more visual display for content, photos and videos: In order to test the impact that Timeline had for brands, 15 Fan Pages were tracked pre and post format change.  The biggest statistic in favor of Timeline was the averag [...]

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