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Facebook Advertising

Over the years, Facebook has launched a number of paid advertising options for marketers, including pay per click options and real-time bidding on display ads, cost per action bidding, promoted page posts and sponsored stories, local offers and coupons, as well as advanced targeting options, including custom audiences and look-a-likes. In June 2013, Facebook announced a new plan to streamline ad units to better meet advertiser goals.

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Twitter Wins Real-Time Marketing Smackdown; Agency Strategist Declares Facebook Organic Reach 100% Dead

snickers-twitter-v-facebook It looks like the perfect A/B test of real-time marketing. One tweet, one Facebook post for all the marbles. Snickers, like many a brand yesterday, joined the bite-jacking fray after Uruguay's Luis Suarez appeared to sink his teeth into an Italian defender during a FIFA World Cup soccer match. Snickers posted similar messages on both Twitter and Facebook. And what happened? The tweet -- "Hey @luis16suarez. Next time you're hungry just grab a Snickers. #worldcup #luissuarez #EatASNICKERS" -- got 39,000 retweets and 17,000 favorites. The Facebook post -- "Next time you're hungry just grab [...]

Facebook’s Media APIs Bring Social Conversation To “Today Show” and “Street Outlaws”

facebook-today-show Facebook's courtship of live television took a couple steps forward this week as NBC's "Today Show" and Discovery Channel's "Street Outlaws" rolled out features tied to the social network's media APIs. This morning the "Today Show" debuted a real-time trending-on-Facebook screen, said to be the first use of Facebook's Trending API. Last night, on the season premier of "Street Outlaws," viewers were able to vote for their favorite street-racing team using the Hashtag Counter. Both of the features were developed by Spredfast, one of the partners that Facebook tabbed to work to integrate t [...]

Facebook’s AppLinks Hit More Than 1 Billion Deep Links & Adds Back Button For Previous App

App-Links This year at f8, Facebook announced AppLinks, a solution to link from app-to-app easily. This essentially gave marketers and developers a way around the browser, instead going straight from one app to another. Today, Facebook has announced that developers have enabled more than one billion unique deep links with App Links. This means that users can now deep link to more than one billion locations from their apps, a feature that many prominent apps have taken advantage of. Now, partners like Live Nation, Vimeo, Spotify, Mailbox, Quip, Redfin and Goodreads have taken advantage of this lin [...]

Wait A Minute. Facebook Is Still A Big Hit Among Teens

facebook-teens-youth-featured It's an idea with staying power: Teens are abandoning Facebook, moving on to messaging apps, and leaving the social network to their less-cool elders. The notion picked up steam last October, when Facebook signaled that there was a slight reduction in youth use of the network, and since then it has become almost a truism among social media professionals and other smart observers. Parents of adolescents have added their experiences into the mix and soon even President Obama was saying that kids "don't use Facebook anymore." But the data don't support that conclusion. Yes, there has been s [...]

Now You Can Edit Posts From Facebook’s Pages Manager App

facebook-pages-manager Facebook updated its Pages Manager mobile app today, most notably giving Page administrators the ability to edit posts from within the app. That's a handy feature for those typos discovered while you are on the go. The update, available now for iOS and Android devices, also has a new look, and according to Facebook's blog post, provides: Easier access to admin tools Quicker navigation to Page Activity and Insights More direct access to an “action bar” that lets you quickly write a post, add a photo, edit your Page and more Here's the new look on iOS (which is very similar to [...]

Facebook Adjusts News Feed Algorithm To Serve People More Relevant Video

facebook-video-featured Facebook announced today a News Feed algorithm change that is intended to show more relevant video to users. Now instead of considering likes, comments and shares to rank a video's popularity, Facebook will also take into account whether and how long a video is viewed. "People who tend to watch more video in News Feed should expect to see more videos near the top of their Feed," Facebook wrote in a blog post. "Conversely, people who tend to skip over videos without watching them should expect to see fewer videos." The change applies to videos uploaded directly to the Facebook platform [...]

Improved Facebook Right Hand Ads Will Roll Out Next Week, Limited Availability Will Raise CPCs

Right-Hand-Facebook-Ads A few months ago, Facebook promised a revamped, larger ad size for those Right-Hand Column ads. Today, they've announced a launch date of "early next week" along with a warning of scarcity. Seeing that the ads take up more real estate on the screen, there will obviously be less space for ads. This means that advertisers will likely see an increase in their overall cost-per-clicks as the competition will be tighter. Facebook also touted the benefit of the new ad size on the overall click-through rates -- an issue that has plagued the right-hand ads for awhile now -- as they cited the lar [...]

New Study Charts Influence Of Facebook Ad Spend On Paid Search Conversions

Following up on last year's study that found increased Facebook advertising yielded higher paid search conversions, Kenshoo released new data and a formula for determining the ideal Facebook spend required to move the needle on paid search. The study, conducted by Kenshoo and commissioned by Facebook, analyzed the paid search performance of data services company, Experian, in which some segments were exposed to Facebook advertising while others saw paid search ads only. For the three groups also exposed to Facebook advertising, on average, total conversions increased by 19 percent, conv [...]

Canal+ Turns Cannes-Winning Ad Into Interactive Web Experience

canal_bear_interactive Many of you may remember the French Canal+ ad from BETC Paris which won a Grand Prix Lion at Cannes in 2012. It featured a film director dressed as a bear with all the usual stereotypes one assumes directors embody. And it ended with a witty punchline -- the bear is actually a talking bear rug who, because he faces the TV, has plenty of opportunity to comment on what he sees. Now, the award-winning work has been transformed into an interactive adventure, Being the Bear, which allows people to view a scene, call "cut" and, when prompted by an assistant, choose another direction. Viewers c [...] Takes On Weight Loss Scam Ads, Offenders Still Spotted [caption id="attachment_87640" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Source: Bad Ads Trend Alert: False Claims in Online Weight Loss Advertisements[/caption] Lose weight without changing a thing! It's a fantasy crafted and perpetuated by direct marketing minds in the weight loss and diet pill industry. It's also a tactic used by online scammers to pedal bogus products that often have hidden recurring fees. Today,, an industry organization dedicated to "keeping people safe from bad online ads" whose members include AOL, Google, Facebook and Twitter, released a tre [...]

3 Fool-Proof Email List-Building Strategies With Facebook

facebook-email Though social followings and social engagement play an important role in any company's overall online presence, nothing beats email when it comes to accessing prospects on demand. Consequently, getting customers to make the leap from "fan" to "subscriber" is an important conversion point for many online business -- but it's often not done with much finesse. In this article, we'll look at three simple methods for taking "fans" willingly off of Facebook and onto your email list -- all without damaging your relationship with social followers. 1. Free, Specific "How-To" Content Via E-Book [...]

For Major Brands “Engagement Has Plummeted” On Facebook

facebook-crash-break-arrow-down-600 A new report from Facebook analytics provider Simply Measured finds consumer engagement with Facebook posts from a number of the top Interbrand companies is down dramatically year over year. [Update: see postscript below.] The firm says that monthly engagement is off an average of more than 40 percent since May 2013. Two brands on the list, MTV and Harley Davidson, saw increased engagement. In other cases, however, overall engagement had declined 50 percent or more. And per-post engagement is off by an average of more than 50 percent for these companies, says Simply Measured. The fir [...]

Facebook Updates Domain Insights To Roll Up Subdomain Traffic With Its Parents

facebook-magnifying-glass-600 If you manage a site with multiple subdomains, tracking Facebook referral traffic will soon be simpler. Facebook is changing how it records data on its Domain Insights dashboard to count clicks on subdomains as part of the total for parent domains. From the Facebook Developers blog post: For example, suppose a person clicks on a link for which does a HTTP redirect to Previously, we would have recorded the click in the Domain Insights for and for - and if you viewed the Domain Insights for e [...]

Facebook Will Soon Leverage Your Non-Facebook Web & Mobile Activity In Advertiser Targeting

Facebook-Ads-Targeting Facebook Ads are about to become a much more lucrative commodity to marketers. Today's Ads changes not only helped users understand why they were seeing ads, but will also allow Advertisers to target users who've taken desktop and mobile actions off of Facebook itself.   This means that a user who has searched for running sneakers on the web (or on a mobile app) will have the ability to be targeted with Facebook ads. The combination of demographic options along with these off-site interactions will be targeting gold for advertisers. The exact example that Facebook give for this [...]

Why Facebook’s Organic Reach Throttle May Be Better for Brands Than They Think

Why Facebook's throttling organic reach might be good for brands. In this column, I will make a case that Facebook's reduction of organic reach for brand pages is a win-win for both Facebook and brands. I will also assert that while Facebook's throttling of reach is indeed an attempt to make more money, it's not in the way you think. But to get there, we must talk about traffic jams. Growing up in suburban New Jersey just outside New York City in the '70s, I was all too familiar with traffic jams. But it wasn't until I started driving myself that I realized how much of the congestion was caused by roads that simply couldn't handle the volume of automo [...]

Facebook Pulls Back The Targeting Curtain & Gives Users More Control Over The Ads They See

Facebook-Ads Ever wonder why you keep getting that workout ad on Facebook?  Want to hide everything from that manufacturer? Today, Facebook has announced a new policy and feature that will give users clarity (and choices) on the messages that they view. Advertisers have flocked to Facebook Ads due to the massive amount of targeting options offered. In the next few weeks, each user will be able to see how and why they've been targeted, pulling back the curtain on why they are seeing each ad: Users will have the option to respond to the ad with the following old choices: I don't want to [...]

Facebook Redesigns Embedded Posts To Boost Photo And Video Display

fifa-post Moving to make its content look better and appear faster on third-party sites, Facebook has made adjustments to its embedded post feature. Embedded posts will load up to twice as fast, Facebook announced in a blog post today, and posts that include photos and videos will display the visual elements above the textual descriptions (the opposite of how they appear on Facebook. The new look for such posts is very similar to embedded tweets. For example: // Post by FIFA World Cup. Facebook also has given publishers slightly more control of display, adding an option to adjust the wid [...]

Robot Circumvents Non-Existent Instagram API To Poke Fun At Your Friends’ Overshares

ag_picnix Here's an interesting time-waster -- and it's not even for a brand! This campaign exists to allow Boston-based a&g Labs, the "innovation unit" of allen & gerritsen, to flex its muscles. And flex they did. If you're on Instagram, you know there are plenty of "those" people in your feed -- the ones who post constant selfies, snap every meal they eat, or document each time their cat rolls over. But short of unfollowing the guilty parties, there hasn't been a way to subtly hint that they're overdoing it. Until now. a&g Labs created Pic Nix, a program that allows people to [...]

Facebook And Twitter Want You To Talk About The #WorldCup On Their Field

twitter-worldcup-hub Facebook and Twitter, locked in a battle to be the world's leading source of what used to be called water-cooler conversation, are both targeting the World Cup, the month-long quadrennial soccer event that starts Thursday in Brazil. It's a huge and passionate target audience. FIFA, soccer's international governing body, said that 3.2 million people watched at least one game of the 2010 event. And Twitter and Facebook, hoping for a piece of that action, each rolled out campaigns today aimed at encouraging soccer fans to use their respective platforms to talk about the games. Facebook's [...]

New Facebook Analytics Team: EdgeRank Checker And Socialbakers Join Forces

logo-socialbakers Socialbakers and EdgeRank Checker, two leading social media analytics providers, are joining forces, AllFacebook reported today. The partnership will combine EdgeRank Checker's Facebook News Feed analytics and engagement optimization with Socialbakers' social insights for Facebook and other networks, including Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn. EdgeRank Checker customer accounts will be transferred into the Socialbaker system today, according to an email from EdgeRank Checker: ... there should be no interruption in service or change of data. There will be a few minor changes [...]

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