Foursquare Wants You To Tweet Ads To Twitter Followers

foursquare-featured According to AdWeek Foursquare is about to introduce a new ad unit/format called "Tap to Tweet." It's another flavor of "post check-in" ads that the company previously introduced. After a venue check-in, a brand or advertiser message appears asking the user to tweet to his/her followers on Twitter (see image below). Reportedly the company tested this with Mastercard during the SXSW conference several weeks ago. The minimum spend commitment is relatively steep: $100,000. Cleverly this is a way to amplify Foursquare advertisers' messages using a third party platform, which is much larg [...]

Instagram Experiment Dumps Foursquare for Location Tagging & Ties In Facebook Places Instead

Facebook Large It's now been nearly two years since Facebook purchased Instagram for a mere one billion dollars. Before the initial purchase (and in today's current iteration of the app) users input their location of an Instagram photo by tagging the location from information pulled in by Foursquare. According to Fast Company, Facebook is now testing the integration of Facebook Places rather than Foursquare in a test -- with the goal of bouncing Foursquare out of the app. Facebook has been making a big push in the local space and leveraging their own property (Instagram) to push Places only makes sense. N [...]

Foursquare Opens Up About Using Check-In Data For Ad Retargeting, Revenue Generation

Foursquare logo Foursquare is now going public about its moves over the past year to sell its location data and deliver ads across the web and on mobile devices. As first reported and confirmed today in AdAge, the company's CRO Steven Rosenblatt says it has been working with DSP Turn for the better part of a year and added mobile inventory last fall. Foursquare is selling the ads directly via its 30-person national sales team, buying on the ad exchanges via Turn and then selling to brands and agencies on a CPM basis and pocketing the difference. Foursquare's location data -- captured by check-ins at rest [...]

Location-Based Mobile Marketing Is Where It’s At For Consumers

iStock_000028298156Medium The ability for mobile devices to track and report a person's location in real time with a reliable degree of accuracy has come into its own. The tendency of consumers to use that feature is increasing in popularity, as well. According to the Pew Institute, "74% of adult smartphone owners ages 18 and older say they use their phone to get directions or other information based on their current location." Use of a geolocation feature is more than a nice-to-have option on a smartphone or tablet -- its use has become a routine part of a consumer's daily life. With U.S. smartphone penetration [...]

What 2014 Holds For Mobile Marketing: 5 Predictions

2014 mobile predictions It's that time again. That's right, I'm talking about 2014 mobile marketing prediction time. A few weeks ago, I asked some of my smart friends in the mobile/location-based marketing space for their 2014 predictions. As promised, in this month's column, I am delivering a few of my own. If you want to look at last year's predictions, you can keep me honest (and see some of the stats for the space). To that end, I'm kicking off this post with additional current stats to set context around my 2014 predictions. Key Mobile/Social Statistics Global mobile subscriptions: 6,587.4 million (I [...]

Mobile/Location-Based Marketing Predictions For 2014 From 10 Experts

piperjaffray As we close in on the end of the year, it is helpful for us marketers to think ahead to what the coming year will offer. While I plan to do another "trends" post in early January (see what I had to say for 2013), in this post, I've asked several of my mobile-savvy colleagues to weigh in on what 2014 has in store when it comes to mobile and location-based marketing. What's interesting is that a few key themes started to emerge, including context, wearables and location moving away from being a platform and becoming a data play. Given the fact that there are five book authors (five inc [...]

Will New Foursquare App, Push Notifications, Boost Engagement?

Foursquare logo Foursquare's 40 million users probably fall into three tiers: "super users," occasional users and those who've downloaded the app and no longer use it. Foursquare won't say how many of its users are "active."That's a general challenge for the company: how to engage casual or lapsed users and boost their frequency. The company is hoping an iOS redesign that emphasizes push notifications will help. Foursquare introduced location-based alerts and notifications into its Android app in August. Now it's making them the centerpiece of its new iOS app. Once the darling of early adopters, Foursqu [...]

Social Media Checklist For New Websites & Businesses

social media As a startup company or small business, it is no longer an option to ignore social media as a means of communication, promotion and possibly even recruitment or revenue. That's true for any business new to the internet, as well. However, diving head-first into an ever-expanding realm of social media networks can feel overwhelming at best. Each platform has not only a unique audience of users, but also its own idiosyncrasies when it comes to usernames, imagery and usage. Below is a step-by-step guide to establishing business accounts on the top eight social networks. As time and personnel [...]

Foursquare Ads Now Open To SMBs All Over The World

Foursquare ads Foursquare says 1.5 million small businesses (SMBs) have claimed their listings and are using its platform. Now it wants to make some money off of them by opening up Foursquare Ads to all comers around the world. Roughly 50 percent of the 1.5 million SMBs are inside the US and the rest are scattered throughout the globe but concentrated in Foursquare's most successful consumer markets. Just over a year ago the company launched its first paid ads product, enlisting major retailers and a selection of SMBs to participate in the beta program. (Earlier this summer we reported on a New York tria [...]

Survey: Facebook Dominates Check-ins, 30 Percent Geotag Posts

smartphone-map-checkin A new survey from the Pew Research Center focuses on the use of location on mobile devices. It found that roughly three-quarters (74 percent) of smartphone users access directions and other location-related information on their devices. The survey also found that checking in has declined in popularity since last year. Among "check-in" services Facebook is the most widely used, followed by Foursquare. The graphic above compares use of location-related services and check-ins. Use of the former has remained steady; however checking-in has dropped from 18 percent to 12 percent since 2012 [...]

Who Needs Foursquare More: Google, Yahoo Or Microsoft?

foursquare-featured Bloomberg reported late yesterday that Microsoft and American Express are competing for an "equity stake" in Foursquare. Amex is something of a surprise here and could do some very interesting things with Foursquare beyond its previous experiments. Amex is also an interesting sales partner (potentially) for Foursquare as it tries to gain more small business advertisers. It's possible both Amex and Microsoft could make some sort of investment? It's also possible another company could emerge as well? I still believe that Foursquare is not an IPO candidate and will ultimately be acquired. [...]

Foursquare Putting More Emphasis On Push Alerts

Foursquare logo Foursquare today announced that it would begin rolling out a new push recommendations feature, initially to Android users and later to iOS. Leveraging all the company's check-in and social data it will proactively notify users of in-venue tips and recommendations or interesting things nearby: [W]hen you sit down to dinner, we might ping you with the can’t-miss dish on the menu (like the screenshot from a sushi bar below). Or when you arrive in a new neighborhood or city, we’ll suggest a few places that your friends love (like below, after you’ve wandered into a new neighborhood). It’s [...]

Foursquare’s Crowley: No Plans For Google Glass App Until “Real People” Wearing Them

Foursquare logo Foursquare is out with a change to its app designed to automatically alert you to interesting things you're near. Sounds ideal for Google Glass, as well as phones. But until "real people" are wearing them, don't expect Foursquare to be coming to Google's smart eyewear, says founder Dennis Crowley. I'd asked Crowley about this on Twitter today, after seeing the news of the change to the Foursquare app: @dens @pkafka speaking of the future, you have a glass app out yet? this seems ideal for that, right there with Field Trip — Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) August 29, 2013 His response [...]

5 Mobile Trends Marketers Need To Know About

5 trends Given that we are a little more than halfway through the year, it feels like it's the right time to take a step back and look at some of the key trends happening in the mobile space. In particular, these are trends that marketers should care about, especially as this channel continues to grow in both numbers and usage (see stats below). Some Key Mobile Stats Below are some stats that marketers should pay attention to. [caption id="attachment_56015" align="alignright" width="288"] Image via Shutterstock[/caption] There are 6.8 billion mobile subscribers worldwide. That's up from 6 bill [...]

Foursquare Makes Good On Promise To Sell Data For Retargeting

foursquare-icon Foursquare has joined the "big data" club, making good on an earlier promise to sell location and other user-behavior information to third parties. The company has said it wants to be "the location layer for the internet." As reported yesterday in AdAge, Foursquare is now making customer data available to DSP Turn: As part of its efforts to generate new sources of revenue, Foursquare is working with ad-tech company Turn to allow advertisers to use its treasure-trove of location data to retarget Foursquare users on other websites, according to executives familiar with the situation. Data f [...]

Social Media Use Growing Among Fortune 500 List With 77% Tweeting & 70% On Facebook

social-media-colors-featured An annual report from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth evaluating the social media activity of Fortune Magazine's Fortune 500 list found that 34 percent of this year's Fortune 500 companies are now actively blogging, 77 percent maintain active Twitter accounts, 70 percent have Facebook pages and 69 percent have YouTube accounts. This year marks the largest increase in the number of Fortune 500 companies currently blogging since 2008. According to previous reports, only 16 percent of Fortune 500 companies were blogging five years ago. Now, 171 companies on the Fortune 500 list publish a [...]

Foursquare Launches Self-Serve Promoted Listings For Small Businesses

FourSquare Today, Foursquare announced the launch of self-serve promoted listings for small businesses. The company started testing promoted listings with a handful of local New York City businesses in early June. The new ads don't rely on user check-ins. Local businesses can promote their listings and offer specials to nearby users. Foursquare says they have been fine tuning their targeting technology during the past year of piloting their ad programs. The self-serve ads rely on the same algorithm that powers Foursquare's Explore recommendation engine. Below is an example ad from the Foursquar [...]

Foursquare Introduces In-Venue “Check-in” Ads On CPA Basis

foursquare-icon According to an article in AdAge, Foursquare is now rolling out check-in ads on a cost-per-action basis. I was unable to find my own example on Foursquare, though I thought this program was already live. Captain Morgan is apparently an early adopter of the program. The idea is simple: people go into a bar and check in, they then see a full-screen mobile ad for "Captain and cola, Captain and ginger or Captain mojito," according to the article. Advertisers are charged when consumers save or interact with the ad. It's easy to imagine that these ads could be highly effective. It's a form of [...]

Despite Recent Financing, Foursquare Confronts Growing Challenges

FourSquare Business Insider ran a story yesterday about Foursquare that claimed morale was down ("at an all time low") and that employees were starting to leave. Foursquare has about 50 million users globally and just secured $41 million in new debt-based financing. Thus, the company appears to be in a strong position. Yet numerous sources, including the Wall Street Journal, have documented the company's recent fundraising challenges, tied chiefly to its high valuation and perceptions that growth and usage have slowed. While I don't  know what the "reality" is, that's certainly the perception [...]

Foursquare Testing Promoted Listings With Select NYC Small Businesses

FourSquare Foursquare has opened the door for a "handful" of small businesses in New York City to begin testing promoted listings -- advertisements that don't first require a consumer to check-in at the business' location. Small businesses have traditionally been limited to advertising and promotion on Foursquare via discounts and other specials that only trigger after a check-in. But, as AdAge reports today, the new test gives a select group of SMBs the chance to promote themselves when consumers are nearby. Some merchants can now lure in nearby consumers by promoting a photo of a dish, a glowing re [...]

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