Google Builds Up Digital Video Advertising Capabilities With mDialog Acquisition

Google Logo - basic featured In another sign of Google's active plan to attract more brand dollars and capitalize on the digital video boom, the company announced it has acquired digital video advertising tech firm mDialog. Making the announcement on the mDialog site, the start-up said the team will be joining forces with DoubleClick and will eventually integrate its services to manage, deliver, and measure video advertising into the platform for publishers. mLabs will continue to work with its existing customers -- major media companies like NBC and Fox -- to monetize video ad inventory across IP-connected devices, [...]

Google Steps Up Ad Fraud Fight With Acquisition

fraud-alert-computer-600 Ad fraud has been a black cloud looming over the industry, with perpetrators finding myriad ways to hijack the display advertising ecosystem. To bolster its resources in the fight against internet advertising fraud, Google announced today it has acquired the well-regarded web traffic analytics firm Google has made significant investments in fighting ad fraud. The company says it blocked over 350 million bad ads from more than 270 thousand bad advertisers in 2013. While the number of bad ads that were blocked was up 59 percent from the prior year, the number of bad advertisers fel [...]

The “Real Reason” Google Sold Motorola To Lenovo

Google Motorola In the wake of yesterday's Reuters story and later confirmation of the $2.91 billion sale of Google's Motorola hardware unit to Lenovo there were many theories presented about why the deal happened. Here is a summary of those theories and ideas: Google is simply "cutting its loses" and recovering what money it can on a generally bad deal (perhaps save the patents) Google wants the best for Motorola and Lenovo is a better home for the unit Google is "making peace" with Samsung, its most important Android partner, by no longer being a direct competitor Google is appeasing European regu [...]

Google Selling Motorola Handset Business To Lenovo For $2.9 Billion

google-g-logo-2012 Google bought Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion in late 2011 and is apparently going to sell it to Lenovo for billions less than that. Reuters is reporting that Google and the Chinese computer maker are in talks to transfer the Motorola business for roughly $3 billion. [Update: The deal has now been officially confirmed. More in the postscript below.] According to Reuters at least some of the patent portfolio, which has proven less valuable than Google anticipated, is part of the transaction. Reuters says that a deal is imminent and an announcement could come as early as today. In A [...]

Nest And Google’s Top 10 Biggest Acquisitions

google-money-stock-featured Google's announcement that it is snapping up home automation firm Nest for a cool $3.2 billion in cash had us looking back at Google's other big acquisitions. The internet giant has purchased nearly 150 companies -- some for people, some for parts or both. Here's the countdown of Google's 10 biggest acquisition deals so far, and a look at how the acquired companies have been brought into the Google fold. 10. AdMeld – $400 Million, June 2011 When Google bought AdMeld, the four year-old ad tech company already had relationships with big publishers including the Weather Channel, IDG TechNe [...]

Google’s $1 Billion Waze Acquisition To See Antitrust Review

waze-featured It will probably just be a formality; however, Google confirmed this weekend that its proposed acquisition of social mapping platform Waze will undergo US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) antitrust scrutiny. Waze's revenues are minimal; but, the acquisition price is surely what got the FTC's attention. In addition, Waze becomes one fewer potential mapping challenger in the marketplace. According to the Wall Street Journal, the FTC "is expected to focus on whether Waze would have become a head-to-head competitor with Google, whose Google Maps software is the dominant digital mapping and naviga [...]

Does Buying Motorola Emerge As A $12.5 Billion Mistake For Google?

Google Motorola The consensus view is that Google bought Motorola Mobility in late 2011 for its patent portfolio. The company spent $12.5 billion, Google's largest acquisition by far and a major bet by Larry Page. During the acquisition approval process Google said that it would treat Motorola the same way it treated any other Android OEM and keep the division at arms length, giving it no special access or Android favors. Yet, Motorola has continued to lose market share and revenues. Last week, Google said that its Motorola division lost $271 million and revenues declined from $1.51 billion in Q4 to $1.02 [...]

Would Google Still Be Interested In Groupon?

Google-Groupon In late 2010 Google offered as much as $5 billion to buy then private Groupon. At that time daily deals was an incredibly hot market segment and Groupon was the market leader; its business and global reach were surging. It would have been the most expensive acquisition ever for Google at the time. But the deal feel through and Groupon went public. I argued then that it would have been crazy for Google to pay that kind of money for Groupon. Since going public approximately a year after the failed Google acquisition attempt (November 2011) Groupon has seen almost 90 percent of its market [...]

BufferBox Part Of Google Effort To Own Commerce Value Chain “End-To-End”

BufferBox locker What exactly is Google doing with BufferBox? On Friday we found out that Google had acquired one of its own Google Ventures investments; however the acquisition price for the Ontario-Canada based startup wasn't disclosed. It couldn't have been that much given that the company was at a relatively early stage and only operating in the Toronto area. BufferBox is essentially a competitor to Amazon Lockers, although the company claims that it had the idea before Amazon. That idea is to allow e-commerce buyers to ship to the larger equivalent of a PO box in various locations throughout a city [...]

Google (As Motorola) Sues Apple Over Patents, Seeks US Import Ban On iPhones, Macs

apple-google-featured Apple has been waging a proxy war with Google and Android through its global litigation with Samsung. Now the companies will be directly battling it out in a new action filed by Google subsidiary Motorola before the US International Trade Commission (ITC). Motorola filed and partly won a patent case before the ITC, prior to the Google acquisition. But this is the first case filed under Google ownership. The earlier Motorola ITC patent victory was based on a single claim related to wireless 3G standards. Motorola seeks an import ban on iPhones in that case. A final decision from the administ [...]

To Bolster Motorola Mobility Google Will Cut Heads And Devices

Moto Droid handset Before Google acquired Motorola Mobility the company was already struggling to compete with rivals, including LG, Samsung and especially Apple. Now in an effort to revive the fortunes (literally) of the Google division, Mountain View will lay off 4,000 people and simplify the unwieldy Motorola device line-up according to a story in the New York Times. Google will also close roughly 30 offices or "facilities" around the world. Most of the employee cuts will come from locations outside the US. The 4,000 employees represent 20 percent of Motorola Mobility's current workforce. Google expects [...]

Google Nabs Wildfire Social Marketing Platform For Reported $250 Million

WildfireFounders Google to marketers: we may be a bit, uh, behind in social, but come buy social programs through us anyway. That seems to be the gist of what the search giant is saying with its acquisition of Wildfire, a social media marketing platform that works primarily with Facebook, but also with Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Though Google didn't disclose a purchase price when announcing the acquisition, reports peg the value of the deal at around $250 million. The union makes a lot of sense for Google, which has historically not had a problem with purchasing companies that wor [...]

Google’s Acquisition Of Motorola Mobility Closes, What Now?

google-motorola-featured After government approval from China, contingent upon Google's agreement to keep Android "free and open" for at least five years, Motorola Mobility is now part of Google. European and US approvals happened some time ago. The deal is worth $12.5 billion -- Google's largest acquisition by far -- and includes some 17,000 patents that Google can use to defend Android against litigation and threats of litigation from Apple, Microsoft and any others who might go after it. Some have questioned whether the value of those patents justified $12 billion. Yet Google also gains a hardware business that [...]

The Tech Investment Metric System — A New Type Of “Gram”

dollars-weight-scale-featured Instagram sold for $1 billion! Slideshare is being purchased for $118 million! Facebook about to go public for $100 billion! Apple's on its way to being worth $1 trillion dollars! A tech bubble? Who cares. With valuations like these, we need a new way of measure the worth of a company. Allow me to introduce a new type of "gram," one used to value companies. I can't claim the credit here. Last week, I was talking with Google distinguished engineer Matt Cutts. Most known for his role as head of Google's web spam team, Cutts is also an investor himself, as well as a pretty witty observer of al [...]

Google Gets US Justice Department Approval To Buy Admeld

google-admeld-featured Google has gotten Department of Justice (DOJ) approval to move forward with its planned acquisition of Admeld, the sell-side optimization firm that helps publishers maximize revenues from their display advertising inventory. Though Google hasn't disclosed how much the deal was worth, various news outlets valued it at $400MM when it was first announced in June. In a statement on the approval, the DOJ said it has concluded the deal won't harm competition in the sale of display advertising, especially given the developments in sell-side platforms (SSPs) and demand-side platforms (DSPs) in the [...]

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