Google AdSense Testing New Home Page Design

Google AdSense Logo Google is testing a new home page design for the AdSense publisher console. AdSense publishers can see it by logging into The publisher will be presented with an option to check out the new design, which is aimed to help you "focus on key day-to-day information." Here is the prompt displayed to AdSense publishers when they login: Here is a picture of what it looks like with some data: The new look is cleaner and more fresh but is it more helpful? That depends on what publishers get use to. [...]

AdSense Adds A/B Testing Capabilities For Ad Unit Settings

Google AdSense Logo Today, Google announced a new AdSense experiments feature that allows publishers to run A/B tests on ad unit settings including ad types and ad styles such as borders and font colors. The feature is available within AdSense as part of Content Experiments. The "Traffic split" option at the bottom of the set-up page is checked by default. When checked, Google will automatically optimize the traffic split between the two ad settings using a multi-armed bandit approach. The ad setting that is performing better (has a better click-through rate) will be served more often. Roughly 24 hours afte [...]

Google Launches New Certification Program For AdSense Consultants & Service Providers

Google AdSense Certified Partner Google announced today it is launching an AdSense Certified Partner Program to vet consultants and service providers managing AdSense accounts for publishers. Similar to Google's AdWords and Analytics Certified Partner programs, individuals and companies can qualify to become a Google AdSense Certified Partner by passing the certification exam and meeting program requirements. AdSense Certified Partners are qualified to manage dedicated services, everything from setting up AdSense ad code to running ongoing optimization tests. Once a company has passed the certification exam and meets al [...]

All About Gmail Sponsored Promotions Ads

gmail-app-logo While much has been written about the new Gmail ads that look a lot like regular emails in the Promotions tab, did you know they are actually an extension of an ongoing beta called Gmail Sponsored Promotions? The ads shown above, below and in the box to the right of nearly every email message on desktops are the predecessors of those email-like ads that rolled out with the new tabbed inbox. Users may confuse the three ads for AdSense ads that also appear in Gmail, but they are in fact part of Google's Gmail Sponsored Promotions beta. Google often, but not always, adds the small price tag icon [...]

US Sen. Markey Calls For FTC Investigation Over Google’s “Shared Endorsements”

google-privacy-200 Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) has asked the Federal Trade Commission to take a closer look at Google's "Shared Endorsements" ads. On Thursday when the New York Times story discussing the program was published it initially appeared that Google was introducing a new "Sponsored Stories"-like ad unit. I was confused at first (before talking to Google), as were others. However as we later clarified Shared Endorsements is not a new ad unit. The company was merely expanding the range of social and user-generated content types that could be included in search and display ads. I was quite critical o [...]

Google AdSense Now Available For HTTPS Sites

Google AdSense Supports HTTPS Starting today, site owners using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) protocol can add AdSense ad units to their pages. Google has updated the AdSense ad code to support Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) used by many sites including ecommerce, financial services and social networking sites to protect sensitive information like passwords, payment information and financial and medical information. To ensure compliance, Google will remove all non-SSL compliant ads from competing in ad auctions on HTTPS pages. Find instructions on creating new code or modifying existing AdSense code h [...]

Google Testing New Animated AdSense Format Without Static Arrow Buttons

google-adsense-logo A new test of animated AdSense text ads has popped up. This version features large blue headlines and the arrow boxes are gone. Now just the ad that is hovered over displays a new circular blue arrow icon. Here's a video captured by Barry Schwartz: [youtube][/youtube] Google began testing an animated text ad block unit in February. The headlines were black and the arrow boxes displayed next to each headline. In July Google introduced favicons to AdSense ads as part of its enhanced text ads features. Then in August, Google gave AdSense publishers the o [...]

Google Adds AdSense Revenue As A Testing Objective In Content Experiments

Google AdSense Logo Google announced today the addition of AdSense Revenue as an experiment objective in Content Experiments. The addition allows AdSense publishers to run A/B tests on Google Analytics Content Experiments Platform that focus specifically on increasing AdSense revenue. Publishers must link their Google Analytics accounts to AdSense accounts in order to use Content Experiments. Once the accounts are linked and the test is set with AdSense Revenue as the objective, the algorithm will split traffic across the experimental variations "to achieve maximum revenue in the shortest amount of time." G [...]

AdSense Adds New Text Ad Fonts

Google AdSense Logo Today, Google made five new fonts available in AdSense. Publishers can opt to have one default font face that applies to all text ad units or choose different settings for individual ads. The complete list of font faces now available are: Arial, Times, Verdana, Open Sans, Open Sans Light, Roboto Light, Ubuntu Light and Lora. Below is a look at what the new Open Sans and Opens Sans Light font faces display, respectively.To see examples of all the new font faces, click here. Google says they are continuing to test other fonts and may introduce more options at a later date. [...]

AdSense Publishers Can Now Opt-Out Of Ad Format Features Like Favicons

google-adsense-app-icon Google announced today that AdSense publishers can opt out of many of the newer ad format features that have rolled out recently. Apparently the change comes at the request of publishers. Here is Google's list of advanced ad format features publishers can exclude (this is also a handy summary of all the newer AdSense ad features): Similar-sized display ads: Showing smaller but higher performing display ads in larger ad units. Enhanced text ads: Displaying text ads with performance-enhancing features such as product images, favicons, or clickable arrow icons, etc. Expandable ads:  [...]

Google Provides AdSense Apps For iOS & Android

google-adsense-app-icon Google has officially launched official Google-made AdSense apps for iOS and Android. The Android version went live in the Google Play Store on July 31st, and the iOS version went live in the Apple App Store last night. The apps pretty much offer the same features, which include: Earnings overview reporting Earnings by top sites Earnings by top ad units Earnings by top channels Earnings by top URLs Message notification area Both the iOS and Android versions are free and available for download now. Here are the iOS screen shots, which look very similar to the Android vers [...]

Google AdSense Adds Responsive Design Ad Units (Beta)

Google AdSense Logo Google announced new ad units to support responsive design web pages. The ability for ad units to support responsive design was on the top of many publishers' wish lists, and Google has finally introduced it. Google warns this is a beta option, and you should make sure to test these units on your website carefully. Google said this new responsive ad unit "support a wide range of devices by working with your responsive design web pages." Plus you can "dynamically specify the size of the ad that will be served, adapting it to fit the way your site renders a page on a particular device," said [...]

New: Set Google AdSense Reports To Your Local Time Zone

Soon publishers will be able to see AdSense daily earnings reporting based on their own time zones, rather than on Pacific Standard Time as all reports are currently defaulted. A new time zone field has been added to the Account settings page. When you change your time zone, all future reports will be based on the new setting. It's important to note, that the change is not retroactive. Your reports prior to the change will still be based on Pacific Standard Time. You'll also want to think about the time of day that you make the switch, as it will affect your reporting for that day. [...]

Google Glass App Brings AdSense Reporting To Your Eye

glass-app-icon-1374668657 Yesterday we reported that Glass developer Chad Smith created a Google Analytics Glass App, and today we are excited to report that the same developer created a Glass App for reporting on your Google AdSense income. Chad announced this on his Google+ page, sharing how to install the app on your Google Glass and sharing screen shots of what it reports on. The Glass AdSense App will show you pageviews, clicks, click-through-rate and earnings for today, yesterday, last seven days, last thirty days, this month and last month. You can refresh the stats as often as you like, and of course, you [...]

Google AdSense Text Ads Get Favicons

Google introduced favicons, the small branding graphics used by website owners, to AdSense text ads today. In the announcement, Google says, "Our experiments show that adding these favicons to the ads makes advertisers more recognizable to your users, which benefits both you and the advertisers whose ads appear on your sites." The favicons are added automatically to advertisers' text ads on the Google Display Network -- through both standard and remarketing campaigns. [...]

Google AdSense Asynchronous Ad Code Launches In Beta

At long last, "fully" asynchronous ad code is available in Google AdSense. The new asynchronous code is designed to improve web latency and allow page content to load without getting held up by ad serving. "This means that users will be able to load the content of your pages, even if they’re having trouble loading the ads. Mobile users in particularly will enjoy less latency when loading web pages," according to the Google AdSense support page about the asynchronous code. Publishers will see the new "Asynchronous (BETA)" option under the Code type drop down when creating new ads. [...]

Impression Score Among New AdSense Ad Review Center Features

Google Analytics Along with interface updates, Google recently added three metrics to the AdSense ad Review Center. Impression score indicates whether an ad has a high, medium or low number of impressions per day compared to the other ads on your site. Serving status identifies whether an ad is active (recently received impressions) or not. If an ad is active, it’s more likely to still appear in the next few days. If an ad is inactive, it could still show again, but the longer it remains inactive, the less likely this will occur. Historical trend shows whether the number of impressions per day fo [...]

Google Issues AdSense Publisher Scorecards For Performance Benchmarking

Google is introducing a new benchmarking tool for AdSense accounts called Publisher Scorecards. Located on the Home tab in your AdSense account, the scorecard offers a performance summary of your ad settings, webpages and content relative to other AdSense publishers. Each performance category -- revenue optimization, site health, and, notably, Google+ -- are scored on a scale of one to five blue dots. A red or yellow exclamation indicates issues that should be fixed. The scorecard is updated to reflect any improvements you make. Google reiterated that it will not take any action [...]

Google Celebrates 10 Years Of AdSense: Says Over 2 Million Publishers Earned More Than $7 Billion Last Year

Google AdSense 10th Anniversary 10 Logo Today marks the official 10th anniversary of Google's advertising network for publishers, AdSense. In a post on the Google blog, Susan Wojcicki, SVP of Ads and Commerce, reflects on the early days in 2003 when AdSense was a fledgling product to today when AdSense is an integral part of Google's advertising business. The AdSense community has grown to include more than 2 million publishers, and last year alone, publishers earned more than $7 billion from AdSense. Wojcicki spotlights three publishers-- a retiree in New Zealand who writes about her garden, a tech support expert in Colorado, [...]

Google’s Susan Wojcicki To Host Hangout For AdSense 10th Anniversary

Google AdSense 10th Anniversary 10 Logo Tomorrow marks the tenth anniversary of Google AdSense. To celebrate, Susan Wojcicki, SVP of Advertising and Commerce, will host a live Google Hangout at 10:00 AM PDT tomorrow. Wojcicki, who lead the launch of AdSense, will be joined by three AdSense publishers to look back at the evolution of the program and discuss the future of advertising for online publishers. Google will post a link to the Hangout On Air on the AdSense Google+ page when the session kicks off. While Google is celebrating the birth date of AdSense tomorrow, the program's unofficial inception was in February ten yea [...]

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