AdSense Changes How It Calculates And Reports YouTube Earnings

Google AdSense YouTube Logos Google AdSense announced that they have started calculating and reporting on earnings from YouTube slightly differently. Starting April 1, 2013, AdSense will no longer calculate and report AdSense for Content Host earnings for YouTube partners. Instead, AdSense earnings from YouTube videos will only be calculated by YouTube and displayed in YouTube Analytics. Prior to this month, there were two systems calculating earnings from the two sources of YouTube ad earnings -- the AdSense system for earnings from ads sold through AdSense (auction-sold ads) and the YouTube system for earnings from ad [...]

AdSense Turns 10: Reflections On Google’s Great Leap Beyond Search Ads

google-adsense-featured Google AdSense turns 10 today. For Google, AdSense was its first big push into advertising beyond search ads. It led directly to Google's eventual growth in display advertising. It led to the birth of new, good sites being able to fund themselves easily off of ads. It also gave birth to "made for AdSense" garbage sites that Google has to fight against. Time for some reflection... You won't find Google marking the AdSense anniversary today. Similar to how Google itself has at least two different birthdays, AdSense also has several. Today's date marks ten years since Google launched its [...]

New Animated AdSense Format Showcases Ad Headlines

google-featured A new AdSense ad format started popping up on websites at the end of last month that puts the emphasis on ad headlines. In the new interactive format, only the ad headlines are displayed in large font with arrow button icons next to them: However, when you mouse over a headline, it becomes underlined and then animates and reforms to show the full ad. When you mouse over the next ad, the previous ad reverts back to the headline in a smaller font for a brief period before returning to the larger font size. The videos below, captured by @incrediBill and first posted at WebmasterWorld, [...]

Yahoo Strikes Deal To Run Contextual AdSense Ads From Google

yahoo-google Yahoo has announced that it will be working with Google. No, not on search-triggered advertising, Bing is still Yahoo's exclusive partner there; but, Google will non-exclusively provide contextual ads that will appear throughout Yahoo's properties and certain co-branded sites. The ads will come through AdSense for Content, with mobile ads provided by AdMob. In a blog post announcing the global relationship, Yahoo said, "By adding Google to our list of world-class contextual ads partners, we’ll be able to expand our network, which means we can serve users with ads that are even more meanin [...]

Google Introduces Digital Couponing And Loyalty Solution “Zavers”

Zavers Google has tried its hand over the years at couponing and loyalty marketing. It has done so using a number of different approaches: Google Coupons, Google Offers, Google Offer Ads, Google Wallet and the now-defunct Punchd. Some of these programs have been directed toward small businesses and some more broadly to brands and national marketers. Now comes Zavers, a digital couponing and redemption solution for retailers and manufacturers. Zavers is aimed at large brands and national retailers and intended to help them create and distribute coupons and incentives online and streamline redemp [...]

Google Tries To Shed Kafka-esque Image By Working With AdSense Publishers Around Invalid Clicks

google-adsense-logo Working with Google to deal with alleged policy violations can sometimes be Kafkaesque for AdSense publishers, with accusations of invalid activity coming down from on high with little explanation or understanding. In acknowledgment of this history, Google says it is undertaking to be more proactive and positive in its dealings with publisher partners regarding click fraud and invalid clicks. Any improvement in this arena will likely be received very positively by publishers. Even if they haven't had their own account disabled by Google because of suspected fraudulent activity, they've like [...]

Google AdSense Adds New Half Page Ad Unit Sized 300×600

google-adsense-logo Google announced the addition of a new ad unit, their largest ad unit to date, sized at 300x600 pixels. The new ad unit is commonly referred to as a half page unit, which Google is calling "brand friendly" ad units. Google said this ad size is one of the "top requests from publishers" last year. Google's display ad study show that this ad unit is one of the fastest growing sizes by impressions. When publishers first place these ad units on their sites, you will notice a "large number of text ads in these placements," Google said. But over time Google will fill those ad spots with " [...]

Google Continues Dismantling Feedburner: Goodbye Adsense For Feeds

adsense-for-feeds Google has announced plans to shut down its Adsense for Feeds service, a move that continues Google slow dismantling of the Feedburner RSS service. Adsense for Feeds is (was) Google's primary moneymaker for Feedburner. The program allowed publishers to make money by putting Google ads in their RSS feeds; when a user clicked an ad, Google and the publisher split the money. In the big picture, Adsense for Feeds probably earned Google peanuts compared to other Adsense-related services. And by turning off that revenue source, even if it was just pocket change, Google has no business reason [...]

Yahoo Resurrects Its Publisher Network In Partnership With Bing And

yahoo-logo Under the stewardship of new CEO Marissa Mayer, Yahoo is launching a new contextual advertising network -- similar to Google's AdSense and the Yahoo Publisher Network it abandoned in 2010. This time, the company is partnering with Search Alliance ally Bing, and technology provider The idea, apparently, is to bulk up the amount of contextual advertising inventory Yahoo and Bing can make available to advertisers. The mainly-text contextual ads are already displaying on some Yahoo sites, and those marketers who have opted into display ads on Bing Advertising will automatically have [...]

AdSense Publishers Earning $25/Week Or More Get Email Support

email-marketing-featured AdSense publishers earning more than $25/week will now have the option to contact Google by email when they have problems or questions, according to an FAQ item discovered in a WebmasterWorld forum thread. These publishers can request email support by filling out contact forms that will appear for them in the Help Center. Smaller publishers will still need to rely on forums and the Help Center. The new investment in support brings to mind when Google announced last year it would let all AdWords advertisers call a phone number for free support. After that announcement, the company tested [...]

UK Writer Repeats Gmail “Racial Profiling” Claim Against Google

A UK journalist claims that he's replicated US writer Nathan Newman's informal "experiment" suggesting that Google conducts "racial profiling" in the AdWords it shows to Gmail users. The UK journalist says his investigation reproduced "similarly disturbing results" comparable to the US test. Newman's earlier test, conducted roughly a year ago, involved the use of nine different names, which were stand-ins for race and ethnicity. The different names were paired with the same subject lines to produce different ad units in many instances. For example the subject line "education" produced the f [...]

AdSense Publishers Mistakenly Notified About Rejected Ad Requests

oops-mistake-featured If you're one of the many AdSense publishers who recently received a notice from Google about rejected ad requests… well, never mind. Google says it's a known bug that it's working to resolve. Several days ago, publishers began coming to forums saying they'd received a notice saying, "You have rejected ad requests, which will result in lost revenue." After much confusion and commiseration, it turns out that the problem was a change from Google that had unexpected consequences. According to Google: "We recently changed the way our system surfaces alerts related to rejected ad requests. [...]

Google To Strip DoubleClick AdPlanner Of Significant Functionality

DoubleClickAdPlanner If you've been using DoubleClick AdPlanner to research anything other than sites on the Google Display Network, you're about to be out of luck. Google this week has been sending out notices to AdPlanner users telling them of dramatic changes due to take effect September 5. Folks in the digital marketing space have grown accustomed to using DoubleClick AdPlanner to research sites across the web (including their own), gathering information on everything from traffic, to household income, to demographics, to other sites frequented by the site's visitors. The data may not have been exceptionall [...]

Google Rolls Out New Interface For AdSense

AdSenseInterface If you use Google AdWords and Analytics as well as AdSense, the changes coming to the publisher interface over the next few days will look very familiar. As part of its "simpler and more beautiful" initiative, Google is rolling out a new look for AdSense. Though Google says the general structure of the account interface will remain the same, the company will be gradually adding cleaner design elements. One of the changes will be a dedicated, larger "Help" link in the top right corner of the page. There's also a "send feedback" link added there -- but it's meant for reporting bugs or maki [...]

Google Fully Integrates AdMob App Inventory Into AdWords

Google is finally and fully integrating AdMob's mobile app inventory into AdWords. The company says, "Starting today, over one million AdWords advertisers will now be able to reach engaged consumers on more than 350 million mobile devices in the AdMob network and in some of the world’s most popular mobile applications." Google says AdMob inventory includes more than 300,000 mobile apps and reaches people in 23 countries. Source: IAB Google is also making it possible to target specific smartphones and tablets on top of existing mobile targeting options, which include mobile carri [...]

Google Shutting Down Hosted AdSense For Domains Program

google-adsense-logo Google is emailing participants in its hosted AdSense for Domains (AFD) today to inform them that the sometimes-controversial program is headed for closure in mid-April. The change will only affect domains that Google hosted. "After evaluating the benefits of our partner network, we’ve decided to retire the Hosted domains product within AdSense," Google wrote in the email. "Going forward, undeveloped domains will only be served through our existing AdSense for Domains distribution network." Google linked to a migration guide on its site (some links from which are not currently function [...]

Recent Bans Surface AdSense Publishers’ Complaints About Google

google-adsense-logo Two recent cases of AdSense publisher bans highlight publisher discontent about Google's mysterious methods for determining when to ban (and when to reinstate) participants displaying its Content Network ads on their sites. Acme Dropped, Reinstated After Public Attention In the first case, well-respected netizen Jef Poskanzer, who runs the site, was banned from AdSense on January 15. Google's explanation, in a form letter, was that "... we've determined that your AdSense account poses a risk of generating invalid activity. Because we have a responsibility to protect our AdWords adve [...]

Google Acknowledges AdSense Is Down For Some, Says It’s Working On The Issue

google-adsense-logo Publishers this morning began reporting problems with Google's AdSense -- no ads were showing on their sites -- and now Google acknowledges the problem. A Google spokesperson told Marketing Land: "There is currently an issue with AdSense for Content ads not showing on a small number of publishers' sites. Our engineers are working to investigate and resolve the issue as quickly as possible." On the AdSense help forum, numerous publishers related problems about their multiple sites. One, going by the handle CorpAce, wrote, "I have this problem across over well over 50 websites, in the UK a [...]

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