How To Measure Local Area & Directory Referrals With Google Analytics

ML Metro Map If you're a small business that relies on foot traffic, referrals, and/or calls from a specific geographic area, Google Analytics has likely been a bit of a mystery to you (unless you're a power user). Your website might be getting traffic, but how much of that traffic is really local to your area? There are two things we can look at to determine this information. We can look at the referral traffic from sites that focus on local area traffic, and we can also see the "location" of visitors under the "Demographics" area of Google Analytics. The issue here has always been ease of use. As a sm [...]

Google Analytics Updates Segmentation To Simplify & Make More Powerful

Google Analytics icon Google announced changes being rolled out to how Google Analytics handles their segmentation features. Google has improved their advanced segmentation to enable users to analyze subsets of your Web traffic. Google said these changes will make it "easier for new Analytics users, yet also more powerful for seasoned analysts and marketers." The updates include: User Segmentation Cohort Analysis Sequence Segment Segment Templates Fully Refreshed New User Interface You can learn more about these changes at the Google Analytics blog and Justin Cutroni’s blog. [...]

New Google Analytics Feature Lets Advertisers Import AdWords Cost Data Into Attribution Model Comparison Tool

Google Analytics Google announced today that they will be rolling out a new Google Analytics feature that allows advertisers to import Adwords cost data into the Attribution Model Comparison Tool, offering more insight into Adwords expenditures. Now, advertisers can evaluate Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) within Google Analytics, along with their Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), a metric that, "...compares the value or revenue driven by conversions under different attribution models." By selecting Conversion Value & ROAS within the Attribution Model Comparison Tool, advertisers will be able to compare the perf [...]

Google Analytics Now Offering Unclicked Display Ad & Video Ad Impression Reports

Google Analytics Google Analytics has launched new display ad and video ad impression reports, giving advertisers a look at how unclicked ads impact the conversion path. Using data from the Google Display Network (GDN), advertisers will be able to see when a user has viewed ads on the GDN or video ads on YouTube before visiting their website and completing a conversion. Advertisers who enable the new GDN impression reports in their Google Analytics accounts will have access to two additional conversion metrics in their Multi-Channel Funnel reports: Impression Assisted Conversions and Rich Media Assisted Con [...]

Is Google’s Universal Analytics A Game Changer?

Google's Universal Analytics is now available to the public, and some have speculated that it will change the way businesses use data. But, is Universal Analytics (UA) truly a game changer? Many of the benefits promised by UA hinge on two new wrinkles in the platform: 1) the ability to get data into UA from any source, and 2) the shift from tracking visits to tracking visitors. Let’s take a closer look at each: Sending Data To Google Google's new "Measurement Protocol" makes it possible to send data into UA from any device that captures and transmits data. (That's right, any device.  The [...]

Google Analytics Administration Page Gets A New Look & Feel With Upgraded Settings

Google Analytics Google Analytics announced today a new administration landing page with upgraded settings that is scheduled to launch during the coming weeks. The latest round of upgrades will make all admin settings accessible from the new administration page under the admin tab, with account, property, and view settings organized into three columns. (Google is now referring to the 'profiles' setting as 'views' in an attempt to match the present and future meaning of what it represents: a view of the data Analytics.) Help content has been relocated under the 'Help' tab near the top right corner of the [...]

New Content Experiments API Launches To Power A/B Testing With Google Analytics

Google Analytics Google announced the launch of a new API for Content Experiments in Google Analytics to allow developers to test site content with programmatic optimization. The API relies on the the multi-armed bandit approach currently used for Content Experiments, but users can override it to rotate content evenly during experiments or use their own proprietary logic. Other features of the new API include: Testing changes to content without redirects: The original Content Experiments JavaScript snippet causes a page redirect. With the Content Experiments API it is possible to test changes to conte [...]

Google Analytics Dashboard Sharing Among Profile Users Coming Soon

Google Analytics icon Soon you'll be able to share Google Analytics dashboards with other profile users. Google announced that dashboard sharing will be available to all users in the coming weeks. Currently, users can share dashboard template links, which don't pass any traffic data. Template Links are a great option for sharing dashboard configurations you think other Google Analytics users will appreciate. The new dashboard sharing feature is designed to be used among users working on the same account, so you can make sure everyone is keeping an eye on the same key metrics. A new "Share Dashboard" option wil [...]

Google Analytics Updates Goals Set-Up Flow, Adds New Templates & Offers A Verification Option

analytics-featured Google Analytics announced a number of new updates today to Goals, including a new set-up process, new templates, and a new verification option. Goals are created at the profile level, and can be started by navigating to a user's account, property, and profile from the admin tab. Once the correct profile is selected, a user must click Goals and then select Create a Goal to begin the goal set-up flow. New Goals Set-Up Flow Once in the goal set-up flow, users will have access to redesigned templates along with new templates that can be added to an Analytics account. When using a templat [...]

Google Mobile App Analytics To Get Google Play Integration, Tag Manager for Mobile Apps

Last week, in the midst of  Google I/O, Google announced two upcoming updates to mobile app analytics. Google Play Integration Google Analytics will fully integrate with Google Play and allow marketers to get a full view of Google Play's sales funnel. The new report will use flow visualization to facilitate further analysis of any aspect of the funnel. The report will include: Google Play traffic sources: understand which traffic sources and Google search keywords account for most new users.  Google Play views: see how many views your app is receiving in Google Play from each [...]

Google Analytics Gets New Profile Filter Fields With Special Focus On Mobile and Social

Google Analytics Profile Filters In response to customer feedback, Google has added more custom filter fields to Google Analytics, giving users more flexibility to modify and limit the traffic data included in profiles. Of the nineteen new fields, nine are mobile related. Three new fields have been added to help filter social traffic. Below is the full list of new filter fields available: Mobile Is a mobile device Is a tablet Mobile brand name Mobile model name Mobile marketing name Mobile pointing method Mobile has QWERTY keyboard? Mobile is NFC supported? Mobile has cellular radio? Mobile has wi [...]

New: Real-Time Conversions Now Live In Google Analytics

Google Analytics has launched Conversions to Real-Time reports. Spotted by @RossGraphitas, who says it went live in the UK around 8pm there today, the new report shows real-time activity for all Goal URLs set in your Google Analtyics account. We're seeing it live here in the U.S., as well. Anyone else seeing it in other regions? Postscript: Google has now officially announced the real-time Conversions beta in a blog post.  And it sounds like more features are in the works: An important note, with this first launch we’re introducing URL based goals only. So computed goals such as [...]

New Google Analytics Path To Purchase Report Provides Benchmark Data On 11 Different Industries

Google Analytics logo Google is introducing "The Customer Journey to Online Purchase" analytics report today, a new benchmarking tool that provides insight into the various elements impacting a single campaign. Leveraging data from 36,000 of their largest advertisers across 11 different industries in seven countries, Google's new interactive analytics tool offers advertisers a broad view of online buying behaviors and interactions. Using information from Ecommerce and Multi-Channel Funnels, the benchmark data illustrates how buyers move toward a purchase and the length of time it takes to make an online buying de [...]

Infographic: The Periodic Table Of Google Analytics

Periodic Table of Google Analytics - Google Analytics Reports Guide Want to understand all the ways that Google Analytics can help you learn how people are interacting with your site? A new "periodic table" may prove useful. Created by Jeff Sauer, the table from his company Jeffalytics covers everything from "As" (AdSense Reports) to even stuff Google Analytics can't report -- "Np" for Not Provided. Here's a look: Be sure to visit the actual Periodic Table of Google Analytics page, where you can get a PDF version of the chart to print, embed code to put the chart on your site plus an interactive version that lets you hover over an element to underst [...]

Mobile Web Access Is Nearly 30% Faster Since 2012

After publishing a study last year that measured the speed of websites around the world, Google compared recent Site Speed data to the 2012 data to determine if the Web is getting any faster. While numerous improvements have been made to the core infrastructure of the Internet, there has not been a significant change in speed for desktops because of the increasing size of webpages. Since 2012, Google reports webpage sizes have increased by over 56 percent. In contrast to desktops, mobile access speeds have increased approximately 30 percent compared to 2012 with the addition of several L [...]

Google Analytics Dashboard Gets 4 New Real-Time Widgets

google-analytics-featured Google announced today, four new real-time widgets that can be plugged into any new or existing Google-Analytics Dashboard, marking the first time real-time data has been possible in a dashboard widget. Allowing users to perform many types of real-time analysis at a glance, the widgets can be combined and customized with different filters to segment and compare data side by side. Users can also set-up real-time and non real-time widgets on the same dashboard. To set-up a Real-time widget, users click the +Add Widget menu option from the Google-Analytics dashboard. Once a widget has be [...]

Google Analytics Adds New Real-Time Reports, Inbound Link Trackbacks & More Insight Into Social Media Activity

google-analytics-featured Google Analytics just stepped up their real-time reports by adding four new features: an events report, content breakdown by device, a real-time versus overall data comparison report, and shortcuts to real-time visitor segment views. Events Report The real-time Events report lets users filter on top events as they occur and on particular event categories and actions. By seeing if particular segments of visitors trigger different events, a user can debug event deployment in real time. Content Breakdown By Device Another new feature is the ability to segment real-time reports by device, [...]

New From Visually: Turn Your Google Analytics Data As An Infographic Google Analytics Inforgraphic Sample Wouldn't it be great to get weekly website performance updates as a simple, easy-to-read graphic? Now you can go beyond the Google Analytics dashboard with a new creative  - and free - tool by The New Google Analytics Report tool automatically delivers an infographic depicting your favorite metrics right to your desktop. Below is a sample of a full infographic that is generated. To be clear, this report isn't meant to replace regular analytics dashboards, nor does it report beyond page views, visitors, time on site, organic traffic and social traffic. You also may be tra [...]

Google Opens Universal Analytics To All Users

Google Analytics icon Google's Universal Analytics product is now available to all. Universal Analytics launched last October as a beta product that was primarily intended for enterprise-level GA users. It offers APIs that make it possible to integrate offline data into Google Analytics to combing online/offline tracking. Google's blog post offers some specifics on how to add Universal Analytics to your account. It involves getting a new analytics.js code snippet and setting up a new property in the account. (Google says a migration guide for those using ga.js is on the way.) This developer guide looks like a [...]

Google Analytics Intros New Access Controls

google-analytics-featured A new system for user access control is coming to Google Analytics in the next few weeks. Google announced two primary changes that offer more specific controls over how different users can interact with Google Analytics accounts. For starters, access permissions will be able to be set at the property level, not just at the account and profile levels. Second, access roles are expanding beyond the current administrator and viewer options to allow any user a combination of view, edit and manage users access. It's more powerful, and that also means it can be more complicated knowing w [...]

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