Rumor: Google Creating Amazon Prime Competitor Including Same Day Delivery

Google Shopping According to TechCrunch, Google is creating an Amazon Prime competitor. The two twists are: it will apparently be cheaper and also offer same-day delivery from selected brick-and-mortar retailers. TechCrunch says the new service will be called "Google Shopping Express." Apparently stores like Wal-Mart and Target are some of the potential offline retail partners. If any part of this is true (and it's likely that there's at least some truth to what TechCrunch is reporting) it's very interesting. Google is stepping up its campaign against Amazon, the undisputed king of online e-commerce. If [...]

Dirty Little Data Secrets: 5 Potential Inaccuracies In Your Social Media Reports

social-network-data-featured [caption id="attachment_34163" align="alignright" width="175"] Image courtesy of DepositPhotos[/caption] Remember that time long, long ago (in a land far away) when the term “web analytics” hadn’t even been coined? Fast-forward to 2013: web analytics data is the tip of the iceberg, “big data” is readily available, and many new tools on the market do the work of collecting data, storing it, manipulating it and reporting on it. No doubt about it, Data-Land is a much sweeter place than No-Data-Land, and as marketers, we’re lucky to have arrived here. Data provides insights that [...]

Google Analytics Change History – More Context To Administrators

Google Analytics icon Today, Google Analytics started offering a new Admin section called "Change History." It is a very simple table which shows changes made to your Google Analytics account settings in the last 180 days. This was a much needed feature as up till now, we had to trust people to document all changes, a boring task which is difficult to manage. Which Types Of Changes Are Saved This is a significant improvement to Google Analytics Administrators, but it is important to understand which changes are saved and which are not. The changes saved are those made through the interface: changes to accounts, p [...]

US December Smartphone Share: The Apple-Samdroid Battle Continues

smartphones This afternoon comScore released data on December US smartphone market share. The story is the same as in previous months. Android and iOS are up and almost all others are down. Apple and Samsung gained share, while others besides LG lost share. LG produced the wildly popular, perpetually sold out Nexus 4 handset. Apple was the single top smartphone OEM, while Android was the top platform with 53.4 percent of the market. Increasingly, however, Samsung is the hardware maker synonymous with Android, although Samsung rarely promotes the "Android brand." It markets Galaxy rather than And [...]

Google Analytics Gets a Facelift – Navigation, Dashboards & More

google-analytics-featured Earlier today Google Analytics started seeing design and structural changes on the Google Analytics interface. This is a an interesting change that makes the product more coherent, bringing features that were scattered through different tabs and sidebar into a more unified place. Below I describe the most prominent changes, although there were dozens of small design changes. If I missed any important update please let me know in the comments section. New Top Navigation And Sidebar - Less Tabs, More Coherent The most prominent change is the top navigation (orange bar) and sidebar. Previously [...]

Google Analytics In-Page Analytics Gets Link Attribution Reporting

google-in-app-analytics Yesterday the Google Analytics team announced an important improvement to their In-Page Analytics report: enhanced link attribution. The In-Page Analytics reports provide, in a page basis, the percentage of clicks from page to page in a website. The reports are a great way to analyze patterns of behavior, and can provide important insights to web designers and UX professionals. For example, they can be used to understand if specific links on a page are used or not and by which segments of visitors. A great case would be to check how often mobile users click on specific links as opposed to n [...]

Google’s ‘Universal Analytics’ Offers Integration Tools For Enterprise Users

google-analytics-icon Enterprise-level Google Analytics users have some new integration tools at their disposal with today's launch of what Google is calling Universal Analytics. It's a service that lets larger users tailor Google Analytics by integrating their own data into Google Analytics. They'll be able to use Google's new Measurement Protocol APIs. Google touts the service's ability to give companies better cross-device and cross-channel measurement capabilities. Universal Analytics, via the Measurement Protocol, lets you sync your own data from across various marketing channels, so you can discover rel [...]

Dark Google: One Year Since Search Terms Went “Not Provided”

google-clouds-dark-featured A year ago, Google began going dark. Dark in terms of no longer sharing with publishers, in some cases, how people searched for and found those publishers through Google's search engine. The "single digit" percentage of withholding that Google predicted at the time has turned into more than 50%, in some cases. If Google's withholding were an eclipse, more than half the sun is being covered. "Dark Google" is upon us, and it will only grow darker. I'm drawing the term "Dark Google" as a play off the "Dark Social" concept that Alexis Madrigal wrote about recently in The Atlantic. Dark Socia [...]

Google Tag Manager: New Google Product

google-tag-manager Today Google announced a new product to the world: Google Tag Manager. It is an extremely important addition to marketers, as it allows them to add or remove tags used for marketing and measurement without the need to ask from webmasters to change the website code. According to the Google Tag Manager help center: Google Tag Manager allows you to conveniently manage tags (such as tracking and marketing optimization tags) on your site. You can add and update AdWords, Google Analytics, Floodlight and non-Google tags from the Google Tag Manager user interface instead of editing site code. This re [...]

The Price Of Perfection

shutterstock_49454941-wrong A few years back, I wrote a column about a common worry people express when they use analytics to inform their optimization testing plans. Somehow they figure that the simpler tools on the market (such as Google's free Content Experiments tool) won't be able to handle their site. A more expensive tool, mistakenly, is assumed to yield more effective insight for testing, thereby "reducing" the risk of testing. This may even get fed this line by consultants who  guide their clients to overly complex tools -- why? no one is certain -- claiming that the excellent free tools aren't useful for [...]

Upgrades To Google Analytics Content Experiments

google-analytics-icon A few weeks ago Google Analytics launched Content Experiments, a new testing functionality that can be used to create A/B/N tests to optimize campaigns and overal website experience. Last week Google announced 3 upgrades that will make testing with the tool significantly easier and more powerful. Below I discuss each of the upgrades and how they can enhance testing with Google Analytics 1. Ability To Copy Experiments This new functionality is valuable as it allows marketers to perform additional tests to the same page without modifying the codes, which makes the process much shorter. [...]

Remarketing Now Available With Google Analytics

google analytics Today Google Analytics announced that its tracking code will now enable AdWords customers to create remarketing lists based on certain audiences or users that show interest in specific products. This means that instead of adding the remarketing tag, websites that use Google Analytics can use their code. If you are not acquainted with the remarketing feature, here is a short explanation taken from an AdWords help article: Remarketing is a feature that lets you reach people who have previously visited your site, and show them relevant ads when they visit other sites on the Google Display Netwo [...]

New Google Analytics Interface Becomes Standard

google analytics There's no turning back now. A little over a year after introducing the new version of Google Analytics, the company is removing links that allowed users to revert back to the previous version. The new GA, which is built on an entirely new platform, includes the user interface changes first announced last May. In addition, it features a number of new reports unveiled since, including: Real-time stats Multi-channel funnels Load-time measurements Social reports (including on backlinkURLs) Mobile reports Flow map visualizations and Content experiments The additions to Googl [...]

Google Analytics Goes Mobile – Launches App Analytics

google analytics The Google Analytics team announced at Google I/O a new App Analytics functionality, to be added to the current Google Analytics offering over the coming weeks. Google already offers mobile SDKs for Android and for iOS, but until now they provided the same reports and metrics as the standard Web Analytics. In the new functionality Google adapted its whole mobile solution to the App experience, providing additional reports and metrics for App owners and developers. In addition, they adjusted the registration flow to make it more streamlined for App developers. "Our goal with the new Mobile A [...]

New On Google Analytics Pages Reports – Entrance Metric

google analytics A new metric appeared on the pages report on Google Analytics recently. The pages report provides basic information for each page viewed on websites. It shows the number of times a page was viewed, how long (in average) visitors stayed on the page, what is the Bounce Rate of the page and what percentage of visitors left the website through a specific page (direct link to report). However, since yesterday we started seeing a new column: Entrances. This metric tells us how many of the visits to a specific page were also the first page seen in the session. Bounce Rates are calculated as vi [...]

Yahoo! Web Analytics To Be Discontinued

yahoo-logo Yahoo! announced this week that it will be discontinuing Yahoo! Web Analytics as a stand alone product. We inquired Emer Kirrane, Product Manager for Yahoo! Web Analytics, and she answered the following: "In line with Yahoo!'s focus on more quickly innovating with our core products and properties, over the coming quarters we are shutting down or transitioning a number of products that did not meaningfully drive revenue or engagement. After carefully reviewing our portfolio, Yahoo! has decided to discontinue Yahoo! Web Analytics services for analytics-only customers as well as the Yahoo! Web [...]

Google Analytics Gets New Testing Functionality: Content Experiments

google-analytics-featured Today the Google Analytics team made an important announcement for marketers and analysts: Google Website Optimizer will be fully integrated into Google Analytics. Google will be discontinuing Website Optimizer as a stand alone product (by August) and the testing functionality will be available to Google Analytics users only. The testing tool will be found in the Content section under the header "Experiments". If you are an existing Google Website Optimizer, you will automatically be in the first round of whitelists, but Google is not manually whitelisting users after the public roll-out be [...]

The Value Of Google Analytics For Mobile

shutterstock_80253331-mobilechart In the marketing game, numbers are crucial. I'm not telling you anything you don't know. There's a reason why MarketingLand has a whole area designated for analytics. If you're a website owner or marketer, chances are you spend a lot of time looking at Google Analytics for your website. Do you give your mobile site and app the same kind of attention? Why Use Analytics For Mobile? The main reasons to use analytics for mobile are the same as the reasons for using analytics on any website. Analytics answer a number of important questions: Where is traffic coming from (for mobile web)? [...]

Yahoo Rolls Out Small Business Marketing Dashboard

yahoo-logo Though Yahoo has handed over its search and PPC advertising business to Microsoft, the company still provides services to small businesses such as web hosting. ecommerce through Yahoo stores, and domain registration. As part of its suite of tools, the company today rolled out a small business marketing dashboard -- meant as a one-stop shop where small businesses can monitor (and tweak) their online presence. The offering has free components and opportunities to upgrade by paying for services. It includes Local Visibility -- which looks at local listings sites like, Yelp, Google and C [...]

Comprehensively Track, Segment Site Performance With New Google Analytics Feature

Last week, Google made further improvement to its Analytics platform by adding Site Speed reports to help users analyze their site’s page load times, and allowing for greater granularity on site performance than previously available. The new Site Speed reports allows marketers to measure the execution speed and load time of user-defined events, such as how quickly an image or resource loads, to how long it takes your site to respond to a button being clicked. To increase the usability of the reports, Google broke them down into four main tabs: Overview, Explorer, Performance, and Map O [...]

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