Spider.io Earns MRC Accreditation For Viewable Impression Measurement

In what could be a watershed moment for the ad viewability movement, web traffic analytics firm spider.io has earned accreditation by the Media Rating Council for viewable impression measurement. What sets the spider.io service apart is its ability to measure the viewability of individual display ad impressions across all major desktop browsers in any iFrame environment and regardless of iFrame nesting. Ad serving within iFrames has been one of the major impediments to measuring viewability. While iFrames help publishers protect their sites and their users from hackers and fraud by essentia [...]

iAd Becomes First Mobile Ad Network To Earn Media Ratings Council Accreditation

iAd logo The Media Ratings Council gave iAd, Apple's mobile ad platform for iPhone and iPad, full accreditation earlier this month. The accreditation marks a first for a major mobile ad platform. The display ad industry has been beset by pressure from media buyers and advertisers to serve ads that are actually viewable by users. Some 31percent of display ads are never seen by users according to a comScore study. Mobile advertisers face the added issue of paying for ads that don't display properly on any given mobile device. As John McDermott reports in AdAge, the iAd accreditation may help [...]

More Antritrust Pain For Google: FTC To Probe Display Ads Biz

google-legal-law According to Bloomberg, Google is facing yet another antitrust headache at the hands of the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The agency is fresh off a settlement earlier this year with Mountain View over its search market dominance. This time, the FTC will reportedly be probing the display side of Google's online advertising business. The Bloomberg report says that "The FTC is looking at whether Google is using its tools to force companies to bypass competing products and use other Google properties, including a marketplace for buying and selling Internet display ads, and features that [...]

Google Launches Real-Time Bidding Platform ‘Open Bidder’ [BETA], Seeking Testers

Google announced the launch of Open Bidder for developers to build real-time bidding solutions. Currently in Beta status, the platform uses the Google Cloud Platform and DoubleClick's real-time bidding protocol. Over a year in the making, the Open Bidder Team wrote in a blog post that the platform removes development barriers for companies looking to build their own RTB technology. Open Bidder removes these barriers by providing a customizable bidder toolkit with a reference implementation that developers can adapt to plug in their own bidding logic and data. Additionally, we provide an ad [...]

New Google Display Planner & Demographics Reports Launch In AdWords

Google Display Planner Google has launched new tools and reports on the AdWords Web UI for researching and planning Google Display Network campaigns. The new Google Display Planner functions somewhat like the existing Google Display Network Ad Planner, but the UI is much simpler.  You start by entering keywords, categories or websites you know your audience is interested in and the landing page for your campaign. Then, much like the Display Network ad planner, the tool suggests websites, mobile applications and video channels on the Google Display Network (GDN) based on the information you entered. From there [...]

Google: Viewable Impressions Will Be The Standard On GDN And DoubleClick

Google announced today that it has received Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation for Active View, the company's viewability measurement solution.  With Active View, advertisers will be charged only for impressions that meet the IAB’s proposed viewability standard of at least 50% on screen for one second or longer. Google says it will be building the viewability standard into products for both advertisers and publishers. Active View reporting will be available on the Google Display Network (GDN) and in DoubleClick for Advertisers and DoubleClick for Publishers this year. Google' [...]

Google Viewability Metrics Prove Viewable Ads Are 21 More Times Likely To Be Clicked

Google AdWords Display Network Advertising With today's announcement of their viewability measurement tool, Active View, receiving accreditation from the Media Rating Council, Google released new data highlighting CTRs of display ads based on viewability metrics. According to their findings, users are up to 21 times more likely to click on a viewable ad. The viewability metric measures the percentage of an ad that is viewable on screen and the length of time the ad is displayed. To meet the IAB's standard for viewable impressions, at least, 50 percent of the ad must be viewable on screen for one second or longer. After comparing [...]

Topic Targeting Teamwork

There is power in teamwork, but it also takes the right combination to make a great team. In the Google Display Network, combining strategies can help you increase traffic while refining your audience. The wrong mixture of strategies can mean too much or too little traffic, or you could end up with a too-broad audience or one that is too small to justify their own campaign or AdGroup. Topic targeting used all by itself can also be very powerful, especially for branding, new product launches or to get on a wide variety of sites relevant to your topic. With topic targeting, if you were releas [...]

EMarketer: Google Still Owns Mobile Ad Market, But Facebook Has Largest Share Of Mobile Display Ad Dollars

mobile internet display ad revenue share by company emarketer According to eMarketer, mobile advertising will reach $7.29 billion by the end of this year with Google projected to take home more than half, earning $3.9 billion in US mobile ad revenue for 2013. According to the report, US mobile advertising grew 178 percent last year and is expected to grow 77.3 percent this year, a five fold increase since 2011. Mobile ad dollars represent display, search and messaging-based formats served on mobile devices. Mobile advertising will continue to climb dramatically, with an expected $27.13 billion in total mobile ad revenue by 2017, just under 45 percent [...]

EMarketer: Google Takes Back Top Spot In 2012, Out-Selling Facebook In Digital Display Ads

display-ad-featured Google took the lead in US digital display ad revenue last year, earning $2.26 billion. After coming in second to Facebook in 2011, Google outsold their top competitor in 2012, selling $80 million more than Facebook's $2.18 billion. In last week's digital display ad earnings report, eMarketer predicts Google will continue to lead Facebook and Yahoo, earning an estimated $3.11 billion in digital display ad revenue by year's end. The overall US display advertising market is expected to grow 18.1 percent in 2013, with Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL forecasted to earn a combined [...]

EMarketer: Yahoo Ad Revenue Is Growing, But Google Still Owns The Marketshare

For the first time in several years, Yahoo saw their net US ad revenue grow in 2012, reaching $3.18 billion. eMarketer forecasts this upward swing to continue, with Yahoo's net US ad revenues climbing to $3.28 billion by the end of the 2013. According to a report released by eMarketer, the forecasted 2013 numbers are based on Yahoo's Q4 search revenues coming in far higher than expected. With the continued management restructuring and investments at Yahoo, eMarketer estimates the company's net US search ad revenues to reach $1.23 billion this year, a seven percent climb from 2012. eMarke [...]

Local Marketing Meets Display Advertising

shutterstock_1283772-shoestringbudget Most of my local clients over the years have had one thing in common – shoestring marketing budgets. With so little money set aside specifically for marketing, there was usually much deliberation over where they should invest those marketing dollars to increase their local discovery. As a local business, you may recognize some of the most common recommendations for a local marketing strategy: 1. Website (for marketing landing pages, local SEO, directions, etc.) 2. Social Marketing (Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) 3. Video Marketing (YouTube -- where you host videos for you [...]

UPDATED: Study: Google, Yahoo & Quantcast Ad Networks Supporting Pirate Movie, Music Sites

piratesites Which ad networks are -- deliberately or inadvertently -- contributing to piracy of movies, TV shows and music by running ads on the sites that enable the illegal distribution of this copyrighted material? Answering that question was the aim of a USC Annenberg Innovation Lab study released today that found that Google, Yahoo and Quantcast are among the top ten networks placing ads on well-known pirate sites. The researchers used Google's transparency report related to copyright violation sites to identify pirate sites, then crawled them to determine what ad networks were serving ads on tho [...]

Google Expands “Confirmed Click” Functionality To In-App Smartphone Display Ads

ConfirmedClick-Images How many times have you accidentally clicked on a mobile display ad, when you meant to hit the adjacent content on that tiny phone screen? More importantly, how many of your pay-per-click ads have been clicked on accidentally? This is the problem Google is trying to solve with new "confirmed click" functionality for its in-app mobile display ads on smartphones. When Google detects that a person clicks on the outer edge of an ad unit -- potentially meaning to click on adjacent content -- the user will be prompted to verify that he actually meant to click on the ad. The prompt will take the f [...]

Google Unveils “Lightbox” Display Format, Pushes “Engagement” Metric

Anthropologie_Blog Google today launched a new form of expandable display ad that it calls a "Lightbox ad" -- it begins as a standard display ad, but expands to a super-sized image after a two-second hover -- long enough, the company says, to eliminate nearly all accidental expansions. Marketers pay when users interact with the ad, rather than when they click through. The company calls it "smart hover," and says this type of expandable increases engagement by 6 to 8 times over click-to-expand ads. When the ad expands, it appears in the middle of the screen and dims the rest of the page behind it. The p [...]

Google Tag Manager: New Google Product

google-tag-manager Today Google announced a new product to the world: Google Tag Manager. It is an extremely important addition to marketers, as it allows them to add or remove tags used for marketing and measurement without the need to ask from webmasters to change the website code. According to the Google Tag Manager help center: Google Tag Manager allows you to conveniently manage tags (such as tracking and marketing optimization tags) on your site. You can add and update AdWords, Google Analytics, Floodlight and non-Google tags from the Google Tag Manager user interface instead of editing site code. This re [...]

Google To Strip DoubleClick AdPlanner Of Significant Functionality

DoubleClickAdPlanner If you've been using DoubleClick AdPlanner to research anything other than sites on the Google Display Network, you're about to be out of luck. Google this week has been sending out notices to AdPlanner users telling them of dramatic changes due to take effect September 5. Folks in the digital marketing space have grown accustomed to using DoubleClick AdPlanner to research sites across the web (including their own), gathering information on everything from traffic, to household income, to demographics, to other sites frequented by the site's visitors. The data may not have been exceptionall [...]

Remarketing Now Available With Google Analytics

google analytics Today Google Analytics announced that its tracking code will now enable AdWords customers to create remarketing lists based on certain audiences or users that show interest in specific products. This means that instead of adding the remarketing tag, websites that use Google Analytics can use their code. If you are not acquainted with the remarketing feature, here is a short explanation taken from an AdWords help article: Remarketing is a feature that lets you reach people who have previously visited your site, and show them relevant ads when they visit other sites on the Google Display Netwo [...]

Google Fully Integrates AdMob App Inventory Into AdWords

Google is finally and fully integrating AdMob's mobile app inventory into AdWords. The company says, "Starting today, over one million AdWords advertisers will now be able to reach engaged consumers on more than 350 million mobile devices in the AdMob network and in some of the world’s most popular mobile applications." Google says AdMob inventory includes more than 300,000 mobile apps and reaches people in 23 countries. Source: IAB Google is also making it possible to target specific smartphones and tablets on top of existing mobile targeting options, which include mobile carri [...]

Google’s DoubleClick Shooting To Unify Its Tools for Advertisers And Agencies Doing Digital Marketing

DoubleClick_Logos_Insights If there's one thing that's characterized the digital marketing universe, it's fragmentation. Marketers use one tool/platform to implement one campaign element, another tool to implement a second, and never the twain shall meet -- not in trafficking, and certainly not in reporting. And, of course, there are usually many more than two elements. This Achilles' heel is starting to pain marketers more than ever now, as their target audiences are engaging with messages on a multitude of devices and expecting consistency. "It’s hard to reach the right audience at the right moment with the ri [...]

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