Google Glass is the name for Google’s smart eyeglasses, often shortened to just “Glass.” Glass was formally announced in April 2012.

The first mass release of Glass happened a year later, when Google began releasing them in April 2013 to 2,000 “Glass Explorers” who pre-ordered as part of attending the Google I/O conference.

Google also ran an #ifihadglass contest in February 2013 allowing anyone to compete for a chance to buy Explorer Editions of Glass. Winners of that contest, 8,000 in all and including some celebrities, began getting their pairs of Glass in May 2013.

Want Glass? Google had said they would be on sale to the public by the end of 2013 but then later said this won’t happen until sometime in 2014.

Until then, the best way for most people to experience Glass is through the eyes of the few who have them. Here’s a guide to some to watch, though the best way for Marketing Land readers is through our own Google Glass Diary, where editor-in-chief Matt McGee, who is using Glass, shares his experience on an on-going basis

Below, our latest coverage relating to Google Glass.

5 Reasons QR Codes May Not Be As Dead As We Think

qrcodes It's always difficult to admit when you are wrong about something, especially when you have spent a lot of time publicly railing against it. In this case, while I'm not quite going so far as to admit that I'm wrong about the death of the QR code (I waxed poetically about this several months ago), I am willing to take another look at the technology. In fairness to my original assertion that QR codes were dead, I was clear to pin a majority of blame on marketers and their misuse of QR codes versus the technology itself. I also spelled out several reasons why QR codes hadn't succeeded. [...]

Want Google Glass? Sign Up At Google’s Glass Web Site To Be Added To The List

google-glass-logo-200px Are you itching to get Google Glass? Google has quietly launched a new form at to allow US resident to be notified when Google Glass invites open up. The form asks your name, email, country (to validate you are in the US), why you are interested in Glass and how you would like to stay involved with Google Glass. Google says they will "let you know if a spot opens up," but adds they would "like to invite everyone, we can't guarantee invites right now." Previously, Google had opened Glass purchases to Google I/O attendees and then ran a contest for #if [...]

Google Glass To Add Music Search & Listen Features After Dropping It In XE11

google-glass-music-search When Google released the XE9 update, it introduced a feature to search for music based on listening to a song, similar to how Shazam works. With the XE11 update Google removed that feature. Google Glass Will Expand Its Features Into Music from the New York Times reports that today, Google will be bringing back this feature in a big way. The NY Times wrote: On Tuesday, Google will unveil a set of features for Glass to search for songs, scan through saved playlists and listen to music in high fidelity. This can all be done while a user is wearing the lensless frames, which respond to vocal c [...]

Google Glass Road Show Heads To Detroit Next Weekend

google-my-glass-icon Google has announced that its second Google Glass "roadshow" event will happen next weekend in Detroit. The events offer the public a chance to get a taste of how Glass works, ask questions and learn about the device -- all with help from Glass Guides. The Detroit event is set for November 16th and 17th at the Museum of Contemporary Art, running from 10 am to 6 pm both days. It's free, and RSVP's are required online. The first event in Durham, NC, sold out several days in advance ... so don't wait if you're planning to go next weekend. To get a taste of what these events are like, se [...]

Google Glass Adds Work/Home Directions, Google Calendar Search & More

google-glass-icon-300px Google has rolled out a few new search-related features as part of a new software update for Google Glass wearers. The XE11 software update lets users say voice commands like "get directions to home" or "get directions to work." To make that possible, though, the user has to first provide home and work addresses in either Google Maps or Google Now. There's also a calendar search feature for Google Calendar users. Speaking voice commands like "google my agenda" and "google what am I doing next week?" will let Glass owners check their upcoming calendar plans. And there's one feature t [...]

180 Days With Google Glass: Hits, Misses & What Marketers Need to Know

glass-orange-featured Six months ago today, I hopped an early morning flight to San Francisco and headed to Google's campus to become a Google Glass Explorer. I arrived more with a sense of curiosity than enthusiasm, and had even emailed Danny Sullivan -- my boss and Marketing Land's Founding Editor -- a week or two earlier to say, you know, I wasn't really thrilled about getting Glass and wasn't sure I wanted to be the guinea pig that starts to learn what Glass is, how it works and what our readers would need to know about it in their roles as professional marketers. But I went through with it, and we began [...]

Google’s Glass Accessory Store Is Coming Online (Wow. Stuff’s Expensive!)

google-glass-icon-300px Google is bringing an official accessory store for Google Glass online this evening, based on reports first shared in a private Google forum for Glass Explorers. The store appears to be part of the "My Glass" control panel area that all Explorers use to manage their device and its apps. It's also reachable via the Google Glass Help website, which has a new section called "Accessories" that links to sections labeled Charger, Earbuds, Shades and shields, Swapping frames and Pouch. The Shades and Shields support material says that Google has "partnered with Maui Jim and Zeal Optics to inclu [...]

Photos: The New Google Glass Looks Just Like The Current Google Glass

glass-earbud2 No doubt in response to a barrage of emails from me, and probably countless other media outlets, Google has posted a pair of photos of the new Google Glass. And, as Google promised, it looks just like the existing Google Glass. What's new is that mono ear bud that you can see in both photos. It attaches to the existing power port beneath the Glass touch pad. The ear bud is removable, so Glass wearers can choose to continue using the bone conduction audio if they/we prefer. Better audio has been a longstanding request from Glass Explorers (see my 14 Things Google Glass Needs from [...]

Google Smartwatch Coming, Probably Not In Time For Holidays

Dick Tracy stamp In Shanghai China, there's a giant digital ad on one of the massive skyscrapers looming over the Huangpu River promoting Samsung's Galaxy Gear watch. But no amount of splashy marketing can save the poorly-designed, rushed-to-market device. The Samsung smartwatch debuted to withering reviews (poor design, functionality, battery life) and supposedly is seeing returns north of 30 percent in the US. Google will seek to avoid Samsung's mistakes as it prepares to go into production on its own smartwatch. Rumors of a Google smartwatch have been circulating for months but according to the Wall [...]

Google To Triple Size Of Glass Explorer Program, Give Away Upgraded Version Of Glass

google-glass-icon-300px If you want to have your own Google Glass and know someone that already has it, now's a good time to be extra friendly. Google has announced plans to triple the Glass Explorer program by letting current Explorers invite up to three friends each to get their own Glass. The new Explorers will still have to pay the full Explorer price, which is $1,500 plus tax. In addition, we've been experimenting with ways to expand the Explorer Program and it's been going really well. So over the next few weeks, all Explorers will have the opportunity to invite three friends to join the program. They'll be [...]

Google Glass Software Update XE10 Adds Transit Directions, Not Much Else

google-my-glass-icon Google's monthly software updates for Google Glass have become something of an event for the 10,000 or so Explorers that own Glass. The latest update, known as XE10, is out today and pales in comparison to past updates, at least in terms of how many features are added or updated. The main feature is the addition of Transit directions to Glass' navigation options, joining the existing options for driving, walking and bicycling. Like the other navigation options, Transit is only available to Glass owners that connect to Android phones. The only other two updates are the addition of cl [...]

Photo Recap: Google Glass Road Show Event In Durham, NC

glass-durham-event-featured [caption id="attachment_60872" align="alignright" width="227"] Basics of using Glass.[/caption] On Saturday, October 5, 2013, Google held its first ever Glass "road show" event in Bay 7 of the historic American Tobacco Campus in Durham, NC. Google chose Durham as the first stop on this nationwide Glass tour because "it's a tech hub, and Google has a reputation of investing here in North Carolina... Google has a data center in Lenoir, and there are also about 30 people working in a design office in Chapel Hill," as Lead Glass Guide Devin Buell told me on Saturday. I've known Devin for a [...]

Google Opens Glassware Review Process For Glass Developers (Adds 5 New Apps, Too)

google-glass-logo-200px Google has taken a step toward opening a Google Glass app store/directory with today's launch of a Glassware Review Process for developers. At the same time, the company has also announced the approval of five new apps for Glass Explorers. The Glassware Review Process will help developers get their apps added to "MyGlass," the individualized, web-based control panel that every Glass Explorer uses to turn apps on and off, add contacts and do other management tasks. Until today, Google only gave its official blessing to less than a dozen big-name apps -- like Facebook, Twitter, CNN and the Ne [...]

Google Is Hitting The Road To Drum Up Interest In Google Glass

google-glass-icon-300px Google is taking Google Glass on the road. The company has announced plans to visit cities around the U.S. and give locals a chance to not only learn about Google Glass, but also to give the device a hands-on try. ... we’re going to start bringing Glass to cities across the US so you can give it a spin. You’ll be able to try on Glass, ask questions and chat with the Glass team in person. The first event is happening next week -- October 5th -- in Durham, North Carolina. The RSVP page reveals that it's an all-day event, running from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Google promises that it' [...]

Google Glass Not Expected To Reach Europe For Years

google-my-glass-icon Google's slow rollout of Google Glass, not to mention one big technical challenge, means it'll be years before the device is available publicly in Europe. That's what two reports are saying after Google hosted a show-and-tell about Glass in Brussels on Monday. The company began a series of meetings with lawmakers and journalists, letting them see and use Glass for themselves. The Wall Street Journal describes Monday's event as being off-the-record, meaning journalists weren't allowed to directly quote Google officials. But that report begins by saying that Google Glass is years away fro [...]

With XE9 Update, Google Glass Gets Remote Control, Google Apps Support & More

google-glass-240px Google Glass owners can now control the device remotely via their Android phone or tablet. That remote control capability is just one of several updates announced Monday as part of the latest software update for Glass. This monthly update is the XE9 update and here are a few of the new features: Remote Control With XE9, Glass can now be controlled via the Android phone or tablet that it's paired with. That's made possible by a recent update to the MyGlass Android app -- an app that includes a "screencast" tool that shows on the Android screen exactly what is showing on the Glass displ [...]

Facebook Fixes Its Google Glass App; Twitter’s App Still Not Working

facebook-glass-photo Facebook has fixed its Google Glass app, which once again lets Glass wearers share photos to their Facebook timeline with voice captions. Reports began to surface late last week that the Facebook app for Glass wasn't working. In Glass, it looked like everything was fine -- users could share photos to Facebook, add a voice caption, etc., but the shared photo never actually showed up on the user's profile. A Facebook spokesperson told us yesterday that a fix was in progress and, as my dog and I just confirmed today, it's working again. The Twitter app for Glass, though, is another s [...]

Latest Google Survey Asks About Public Reactions to Glass

google-glass-240px Google is sending out another survey to Glass Explorers this week. It's shorter than previous surveys I've been asked to complete, and asks questions in a few new topics. In fact, this one is brief enough that I can post screenshots of the whole survey. (Scroll below.) I was invited to take the survey yesterday afternoon. The previous surveys I received were much longer and offered some hints about Google's possible plans for Glass. I wrote about those earlier surveys here on MarketingLand: Google Surveys Glass Explorers With Questions Hinting At Public Sale New Google Glass User S [...]

Google Glass App Store Coming In 2014

google-my-glass-icon Google Glass users and developers will have to wait until next year for Google to launch a dedicated app store for the device. A Google spokesperson confirmed that plan for us today, after it was reported over the weekend in a lengthy first-person Glass user essay in the New York Times. Earlier this summer, there were signs of Glass being supported in the Google Play store, but nothing more has happened since then. In the Times' article, author Clive Thompson writes: The company says an app store is coming next year, when Glass is available to the general public. Google confirmed those [...]

The Future Of Advertising In Your Eyes Today: Google Glass & Field Trip

glass-orange-featured You no longer need to imagine what a world would be like where ads leap out at you, customized to your surroundings. That world has arrived, though the recently launched Field Trip app for Google Glass. Sure, Field Trip isn't really showing ads yet. Sure, Google Glass is still only in limited release. But I've seen that future first hand. It's coming, likely soon, for more people. Come along to discover more. Discovering The World With Field Trip Field Trip is an app launched last year, for both Android and iPhone. It was created by Niantic, which is a mobile-oriented start-up/lab within [...]

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