Google Glass is the name for Google’s smart eyeglasses, often shortened to just “Glass.” Glass was formally announced in April 2012.

The first mass release of Glass happened a year later, when Google began releasing them in April 2013 to 2,000 “Glass Explorers” who pre-ordered as part of attending the Google I/O conference.

Google also ran an #ifihadglass contest in February 2013 allowing anyone to compete for a chance to buy Explorer Editions of Glass. Winners of that contest, 8,000 in all and including some celebrities, began getting their pairs of Glass in May 2013.

Want Glass? Google had said they would be on sale to the public by the end of 2013 but then later said this won’t happen until sometime in 2014.

Until then, the best way for most people to experience Glass is through the eyes of the few who have them. Here’s a guide to some to watch, though the best way for Marketing Land readers is through our own Google Glass Diary, where editor-in-chief Matt McGee, who is using Glass, shares his experience on an on-going basis

Below, our latest coverage relating to Google Glass.

Google Tries To Clear The Air By Dispelling 10 Google Glass Myths

google-glass-600 Google has a gargantuan task on its hands where Google Glass is concerned. Its head-mounted wearable computer is due for consumer launch later this year, but most Americans don't even recognize Glass, and many of those who do recognize it don't understand how it works. Tension has been growing in recent months. Some Explorers -- the initial group of people that have the device now -- have complained about being harassed while wearing Glass, and others are being turned away by their favorite businesses. Google's task boils down to two words: marketing and education. The company ha [...]

Dawn Data Brings A Daily Dose Of Google Analytics To Google Glass

dawn-data-1 The Google Glass app ecosystem is growing slowly (the Glass Developer Kit still hasn't been released), but one of the newest apps around is bound to be a hit with the marketing community. It's called Dawn Data, and it's a new app from developers Mark Silverberg and Brian Norris. Silverberg says the app was initially a personal project, but he decided to convert it to a public app for other Glass Explorers to use. Dawn Data obviously doesn't deliver full Google Analytics functionality and data to Glass, but it does give just about all of the traditional traffic-based data that a website o [...]

7 Ways Google Glass Will Change Search, And How It Should Change Your Marketing

google-glass-model-featured It's official. Google Glass will be openly available for purchase later this year. That means two things: Expect to see a lot of new Glassers soon, and it's time to start thinking about how such technology will change the way consumers search. Below, we’ll take a look at seven areas likely to be affected and how you can prepare: 1. Death To 10 Blue Links A search on Glass won't return a page with 10 blue links, rather it'll use info cards: As you can see from the screenshot above, you can only view one info card at a time. To move to the next card, you need to s [...]

Google Glass Going Mainstream Late This Year With 4 New Frames

new-glass-frames Google Glass will begin selling to the general public late this year, and it'll do so with four new frames and two new sunglass shades that make the device look a lot more mainstream. Google announced the "Titanium Collection" overnight -- a set of traditional frames that are ready for prescription lenses, or can be bought by Explorers that "just want a new look." Just like other Glass accessories, the new frames are spendy: $225 each for the frames and $150 for the sunglass shades. They're all available for purchase now in the Explorers-only Glass accessory store. In announcing t [...]

Now Official: Google Glass Supports iOS With MyGlass App

google-glass-featured The growing number of Google Glass wearers now have a more legitimate choice to make in terms of which mobile operating system to use with Glass. It's been eight months since the Android version came out, and now Google has released the iOS version of My Glass, the companion app that serves as a sort of control panel for Google Glass. The app appeared briefly in the App Store earlier this week, but that was a premature release and Google removed it quickly. MyGlass for iOS offers mostly similar functionality to the Android version: Glass setup, turn-by-turn directions, contact and app ma [...]

Google Glass’s XE12 Software Update Adds iOS Support, YouTube, Hangouts & More

google-glass-icon-300px Google Glass Explorers have waited an extra week or so for the December software update, but XE12 is now rolling out and delivers a big list of upgrades. Perhaps the biggest one is official support for iOS devices via a new MyGlass control app. According to the XE12 release notes, MyGlass for iOS "has almost all of the features of the Android app." The app isn't ready yet, so it's not clear what's missing -- my guess is that it won't support SMS messaging via Glass. The iOS app was available briefly this morning before Google removed it from Apple's App Store. Google is now saying that the [...]

Blogging Via Google Glass? Yep, New Plugin Makes It Possible

wordpress-google-glass Don't be surprised if Marketing Land's coverage of next year's Google I/O conference, or perhaps coverage of our upcoming SMX West conference, involves some live blogging ... from Google Glass. Yep. There's a new WordPress plugin that makes it possible to shoot photos and video on Google Glass and publish them almost immediately to a self-hosted WordPress blog. (Videos take a little longer to process and publish.) It's called wpForGlass, and it's an open-source project from the PR agency Weber Shandwick. Installing the plugin requires a little work, but once it's setup, Glass users wi [...]

Mobile/Location-Based Marketing Predictions For 2014 From 10 Experts

piperjaffray As we close in on the end of the year, it is helpful for us marketers to think ahead to what the coming year will offer. While I plan to do another "trends" post in early January (see what I had to say for 2013), in this post, I've asked several of my mobile-savvy colleagues to weigh in on what 2014 has in store when it comes to mobile and location-based marketing. What's interesting is that a few key themes started to emerge, including context, wearables and location moving away from being a platform and becoming a data play. Given the fact that there are five book authors (five inc [...]

Google Glass’ 3rd Tour Stop Is Austin, TX, Next Weekend

google-glass-icon-300px The Google Glass marketing tour will make its third stop next weekend in Austin, Texas. The public is invited to get a hands-on experience with Glass and visit with Google's "Glass guides" to ask questions and learn how Glass works. Google has already done tour stops in Raleigh and Detroit; to get an idea what the events are like, see Jenny Halasz' photo recap from Raleigh in early October. One thing Google learned from the Raleigh event is that one day isn't enough for these tour stops. So Google did a full weekend in Detroit last month, and is doing the same next weekend. The event wil [...]

Google Inviting All Developers To Buy Google Glass

google-glass Engadget reports Google has begun inviting developers who have signed up to play with the GDK, Glass Developer Kit, to buy Glass. Google opened the Mirror API, the ways most developers can build Glassware for Google Glass, to all developers over the weekend. Those developers who signed up to develop on the Mirror API received emails from Google inviting them to purchase Glass. The email invite read: We're now inviting you, as a developer, to purchase Glass, become an Explorer, and join us in taking the next step in developing for Glass. Click on the purchase code below to begin your [...]

BI Report: Google Glass Will Sell 21 Million Units By 2018

google-glass-240px Google Glass will become a mainstream product that sells almost a million units when it's released next year, and grow to selling more than 21 million units by 2018. That's according to a new Business Insider (BI) analyst report out this week. "Despite the clunkiness and awkwardness of the early beta version of Glass, we think computerized glasses will establish themselves in certain professional niches and gradually become a mainstream product," the report says. "Early adopters will use them for medical training, scientific exploration, and photography. They in turn will popularize Glass a [...]

Google Releases Official GDK (Glass Developer Kit) & Adds More Glassware

google-glass-featured Today, Google introduced the official Google Glass Developer Kit, aka GDK. The GDK is how developers can build native Glassware (i.e. Google Glass Apps) for the device, above and beyond the Mirror API, which is how developers built timeline cards to be pushed to Glass in the past. The GDK enables developers to build rich native Glassware that work more like apps than what Glass users are accustomed to with Glassware. With this release of the GDK, Google already approved give third-party Glassware apps that use the GDK including: Allthecooks: A cooking app to help you read recipes wit [...]

5 Reasons QR Codes May Not Be As Dead As We Think

qrcodes It's always difficult to admit when you are wrong about something, especially when you have spent a lot of time publicly railing against it. In this case, while I'm not quite going so far as to admit that I'm wrong about the death of the QR code (I waxed poetically about this several months ago), I am willing to take another look at the technology.   In fairness to my original assertion that QR codes were dead, I was clear to pin a majority of blame on marketers and their misuse of QR codes versus the technology itself. I also spelled out several reasons why QR codes hadn't succeede [...]

Want Google Glass? Sign Up At Google’s Glass Web Site To Be Added To The List

google-glass-logo-200px Are you itching to get Google Glass? Google has quietly launched a new form at to allow US resident to be notified when Google Glass invites open up. The form asks your name, email, country (to validate you are in the US), why you are interested in Glass and how you would like to stay involved with Google Glass. Google says they will "let you know if a spot opens up," but adds they would "like to invite everyone, we can't guarantee invites right now." Previously, Google had opened Glass purchases to Google I/O attendees and then ran a contest for #if [...]

Google Glass To Add Music Search & Listen Features After Dropping It In XE11

google-glass-music-search When Google released the XE9 update, it introduced a feature to search for music based on listening to a song, similar to how Shazam works. With the XE11 update Google removed that feature. Google Glass Will Expand Its Features Into Music from the New York Times reports that today, Google will be bringing back this feature in a big way. The NY Times wrote: On Tuesday, Google will unveil a set of features for Glass to search for songs, scan through saved playlists and listen to music in high fidelity. This can all be done while a user is wearing the lensless frames, which respond to vocal c [...]

Google Glass Road Show Heads To Detroit Next Weekend

google-my-glass-icon Google has announced that its second Google Glass "roadshow" event will happen next weekend in Detroit. The events offer the public a chance to get a taste of how Glass works, ask questions and learn about the device -- all with help from Glass Guides. The Detroit event is set for November 16th and 17th at the Museum of Contemporary Art, running from 10 am to 6 pm both days. It's free, and RSVP's are required online. The first event in Durham, NC, sold out several days in advance ... so don't wait if you're planning to go next weekend. To get a taste of what these events are like, se [...]

Google Glass Adds Work/Home Directions, Google Calendar Search & More

google-glass-icon-300px Google has rolled out a few new search-related features as part of a new software update for Google Glass wearers. The XE11 software update lets users say voice commands like "get directions to home" or "get directions to work." To make that possible, though, the user has to first provide home and work addresses in either Google Maps or Google Now. There's also a calendar search feature for Google Calendar users. Speaking voice commands like "google my agenda" and "google what am I doing next week?" will let Glass owners check their upcoming calendar plans. And there's one feature t [...]

180 Days With Google Glass: Hits, Misses & What Marketers Need to Know

glass-orange-featured Six months ago today, I hopped an early morning flight to San Francisco and headed to Google's campus to become a Google Glass Explorer. I arrived more with a sense of curiosity than enthusiasm, and had even emailed Danny Sullivan -- my boss and Marketing Land's Founding Editor -- a week or two earlier to say, you know, I wasn't really thrilled about getting Glass and wasn't sure I wanted to be the guinea pig that starts to learn what Glass is, how it works and what our readers would need to know about it in their roles as professional marketers. But I went through with it, and we began [...]

Google’s Glass Accessory Store Is Coming Online (Wow. Stuff’s Expensive!)

google-glass-icon-300px Google is bringing an official accessory store for Google Glass online this evening, based on reports first shared in a private Google forum for Glass Explorers. The store appears to be part of the "My Glass" control panel area that all Explorers use to manage their device and its apps. It's also reachable via the Google Glass Help website, which has a new section called "Accessories" that links to sections labeled Charger, Earbuds, Shades and shields, Swapping frames and Pouch. The Shades and Shields support material says that Google has "partnered with Maui Jim and Zeal Optics to inclu [...]

Photos: The New Google Glass Looks Just Like The Current Google Glass

glass-earbud2 No doubt in response to a barrage of emails from me, and probably countless other media outlets, Google has posted a pair of photos of the new Google Glass. And, as Google promised, it looks just like the existing Google Glass. What's new is that mono ear bud that you can see in both photos. It attaches to the existing power port beneath the Glass touch pad. The ear bud is removable, so Glass wearers can choose to continue using the bone conduction audio if they/we prefer. Better audio has been a longstanding request from Glass Explorers (see my 14 Things Google Glass Needs from [...]

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