Google Glass is the name for Google’s smart eyeglasses, often shortened to just “Glass.” Glass was formally announced in April 2012.

The first mass release of Glass happened a year later, when Google began releasing them in April 2013 to 2,000 “Glass Explorers” who pre-ordered as part of attending the Google I/O conference.

Google also ran an #ifihadglass contest in February 2013 allowing anyone to compete for a chance to buy Explorer Editions of Glass. Winners of that contest, 8,000 in all and including some celebrities, began getting their pairs of Glass in May 2013.

Want Glass? Google had said they would be on sale to the public by the end of 2013 but then later said this won’t happen until sometime in 2014.

Until then, the best way for most people to experience Glass is through the eyes of the few who have them. Here’s a guide to some to watch, though the best way for Marketing Land readers is through our own Google Glass Diary, where editor-in-chief Matt McGee, who is using Glass, shares his experience on an on-going basis

Below, our latest coverage relating to Google Glass.

Got Glass? Google Sending Out Gmail-Like Invites For Google Glass

google-my-glass-icon The next phase of Google Glass' expansion is underway this afternoon with an old trick from Google's past. The company has started sending out Gmail-like invites, giving current Glass Explorers the opportunity to invite one friend to become a Glass owner, too. There are currently in the neighborhood of 10,000 people that own Google Glass. About 2,000 of those pre-ordered it at the 2012 Google I/O conference, and the rest are winners of this year's #ifihadglass contest. There are several posts in the Glass Explorers community from users showing off the invites that are arriving via email. [...]

Now Available: The Marketing Land Google Glass App

google-my-glass-icon It's a pleasure to announce that our first dedicated mobile app is now available: the Marketing Land app for Google Glass! If you're a Glass owner, you'll be able to get the latest internet marketing news delivered right to your device, ready to be read at your convenience. Our Glass app has a number of features that, when combined together, make it unique among the news apps that are currently available: full-length articles, not just short summaries or snippets user-selected content options that can be customized on the web or in the Glass interface "read aloud" functionality ju [...]

Google Glass App Brings AdSense Reporting To Your Eye

glass-app-icon-1374668657 Yesterday we reported that Glass developer Chad Smith created a Google Analytics Glass App, and today we are excited to report that the same developer created a Glass App for reporting on your Google AdSense income. Chad announced this on his Google+ page, sharing how to install the app on your Google Glass and sharing screen shots of what it reports on. The Glass AdSense App will show you pageviews, clicks, click-through-rate and earnings for today, yesterday, last seven days, last thirty days, this month and last month. You can refresh the stats as often as you like, and of course, you [...]

New App Brings Google Analytics To Google Glass

Via the ZAGG blog comes news of a new Google Analytics app for Google Glass. Developer Chad Smith posted about it this morning on Google+, and shared some screenshots that show the functionality. It looks like the app includes at least basic data like Visits and Page Views with different timeline cards for Today, Yesterday, Last Week and Last Month. Smith has shared installation instructions on GitHub. Unfortunately, it looks like you need some programming chops in order to connect the app to your Glass account. I don't have such chops, so I'm not able to offer any more thoughts on h [...]

Google Play Store Website Gets Redesign With Bigger Thumbnails & More White Space

googleplay The Web version of the Google Play Store has been redesigned to mimic the Google Play Store mobile app with larger thumbnails and more white space. With less content on the screen, users must scroll more to access additional content. reports the Google Play site now uses AJAX and leverages the modern Roboto font, but also comes with a few bugs, citing that the Romanian version includes exclamation marks to separate words. Along with the new redesign, CNET's Don Reisinger noted that the Google Play Store is now showing Google Glass as a supported device for Googl [...]

Project Glass Officially Becomes Google Glass, Says Consumer Launch “Many Months” Away

The device formerly known as Project Glass is now being called Google Glass, in recognition that this is what most people who actually have Google's smartglasses are calling them. Google shared the news today on Google+, telling those who were following the "Project Glass" page there that the page was changing its name to "Google Glass." This was being done in recognition of the common usage and that the "project" days are over, as Glass is a reality now for so many Google Glass Explorers. As Google explained: Just a heads up that we’ve changed our page name to +Google Glass since tha [...]

The Google Glass Privacy Debate: What’s Real & What’s Overblown Hype

google-glass-glow-featured To hear some people tell it, Google Glass is leading us down a path toward a world where every citizen is a walking, hidden spy, surreptitiously recording videos and photos of everything -- and everyone -- we see. What's more, they're afraid that those videos and images are being posted on the Internet for all the world to see, warts and all. Some are afraid that Glass is auto-recording (or will) everything it can see or hear, and each word you've ever spoken within earshot of Glass will be available in Google's search index. These fears typically come from people that don't know how Gla [...]

Google Tells Congress: We’re Not Changing Our Privacy Policy For Google Glass

glass-orange-featured Google says it has no plans to change its company-wide privacy policy for the eventual public launch of Google Glass. That's one of the discoveries in a four-page letter dated June 7th that Google sent to Congressman Joe Barton, co-chair of the bipartisan Congressional Privacy Caucus -- the group that sent Google a letter back in May with numerous questions about privacy and Google Glass. The fifth of eight questions that the caucus presented to Google mentions the "sensory and processing capabilities" that Glass has, and asks if Google has "considered making any additions or refinements [...]

Google Glass Adds Voice Commands, Basic Web Browser

google-glass-logo-200px The latest software update for Google Glass is rolling out to owners this week, and brings a few very welcome features that expand the device's capabilities. Basic Web Browsing First up is what sounds like a very basic web browsing experience that's available after doing a search. As I pointed out in my How Search Works on Google Glass article in May, Glass hasn't had any web browsing -- all search results (and other web information) shows up as "cards" in the Glass timeline. The update brings a "view website" option to Glass search results, and once on a web page, users can scroll do [...]

Google Surveys Glass Explorers With Questions Hinting At Public Sale

google-glass-logo-200px Google is gathering feedback from its Glass Explorers via a survey that hints at the company's plans for selling Glass to the public. The survey asks some general questions (such as how often do you use Glass and why did you get it), but also gets specific about getting feedback that will help Google position Glass in the tech marketplace. I received an invite to take the survey several days ago. The most interesting questions are the ones that ask about Glass accessories. Explorers received several extras for free with the device: clip-on sun shades, a clear clip-on, a carrying pouch an [...]

14 Things Google Glass Needs

google-glass-glow-featured [caption id="attachment_48785" align="alignright" width="240"] Matt McGee demo'ing Google Glass for fellow Marketing Land Special Projects Correspondent AJ Kohn at SMX Advanced, June 2013. (Photo by Max Minzer.)[/caption] I've now shown Google Glass to probably a couple hundred people. If they have an open mind and enough time for me to go through what the device can do, nearly everyone has come away impressed with it. I can think of maybe five people that didn't like Glass after I showed them how it works. Most decide that it's "cool" and want to try it themselves. Some are blown away b [...]

Canadian Govt. Asks Google To Explain Google Glass Privacy

google-glass-logo-200px Google Glass isn't publicly available yet, and even the Explorer edition is supposed to only be for US residents, but that's not stopping the Canadian government from getting out in front of what it considers to be several privacy issues surrounding the device. Data protection authorities in Canada sent a letter today to Google CEO Larry Page, asking the company to take part in a "real dialogue" about the "significant privacy issues" related to Google Glass. Here's a portion of the letter, which is signed by Canadian Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart and 36 provincial and internatio [...]

Google Glass & How Facebook, Twitter & Other Apps Aren’t Really Apps

google-glass-featured I've joined the Google Glass crowd, picking up my pair last Friday. Perhaps the biggest adjustment is understanding that Glass isn't like a smartphone, where you select and use apps. Sure, there's a Twitter app. A Facebook App. Even apps from the New York Times and CNN. But you can't use them directly, as you could on a phone. Welcome to the "timeline" oriented world of Glass. The Native Applications There are native applications in Glass that you can use to do various things, as you might on a smartphone. You get to these from the main menu, which appears after you say "OK Glass" (when the [...]

Fancy Brings E-Commerce To Google Glass

fancy-logo-200px Fancy has launched an app that brings product discovery and e-commerce to Google Glass. The help page linked above offers a detailed video tutorial that shows a user taking a photo, getting product suggestions based on that photo and completing a transaction -- all within the Glass interface. The Fancy app even confirms the purchase with a receipt sent to Glass. It all happens -- after authorizing the app -- by setting up Fancy as a sharing contact in the user's Google Glass account. Once a photo is taken, the user shares it with the "Fancy Color Search" contact. Fancy then returns a num [...]

Google Glass Diary: Glass Goes To A Rock Concert

google-my-glass-icon I had really low expectations. I was taking Google Glass to its first rock concert, and I was going to shoot some photos and videos with it. I knew the photos would be fine, but I expected the videos to be a disaster. Actually, I was worried about the audio more than anything. Here's why: About a week before the concert, I shot my first Glass video on a bike ride near my house. If you watch that video, it sounds like I'm in the middle of a major catastrophic weather event. It was windy, but not that bad. So, at the concert, I assumed the loud music would overwhelm Glass' tiny micropho [...]

GlassFeeds: First RSS News App For Google Glass

rss-icon-200px Google Glass just got a lot more useful for me, and probably for a lot of heavy information consumers. As the SelfScreens blog reported, there's a new app that brings any number of RSS feeds into the Google Glass timeline. It's called GlassFeeds, and it comes with a number of powerful features: Activating the app is a point-and-click process, no heavy programming/coder skills needed (as some other third-party apps require). Any number of RSS feeds can be added manually via the web interface -- see the screenshot below -- after the app is activated. (There are also some suggested feeds [...]

Google Glass Bans Porn Apps: Makes Colbert’s Wag Of The Finger

Yesterday, the first porn app for Google Glass was released; shortly later, Google banned the app after updating its Glass developer policies to prevent pornographic apps. MiKandi, the maker of the first Google Glass Porn app, updated the app to try to comply with those new policies, but Google has still limited or blocked their API limits, preventing the app from fully functioning. This news made The Colbert Report last night where Stephen Colbert said "now the only way you'll be able to watch porn on Google is to type 'porn' into Google." He added, "Why have a car you don't need to [...]

Google Glass Gains Upgraded Photo Software With HDR, Captioning

glass-googleplus-share Are you among the few out there with Google Glass? Now you've got better pictures -- and the ability to add a caption - on the way. Google Glass just posted about the new features via its Google + page, saying about the photo software: Today we’re releasing new software for the camera on Glass. It captures a rapid sequence of shots behind the scenes every time you press the camera button which, when combined, gives you a better picture than what you would get with a single shot. So, what does this new software mean for your pictures? Two things: you no longer have to be afraid of [...]

Google Glass Diary, Part 6: Using Facebook, Twitter & Google+ In Glass

glass-share-240px Beyond the inherent value of being able to do local search and navigation or do basic informational searches, I believe that Google Glass needs to have a strong social integration if it's going to succeed with average consumers. Way back in part two of this series, I said that Glass needed -- at minimum -- to have Facebook and Twitter apps before Google started sending the device out to the "regular folks" that were chosen as winners in the #ifihadglass contest. Sure enough, Google announced apps from Facebook and Twitter (plus Path, Tumblr and others) during its recent Google I/O conferenc [...]

Google: No Facial Recognition Apps Will be Approved For Google Glass

Google Glass launched at the 2012 Google I/O event. [caption id="attachment_43408" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Google Glass launched at the 2012 Google I/O event.[/caption] Think Google Glass would be great if it could help you look at someone and automatically bring up information about them? Looks like you'll have to do it the hard way and recognize them yourself. Google's put up a statement saying it won't approve any facial recognition apps. Google posted on Google+ about this, saying: We've been listening closely to you, and many have expressed both interest and concern around the possibilities of facial recognition in Glass. [...]

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