Google Glass is the name for Google’s smart eyeglasses, often shortened to just “Glass.” Glass was formally announced in April 2012.

The first mass release of Glass happened a year later, when Google began releasing them in April 2013 to 2,000 “Glass Explorers” who pre-ordered as part of attending the Google I/O conference.

Google also ran an #ifihadglass contest in February 2013 allowing anyone to compete for a chance to buy Explorer Editions of Glass. Winners of that contest, 8,000 in all and including some celebrities, began getting their pairs of Glass in May 2013.

Want Glass? Google had said they would be on sale to the public by the end of 2013 but then later said this won’t happen until sometime in 2014.

Until then, the best way for most people to experience Glass is through the eyes of the few who have them. Here’s a guide to some to watch, though the best way for Marketing Land readers is through our own Google Glass Diary, where editor-in-chief Matt McGee, who is using Glass, shares his experience on an on-going basis

Below, our latest coverage relating to Google Glass.

Google Glass & How Facebook, Twitter & Other Apps Aren’t Really Apps

google-glass-featured I've joined the Google Glass crowd, picking up my pair last Friday. Perhaps the biggest adjustment is understanding that Glass isn't like a smartphone, where you select and use apps. Sure, there's a Twitter app. A Facebook App. Even apps from the New York Times and CNN. But you can't use them directly, as you could on a phone. Welcome to the "timeline" oriented world of Glass. The Native Applications There are native applications in Glass that you can use to do various things, as you might on a smartphone. You get to these from the main menu, which appears after you say "OK Glass" (when the [...]

Fancy Brings E-Commerce To Google Glass

fancy-logo-200px Fancy has launched an app that brings product discovery and e-commerce to Google Glass. The help page linked above offers a detailed video tutorial that shows a user taking a photo, getting product suggestions based on that photo and completing a transaction -- all within the Glass interface. The Fancy app even confirms the purchase with a receipt sent to Glass. It all happens -- after authorizing the app -- by setting up Fancy as a sharing contact in the user's Google Glass account. Once a photo is taken, the user shares it with the "Fancy Color Search" contact. Fancy then returns a num [...]

Google Glass Diary: Glass Goes To A Rock Concert

google-my-glass-icon I had really low expectations. I was taking Google Glass to its first rock concert, and I was going to shoot some photos and videos with it. I knew the photos would be fine, but I expected the videos to be a disaster. Actually, I was worried about the audio more than anything. Here's why: About a week before the concert, I shot my first Glass video on a bike ride near my house. If you watch that video, it sounds like I'm in the middle of a major catastrophic weather event. It was windy, but not that bad. So, at the concert, I assumed the loud music would overwhelm Glass' tiny micropho [...]

GlassFeeds: First RSS News App For Google Glass

rss-icon-200px Google Glass just got a lot more useful for me, and probably for a lot of heavy information consumers. As the SelfScreens blog reported, there's a new app that brings any number of RSS feeds into the Google Glass timeline. It's called GlassFeeds, and it comes with a number of powerful features: Activating the app is a point-and-click process, no heavy programming/coder skills needed (as some other third-party apps require). Any number of RSS feeds can be added manually via the web interface -- see the screenshot below -- after the app is activated. (There are also some suggested feeds [...]

Google Glass Bans Porn Apps: Makes Colbert’s Wag Of The Finger

Yesterday, the first porn app for Google Glass was released; shortly later, Google banned the app after updating its Glass developer policies to prevent pornographic apps. MiKandi, the maker of the first Google Glass Porn app, updated the app to try to comply with those new policies, but Google has still limited or blocked their API limits, preventing the app from fully functioning. This news made The Colbert Report last night where Stephen Colbert said "now the only way you'll be able to watch porn on Google is to type 'porn' into Google." He added, "Why have a car you don't need to [...]

Google Glass Gains Upgraded Photo Software With HDR, Captioning

glass-googleplus-share Are you among the few out there with Google Glass? Now you've got better pictures -- and the ability to add a caption - on the way. Google Glass just posted about the new features via its Google + page, saying about the photo software: Today we’re releasing new software for the camera on Glass. It captures a rapid sequence of shots behind the scenes every time you press the camera button which, when combined, gives you a better picture than what you would get with a single shot. So, what does this new software mean for your pictures? Two things: you no longer have to be afraid of [...]

Google Glass Diary, Part 6: Using Facebook, Twitter & Google+ In Glass

glass-share-240px Beyond the inherent value of being able to do local search and navigation or do basic informational searches, I believe that Google Glass needs to have a strong social integration if it's going to succeed with average consumers. Way back in part two of this series, I said that Glass needed -- at minimum -- to have Facebook and Twitter apps before Google started sending the device out to the "regular folks" that were chosen as winners in the #ifihadglass contest. Sure enough, Google announced apps from Facebook and Twitter (plus Path, Tumblr and others) during its recent Google I/O conferenc [...]

Google: No Facial Recognition Apps Will be Approved For Google Glass

Google Glass launched at the 2012 Google I/O event. [caption id="attachment_43408" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Google Glass launched at the 2012 Google I/O event.[/caption] Think Google Glass would be great if it could help you look at someone and automatically bring up information about them? Looks like you'll have to do it the hard way and recognize them yourself. Google's put up a statement saying it won't approve any facial recognition apps. Google posted on Google+ about this, saying: We've been listening closely to you, and many have expressed both interest and concern around the possibilities of facial recognition in Glass. [...]

Google Glass Diary, Part 5: Why Brands Must Give Users Control

google-glass-control-screen-featured Google Glass means checking tweets every freaking minute. I turned the Twitter app off very quickly. — Jeremiah Owyang (@jowyang) May 25, 2013   I've heard a few similar comments from other Glass owners like the tweet above from Altimeter Group analyst Jeremiah Owyang. And, as Glass spreads to more people, there'll surely be more similar reactions. Glass is a very personal experience. Information is literally reaching you within an inch of your eye and, if there's audio, within an inch of your ear. Brands have to be very careful about how they enter the user's personal space o [...]

(Google) Glass Half Full?

glass_glass If you pay attention to the tech world, you’ve likely noticed a proliferation of geeks donning a new device called Google Glass. This Glass is the latest in the category of what’s known as wearable computers, and it allows the owner to take photos, videos, request directions and surf the Web. The unique thing about the Glass is that they are completely hands free. A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of talking with one of the original Glass owners, tech blogger, Robert Scoble. Scoble is in the process of writing a book titled, Age of Context, with the thesis that not only is techn [...]

Google Glass Integrates With Blogger Via Independent App

blogger-logo-200px Add Blogger to the short list of social/publishing platforms that can be integrated with Google Glass. Christopher Bartholomew, an independent developer, announced his new "Blogger Glassware" app Tuesday night on Google+. He's making it available at At the moment, it works similarly to Facebook's Glass app. Blogger publishers can shoot a photo with Glass and then publish it on their Blogger blog by sharing the image from Glass. After that, Bartholomew says, a new timeline item is available and the blog owner can use Glass' voice commands to speak a new title for the blog [...]

Local Search On Google Glass: Part 4 Of The Google Glass Diary Series

If (When?) Google Glass becomes popular, local businesses could stand to gain a lot of visibility -- and perhaps new customers -- from wearers looking for information about what's around them or what's in the place where they're going. Local search and navigation should be a pretty common usage of Glass, and it's certainly one of the main uses that Google has had in mind all along. Glass is mobile search, but in a new form: voice-controlled with results coming back to the user in the form of single-business "cards" with business name, address, phone and sometimes the hours that the busin [...]

Google Glass Now Being Offered To #ifihadglass Contest Winners

Google has started to slowly expand the group of testers for Google Glass. The company has announced (on both Twitter and Google+) that it'll be inviting #ifihadglass winners "slowly" and "over the next few weeks." This is from the Google+ post: Over the next few weeks, we’ll be slowly rolling out invitations to successful #ifihadglass applicants. If you were one of the successful applicants, please make sure you have +Project Glass in your Circles so we can send you a message. The messaging is slightly different on Twitter, where the message says that "selected" #ifihadglass winners wi [...]

Searching On Google Glass? See How In Glass Diary Part 3

google-glass-logo-200px Search may become a common activity for Google Glass owners, but it's a different kind of search to anything I've done before. Since Glass is a mobile device and has no Web browser, it's currently built for informational searches. Transactional queries (like [buy seattle mariners tickets]) and navigational queries (like [facebook]) don't work well because Glass doesn't have a Web browser. It'll show you webpages that match those search terms, but you can't visit them. In other words: Search on Google Glass is about finding information, not webpages. And, for the most part, Glass seems to [...]

Google On Glass Privacy Issues & Congress: “Social Cues” Will Help, Plus It Takes Trust Seriously

google-glass-open-1366203189 Google Glass isn't even available for consumers and some in US Congress are already formally raising privacy questions. Google's reaction? Privacy has been "top of mind" as it has developed Glass, and it takes trust seriously. It also feels that "social cues" may help with some concerns. Google was asked about the Congressional letter during a "fireside chat" session about Google Glass at its Google I/O conference today. Google Glass director Steve Lee responded as paraphrased below: From the beginning, the social implications of wearing Glass have been at the top of our mind as we [...]

Congress Sends Google CEO Larry Page Letter Asking About Google Glass Privacy Concerns

google-glass In the midst of the 2013 Google I/O developer conference currently being held in San Francisco, Google CEO Larry Page received a formal letter from eight-members of congress addressing Google Glass privacy issues. The letter from Congress outlined eight specific areas of concern, asking specifically: Does Google have plans to prevent Google Glass from unintentionally collecting data about the user/non-user without consent? (After referencing  Google's agreement to settle charges in 2010 for collecting information from encrypted wireless networks without permission.) What proactive st [...]

Google Shows Off New Twitter, Facebook Apps Available Now For Google Glass

twitter-glass-featured Google has just added apps from Facebook, Twitter, CNN and others for the Google Glass device and showed a preview of them to a packed house in the "Developing for Glass" session at Google I/O. Several new apps are now available for Android users via the MyGlass app that serves as the Glass' headquarters: Facebook Twitter Tumblr Evernote CNN Elle magazine Google's Timothy Jordan showed off a few of them during today's session. Based on the screenshots in his presentation, some of these apps/experiences are further along than others. Facebook On Glass It sounds for now lik [...]

Schmidt: Google Has More Respect For “Real World” Concerns, One Reason Why Google Glass Is Limited

Eric Schmidt & Jared Cohen [caption id="attachment_43692" align="alignright" width="300"] Eric Schmidt & Jared Cohen[/caption] Whereas the Google of old might just throw products "over the wall" and not think much about their real world impacts, the Google of today has much more respect for what its digital products might do in the real world, says Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt. That's one reason why Google Glass is in a long and limited distribution process, he gave as an example. Schmidt was at Google Los Angeles last week, speaking to an audience of Google employees and outside guests from the area [...]

Google Glass Diary, Part 2: Positive Public Reactions & The Importance Of Google I/O This Week

google-glass-featured [caption id="attachment_43397" align="alignright" width="250"] (L-R: Mike Blumenthal, Matt McGee and David Mihm; photo courtesy of John Denny)[/caption] There's a hint of truth in Peter Shankman's recent article, the one where he says Robert Scoble is so over the top about Google Glass that he's damning the device to be nerds-only for eternity. But, the reality is that most of America (much less the world) doesn't know or care who Scoble is, and their introduction to Glass is going to come (or has already come) in a variety of other ways: local news clips about it, mentions in mainstream [...]

Google Glass Gets A Software Update That Tightens Ties To Google+

google-glass-200px Less than two days into my Google Glass ownership and I'm already getting a software update. As Phandroid first reported, the Google Glass software is getting the "XE5" update -- XE stands for "Explorer edition" -- and I'll be able to check it out as soon as I get a chance to plug the device into its charger. (That's the only way to receive Glass software updates from the mothership.) One of the bigger aspects of this software upgrade appears to be a wider and tighter integration of Google+. As I mentioned yesterday in my Google Glass diary, day one article, the ties between Glass and G [...]

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