Google Retires Latitude, Pushes Google+ Location Sharing Features

With the announcement of the new Google Maps app release today came news that Google will be retiring Latitude in all of its various forms on August 9. The tool that allowed Google Maps users to find friends and share their location will no longer be available. No more Latitude for Google Maps on Android, Latitude for iPhone, Latitude API, Latitude public badge or iGoogle Gadget. The Latitude website at is also being shut down. Retiring Latitude is part of Google's efforts to push Google+ and the location sharing features now included in Google+ for Android. Whil [...]

+1ed Posts Now Popping Up In The Google+ Stream

google-plus-featured Odds are that if you liked a specific post on Google+, your friends may like it as well. A new Google+ feature will now help make that sharing possible. Over the "next few days" users will begin seeing highlighted posts that others have +1ed, not that they have specifically chosen to share on their own. Not only will you begin seeing highlighted posts from your friends in your feed, but items that you've +1ed will show up in those that have you circled. This sharing can be controlled within your +1 activity settings and can be restricted accordingly. These updates will add more content to [...]

Social Login Shares Saw Little Change In Q2, Janrain Says

janrain logo After a couple quarters of gains, Google's share of social logins across the Web flattened in the second quarter of 2013. Similarly, Facebook's share of social logins also flattened during Q2. But that's a better sign for Facebook, because it had seen its share of social logins drop for two quarters in a row. According to Janrain's latest quarterly report, Facebook still holds 46 percent share of social logins and Google is still second at 34 percent. And the folks at Janrain must've had an easy time putting that chart together, because it's pretty much exactly the same as the cha [...]

Google+ Adds New Website Buttons & Badges On 2nd Birthday

google-plus-2-years Google+ turns two years old today and is marking the occasion with new buttons and badges for websites, along with a few tweaks to its photo features. There's also a special birthday logo that's showing up only on (which you can see at right). As far as the new stuff goes, there's a new "Follow" button for individual Google+ users, as well as a new badge for Community managers. Both come in different sizes and can be customized. Here's what they look like: In addition to those new badges, Google has also updated the existing badges for Pages and Profiles with new [...]

Internal “Google Mine” Google+ Product Sharing Tool Leaked

Google-Mine Google+ currently has some of the strongest social sharing capabilities thanks to the robust Circles feature. this will now extend into sharing what users currently own, or would like to own. Some leaked data uncovered by Google Operating System found that Google may be working on a tool that allows users to easily control products they have or are interested in. An internal only product called "Google Mine" helps users deal with what type of content is shared with specific circles. The intro text to the product states the following: "Google Mine lets you share your belongings with you [...]

Study: Google+ Will Overtake Facebook’s Social Sharing By 2016

google-plus-analytics-featured Google+ is turning 2 years old this month and has seen both solid growth and criticism during these first years. However, all that talk of Google+ ghost town talk could soon be moot according to a recent SearchMetrics study. Not only is Google+ projected to being thriving, but it is also projected to pass Facebook in social shares on February 2016. To generate this data, SearchMetrics looked at comparison of average monthly growth of Facebook "shares" vs. Google "+1s" from the previous 6 months. The study saw that the number of Facebook shares grew roughly 10% per month while Goog [...]

Sleeker Notifications & Cross Platform Sync Make Their Way To Google+

Last week, there was a mini-announcement that some notable notification changes were making their way to Google+. Yesterday, many users received these more streamlined Google+ notification updates. The best part of the new notifications? They will sync cross platform. This means that users who acknowledge a notification on mobile will no longer have their desktop version show that same notification. The repetitive notifications have been a bit of an issue, and these new notifications will eradicate this problem. When a new alert has arrived you will now see a notification bell with a [...]

All In +One: Google+ Dashboard Compiles Important Business Data Into A Unified Location

google-plus-featured Businesses that use Google+ and other Google products have been given the gift of simplicity in the form of a brand new Google+ Dashboard. Companies that leverage Google services like AdWords, Offers, Maps, Local, YouTube and more will now be able to see relevant stats in one Google+ based location. The Google+ Dashboard includes: Update-able information across all Google+ platforms. Companies will have the ability to update their information including: Website URLs store hours phone numbers These changes will work across Maps, Search and Google+. The dashboard [...]

What Do Google+’s Revved Up Image Features Mean For Marketers?

googlePlus Google+ hasn’t been a rousing success outside of the online marketing realm, but you could never accuse Google of not trying. The company is stepping its game up again with the newest G+ update; and this time, they're focusing on photos, videos and even animated images. Facebook is the reigning king of photo sharing, especially since its acquisition of Instagram last year. Brands and celebrities put out a lot of effort on Facebook in their marketing endeavors, and sometimes that even crosses over into Instagram. Despite the noise and spam, people stay with Facebook precisely becaus [...]

Google Glass Diary, Part 6: Using Facebook, Twitter & Google+ In Glass

glass-share-240px Beyond the inherent value of being able to do local search and navigation or do basic informational searches, I believe that Google Glass needs to have a strong social integration if it's going to succeed with average consumers. Way back in part two of this series, I said that Glass needed -- at minimum -- to have Facebook and Twitter apps before Google started sending the device out to the "regular folks" that were chosen as winners in the #ifihadglass contest. Sure enough, Google announced apps from Facebook and Twitter (plus Path, Tumblr and others) during its recent Google I/O conferenc [...]

How To Make The Most Of The Google+ Design Changes

Kia Google Plus cover photo Google announced at Google I/O this month that it's introducing a number of changes to Google+, which mainly affect the site design as well as usability. The two most noticeable changes were probably the cover photo for pages and profiles, which has been enlarged greatly, and the redesigned gchat, which Google has rebranded as Google Hangout (to tie in with the existing Google Hangout video chat). The revised chat layout, which feels a lot more modern than the existing gchat, is also now being slowly rolled out for users to use in Gmail. User profiles in Google Hangout directly link to [...]

Picture Organization, Hashtags & Enhanced Photos Lead New Google+ iOS Update

Google+-iOS Last night, Google released a new version of Google+ that features a heavy dose of photo features. In addition to photo upgrades, the new app will include hashtag support, ability to update profile and cover photos and the addition of Google Offers in the stream. The new app is also now sans Hangouts as the popular messaging service is now a standalone app. The handful of photo changes include auto-enhancements, better organization and support of animations and panoramas. The Auto Enhance feature allows users to quickly touch up photos right from the app, while Auto Highlight will select th [...]

Google+ Updates Mobile Web Interface In Line With Recent Changes To Content Stream

google-plus-logo-tilt If you're one of those Google+ users that happens to use the service on the mobile Web (as opposed to one of the Google+ apps), you'll notice an entirely new look and feel next time you're there. Google has announced that its user interface on the mobile Web now more closely mirrors the changes announced last week during the Google I/O conference. More specifically, individual posts now appears as "cards" in the mobile Web stream. User profiles and Google+ Pages have also been updated to include cover photos, larger tap targets, and "much more," Google says. Here's a screenshot from G [...]

New Google+ App For Android Now Available Following Google+ Updates Announced At I/O

google-plus-featured Following a number of new Google+ updates announced at Google I/O, a new Google+ app for Android is rolling out today with more options to organize and edit photos, a new locations section that lets users know where their friends are, and the new automatically-added Google+ hashtags to locate related content within a user's stream. Photo Organizing & Editing Options The new app now includes an Auto Backup feature that stores photos as they are being taken, along with an Auto Highlight feature where users can browse a selection of top shots from added sets of photos, and an Auto Enhance f [...]

Game Over: Google+ Games To Be Shut Down June 30th

Google+Games Google+ users who enjoy social gaming will soon have to look elsewhere as Google+ games is being shut down. After June 30th, Google+ Games will be officially retired as Google will move forward with one united front, the  Google Play Game Services platform. Google+ Games launched in the Summer of 2011, but whether it be demographics or just the platform itself, Games continually under-performed. Some developers jumped ship on Google+ Games last year as the adoption on the social network didn't have a high enough impact on customers. In an unglamorous announcement, Google directed [...]

Google: “Game Changing” Features Will Boost Google+ Adoption

google-plus-hot-flames-featured Nearly two years after its launch, Google is still dealing with people who question why they should bother with Google+. But in recent weeks, the company has released what it considers "game changing" features that it feels will better enlist both marketers and developers to embrace its platform. "You're now seeing us put out, on a constant drumbeat, tools and capabilities for developers and marketers that I think are game changing, that they may not get anywhere else," said Seth Sternberg, product management director for the Google+ Platform, when meeting yesterday with a small group of re [...]

Live Blog: Grow Your Audience With Google+

Time for the Grow Your Audience With Google+ session at Google I/O 2013. We get underway at 3:30 pm PT to hear what tips Google+ product marketing manager Amy Walgenbach has to share. Live blogging is below: [...]

Live Blog: Fireside Chat with the Google+ Platform Team

What's going on with Google+ as a platform? That's what today's "Fireside Chat" session is about. We're live blogging it from Google I/O. Let's see what comes up! You'll find a livestream here, and the live blog gets going at 10 am PT. Speakers are: Seth Sternberg, David Glazer, Sandy Jen, Jennifer Lin, chee chew, Vic Fryzel. [...]

Up Close With The New Google+ Related Hashtags

The new look for Google+ is rolling out now, and with it, the new "related hashtags." These allow you to see other posts that are related to the one you're reading, if that post uses a hashtag. The New Hashtag Tab For example, consider this: In this post, it made use of the #io13 hashtag. With today's design update, that hashtag in turn is now used in a new tab along the top right of the post. Related Posts If you click on that hashtag button, a new related area appears above the post box, while the post itself "flips" to show the first related post. You can continue to flip through m [...]

Google+ Stream Gets Fresh New Look & Automatically-Added Hashtags At Google I/O

google-plus-featured Google announced a number of Google+ upgrades during the keynote presentation at today's Google I/O, including a new responsive, multi-column layout for Google+ Stream. Now, users will see one, two, or three columns of content depending on their device's screen size and orientation. Photos and videos have been enhanced as well, fitting the entire width of the stream. According to the Google+ blog, the new media sizes make images and videos, "...easier to scan and nicer to look at." Users will also notice new animations in their stream with a bouncing sharebox, cards that "flip and fade" an [...]

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