Google’s New YouTube App For Android Makes It Possible To Watch Videos Back-To-Back

youtube-logo-200 Google is rolling out a new version of the YouTube App for Android today that includes a number of updated features. According to, it is, "The biggest redesign the app has seen yet." TechCrunch reports that the "highlight" of the new version is the ability to minimize the screen for a "picture-in-picture" effect. The app now moves videos to the bottom-right corner of the screen so that users can continue watching a video while they browse channels or perform searches, making it possible to watch videos back-to-back. No longer having to stop a video before finding a new vi [...]

The Google vs. MSFT YouTube App Spat Has Officially Erupted

google-microsoft-logos-volcano After simmering for the past couple months, the spat between Microsoft and Google over the YouTube app that's available for Windows Phone has now erupted. That's thank to a scathing blog post this afternoon from Microsoft VP and Deputy General Counsel David Howard that questions Google's commitment to openness and accuses Google of making Microsoft play by a different set of rules than it requires of the YouTube apps for Android and iOS. "It seems to us that Google's reasons for blocking our app are manufactured so that we can't give our users the same experience Android and iPhone users [...]

Deja Vu: Google Blocks The Windows Phone YouTube App (Again)

microsoft-google-logos The soap opera continues: Not 24 hours after Microsoft released a new YouTube app for Windows Phones, Google has disabled it. As The Verge is reporting, Google says the new app violates its terms of service: Microsoft has not made the browser upgrades necessary to enable a fully-featured YouTube experience, and has instead re-released a YouTube app that violates our Terms of Service. It has been disabled. We value our broad developer community and therefore ask everyone to adhere to the same guidelines. This is the second time Google has blocked Microsoft's try at making a YouTube a [...]

Warning To Video Advertisers: Banned AdWare Creator Sambreel Now Injecting Ads On YouTube

It turns out Sambreel, the notorious adware provider that everyone thought had been quashed is still going strong. The London-based Web traffic analysis firm,, has found Sambreel, operating under the guise of companies named Yontoo and Alactro, is injecting video and display ad slots into YouTube pages. In an analysis of over 1 billion video ad impressions sold through non-Google ad exchanges, found that over 15 percent of the inventory were ad slots injected into YouTube by Sambreel. As recounts in its latest blog post on this issue, back in 2011, Sambreel r [...]

Microsoft, Google Finally Release Official YouTube App For Windows Phones

microsoft-google-logos I wouldn't call Microsoft and Google BFFs by any stretch of the imagination (ahem ... cough), but the two companies have finally buried their differences over YouTube and Windows Phones. As CNET reports, an official YouTube app -- created by Microsoft but built with Google's blessing -- is now available in the Windows Phone store. A Microsoft spokesperson gave this statement to CNET: We've released an updated YouTube app for Windows Phone that provides the great experience our consumers expect while addressing the concerns Google expressed in May, including the addition of ads. We apprecia [...]

On YouTube, Funny Ads That Would Never Air On TV About Touchy Subjects

Bodyform With a few exceptions, outside of the Super Bowl, most TV ads I see don't take risks. That's understandable. Targeting a mass audience, advertisers largely choose to play it safe. But YouTube is a playground where taking risks may draw in an audience. Ads become content, even ads about unlikely things like women having their periods, condom use and men wiping their butts. Oh my. HelloFlo: "Like Santa For Your Vagina" Let's start with HelloFlo. If you've never heard of it, perhaps it's because you're a man and without need of feminine hygiene products. If you're a woman, well, you've neve [...]

Study: The Top 100 Global Brands Winning On YouTube Publish 78 To 500 Videos A Month

youtube-featured Video marketing company Pixability's newly released study measuring YouTube activity for the Top 100 Global Brands reveals that the top performers are publishing approximately 78 videos per month, with media companies like MTV, Thomson Reuters and Disney posting upwards of 500 videos per month. According to the study, YouTube video publishing rates for the Top 100 Global brands have increased an average of 73 percent annually since 2009. The total number of uploads for the same group of companies has grown from a few dozen published in 2005 to more than 10,000 cumulative videos published in [...]

Compared: What You Can Watch On Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku & Xbox

tv-video-featured Want to stream content from the Internet to your TV? There's a new player in town, Google's Chromecast. It's super easy to use and priced to move. What's not to like? If you're happy with just Netflix, you're good. If you want Hulu or HBO Go, paying a bit more for Roku or Apple TV may make sense, unless you don't mind using your laptop. Then again, for only $35, maybe you'll decide Chromecast is worth being a second device. The Players Chromecast is entering a space where two other major Internet-to-TV devices already exist, Apple TV and Roku. Xbox, a gaming console, can also double as a str [...]

Chromecast: The Rebirth Of Google TV

Chromecast official image Google TV is dead (and so is the Q); long live Chromecast. Google TV was launched a few years ago to much hype and fanfare. But it was a big, expensive hardware proposition for most consumers, and it failed. It turned out consumers didn't see the need to replace their TVs, and Google didn't clearly make the case for the product. Enter Chromecast -- a kind of second bite at the TV apple (so to speak) for Google. Launched today at the Google Chrome-Nexus event, it has a much better chance of succeeding than its predecessor. It's a tiny WiFi-enabled device that plugs into existing TV HDM [...]

Report: Video Ad Shares Grow 7% In Q2 With Help From Dove, Evian & The Man Of Steel

Video click Video technology company Unruly's newly released Q2 2013 Social Video Report reveals online video ad shares grew seven percent during the second quarter, even after a strong Q1 boosted by Super Bowl ads. Examining video ad shares for the entertainment, FMCG/CPG, technology, retail, auto and finance industries, Unruly found that the entertainment industry experienced the most video ad shares, while the FMCG/CPG vertical saw Dove's "Real Beauty Sketches" ad become one of the top three most viewed ads of all time. The auto industry was the only vertical to see a drop in video ad shares, dow [...]

Social Media Use Growing Among Fortune 500 List With 77% Tweeting & 70% On Facebook

social-media-colors-featured An annual report from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth evaluating the social media activity of Fortune Magazine's Fortune 500 list found that 34 percent of this year's Fortune 500 companies are now actively blogging, 77 percent maintain active Twitter accounts, 70 percent have Facebook pages and 69 percent have YouTube accounts. This year marks the largest increase in the number of Fortune 500 companies currently blogging since 2008. According to previous reports, only 16 percent of Fortune 500 companies were blogging five years ago. Now, 171 companies on the Fortune 500 list publish a [...]

NeverWet Gets 30-Second TV Ad, But Product’s 5-Minute Demo Is Real Viral Sensation

neverwet-video-featured Can a simple product demonstration outperform a slick TV commercial? You bet, in the case of Rust-Oleum's NeverWet, the spray that seemingly causes anything to magically resist water. The product's five-minute YouTube video demo has had four million views since it was released a month ago, versus its new 30-second ad-agency produced commercial with at 600 views. The demonstration, which went up on June 16, has company employees, including the CEO, demonstrating various ways the NeverWet hydrophobic coating spray can be used, from waterproofing a toilet bowl scrub brush to coating the [...]

YouTube Becomes Latest Google Target By State Attorneys General

The National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) has been accusing Google of facilitating consumer access to illegal sales of prescription drugs and counterfeit goods and from profiting from related ads shown in its search results. Now, Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning and Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt are setting their sights on Google's YouTube, claiming Google profits from ads served alongside videos promoting illegal activity. is reporting that the two state AGs sent a letter to Google lawyer Kent Walker asking how much the company has earned from the [...]

Google Launches Affinity Segments To Align AdWords And YouTube Targeting With TV Ad Buys

Brand advertisers have long complained about the challenges of making targeted ad buys at scale online in the way they are used to doing for TV. Google is attempting quiet those objections and lure more brand advertising to its display network with its new "Affinity Segments." Launching today, Affinity Segments  leverage the contextual audience targeting called Interest Categories that already exists in Google AdWords. There are more than 1,000 Interest Categories which take into account the types of pages a user visits, including how recently and how often they visited, and associates th [...]

The Real Impact Of Mobile On Marketing: More Visual Content

As of February of this year, there were 2.4 billion people online -- a little over one third of the world's population. That's a lot of people to keep interested. And while companies are looking for new ways to create agile content (infographics, tweets, videos, etc.) and curate the most relevant content from their partners, employees and customers, there is still a huge gap in the demand versus the supply. Meanwhile, as I discussed in my mobile marketing predictions post back in January, the meteoric growth of mobile devices and technology continues to change the way we live on a daily bas [...]

Google Analytics Now Offering Unclicked Display Ad & Video Ad Impression Reports

Google Analytics Google Analytics has launched new display ad and video ad impression reports, giving advertisers a look at how unclicked ads impact the conversion path. Using data from the Google Display Network (GDN), advertisers will be able to see when a user has viewed ads on the GDN or video ads on YouTube before visiting their website and completing a conversion. Advertisers who enable the new GDN impression reports in their Google Analytics accounts will have access to two additional conversion metrics in their Multi-Channel Funnel reports: Impression Assisted Conversions and Rich Media Assisted Con [...]

Report: YouTube Generated $350M In Mobile Revenue In Past Six Months

mobile youtube Even though mobile video viewing is still not common, mobile video minutes are growing fast. With that, apparently, so are mobile-video ad revenues at YouTube. According to data presented by Bloomberg, YouTube mobile video "ad sales" have tripled in past six months. The article says that may represent as much as $350 million, according to estimates from Wedge Partners, which believes that YouTube is responsible for roughly 10 percent of Google's overall revenue. The reason that Google can grow mobile revenue for YouTube so quickly is that the same pre-roll ads that appear online are [...]

YouTube’s New One Channel Design Now Live For All Publishers

youtube-logo-200 All video publishers with YouTube profiles have now been converted to the new "One Channel" design. This shouldn't be a surprise, though: YouTube started teasing the new look back in February and promised a few weeks ago that the full conversion would be happening today. One Channel adds a number of customizations to YouTube profile pages, including showing a specific channel "trailer" only to viewers that aren't already subscribed to your channel adding an image to serve as "channel art" at the top of the profile page organizing videos and playlists into customizable sections H [...]

Microsoft, Google To Build New Windows Phone YouTube App Together

microsoft-google-logos Microsoft and Google appear to have buried the hatchet over the YouTube app that's been available for Windows Phones, and say they're "working together" to get a new app out "in the coming weeks." The two companies issued a statement today, two days after the deadline that Google had given Microsoft to remove the previous app from the Windows Phone Store. Earlier this month, Google sent Microsoft a cease-and-desist letter because Microsoft's version of the YouTube app wasn't showing Google's ads. Google's letter asked Microsoft to remove the app by May 22nd, but today's statement says th [...]

YouTube Turns 8 Years Old

youtube-birthday-logo YouTube launched 8 years ago today, and they are celebrating their eighth birthday! The growth of YouTube has been significant over these short eight years. Now, every minute, over a 100 hours of video are uploaded. Google acquired YouTube back on October 9, 2006 for $1.65 billion. Back then, that was the largest acquisition Google ever made. Since then, Google has only made two acquisitions larger than that purchase price: DoubleClick for $3.1 billion in 2007 and Motorola for $12.5 billion in 2011. YouTube is one of the most searched properties, a top video consumption site and has m [...]

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