How To Create Interactive Charts In Excel

final interactive chart in Excel Continuing with my dashboard series that began on Search Engine Land and continued over to Marketing Land when the entire analytics column migrated to Marketing Land, this post is going to talk interactive charts. When you're creating a dashboard, real estate is minimal, so you find ways to consolidate your data and allow the dashboard user to manipulate a single chart different ways. Excel offers a panoply of interactive controls that make this possible. I'll be the first to admit that working with interactive controls were really intimidating to me when I first started. They seemed to hav [...]

How To Design A Landing Page That Converts

landing-page-match As marketers, getting quality traffic to our websites has never been easier. We have SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing, display ads, photo marketing, mobile ads... and the list keeps growing. Consumers, however, are learning to automatically tune out anything that isn't interesting. This drives businesses to spend even more, becoming more creative and pulling out every tactic they can think of to capture consumer attention. So, with all the above tools at our disposal, why do we still have terrible conversion rates, hovering between 1 to 3% on average? The largest culprit I see? [...]

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Customer Analytics

Big Data We marketers love our data. What surprises me is the percentage of us ignoring one of the most valuable data sources we have available to us -- our customers. Too often, we mistake our site visitors for our customers. While site behavior is important, it's not all our customers have to tell us. [caption id="attachment_55560" align="alignright" width="300"] Image via shutterstock[/caption] The rise of Customer Analytics comes out of a need for more information. Marketers need more than site behavior and conversions to steer them in the right direction. As is the case with most analytics e [...]

How To Use Visitor Engagement Insights To Improve Conversions

Wile E. Coyote One of my favorite tragic characters is Wile E. Coyote. How can someone be so brilliant yet fail to capture the roadrunner? We see him regularly creating some very elaborate, physics-defying devices and traps, yet he is still unable to catch the bird. I think if he had ever paused for a moment and thought about his failures, he would have realized most of his ideas would have worked with just a little tweaking. Unfortunately for him, his constant failure kept me glued to the TV each Saturday morning when I was a kid. I often wonder if the level of interest would have died off if the road [...]

How To Measure Local Area & Directory Referrals With Google Analytics

ML Metro Map If you're a small business that relies on foot traffic, referrals, and/or calls from a specific geographic area, Google Analytics has likely been a bit of a mystery to you (unless you're a power user). Your website might be getting traffic, but how much of that traffic is really local to your area? There are two things we can look at to determine this information. We can look at the referral traffic from sites that focus on local area traffic, and we can also see the "location" of visitors under the "Demographics" area of Google Analytics. The issue here has always been ease of use. As a sm [...]

Dashboard Series: Creating Sexy Scrolling Charts In Excel

analytics-excel-featured Last month, I promised a series on creating dashboards in Excel. To kick off the series, I started with a tutorial on how to create combination charts in Excel. Every marketer should have this critical skill mastered. You can expect this series to focus on cool visualizations in Excel. Next up, I'm going to show you how to create a super-cool scrolling chart. These are especially helpful to show traffic trends over a long period of time, like years. They really add panache to your dashboard and save on space. It's also a great way to show your boss or client(s) the progress they've made [...]

‘Tis The Seasonality Of Your Metrics

Screen-Shot-2013-07-08-at-1.50.26-AM A few posts back, I examined a simple technique for using an exponential moving average (EMA) on your time-series metrics. This has the advantage of smoothing out the metrics while at the same time keeping a "memory" of all previous values of the metric that came before. It also has the side benefit of being easier to update as new values to your metrics become available. This time, I want to show you a technique to fix another common time-series problem: seasonality. Yeah, your metrics are down in January, but is that the usual post-holiday sales slump? Or is it the start of a true downtre [...]

How To Convince Your Management Team To Test And Optimize Your Website

shutterstock_53595259-persuasion It’s accepted wisdom that testing and optimizing your website is crucial to creating relevant and seamless experiences for your customers and increasing conversion rates. Something as straightforward as search keyword testing can result in as much as a 67 percent increase in conversion. But whether it’s testing your landing pages, keywords, navigation or design, doing testing right requires convincing senior management to invest the resources and the time to do it effectively. Unfor­tu­nately, quite often your plans won’t be met with open arms from your senior exec­u­tives.  [...]

How To Make Millions From Losing Tests

I’m often amazed at how naive companies can be about their online testing efforts. The bigger the company, it seems, the more disconnect there can be between the talented optimization team and the senior management. And that, as you might guess, often ends up undermining the revenue and efficiency improvements that come from continuous testing. This is part 1 of a multi-part column. In future columns, I’ll discuss why you want to celebrate every time you “lose” when testing -- which is really what I wanted to write about. But I realized it’s important to lay the groundwork for why [...]

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