#WorldCup Infographic Roundup: Biggest Social Sports Event Ever Could Beat Olympics And Super Bowl Combined

ADI_worldcup_infographic-crop The FIFA World Cup is big, enormous really, with a worldwide television audience of more than 3 billion. And that huge population has marketers salivating and pouring over the data about how best to target soccer fans. How will people watch? Will they discuss the matches more on Twitter or Facebook? Which official sponsors -- or interlopers -- will perform the best? Too early to tell of course -- the month-long tournament began yesterday -- but the infographic industry has been working overtime and has some interesting results and projections. Here are three from RadiumOne, Offerpop and [...]

Infographic: Everything You Need To Know About Real Time Bidding For Display Ads

Real time bidding, or RTB, is nothing new to search marketers. They're used to the concept that all advertisers are constantly bidding against each other in real time for good ad positions on Google, Bing and other search engines. But RTB has continued to grow in the display ad space, where advertisers compete with each other, purchase placement and are displayed in under a second. The folks at Who's Hosting This have created an infographic guide to RTB. Below, it covers the Demand Side Platform (DSP) tools used by advertisers to place their bids through ad exchanges where publishers offer [...]

Infographic: How To Deal With Complaining Customers On Social Media

Social media has turned into a new and important channel for customers to reach out to brands when they have complaints, though sometimes in a most-unsocial manner. Here's a guide to five types of customers you might encounter and how to deal with them. Meek, Aggressive, High-Roller, Opportunist and Chronic Complainer are the customer types that ExactTarget outlines in this infographic. The Meek Customer has a low "difficult to fix" and "irrational" metric, where a simple "I'm sorry" may be enough to solve the problem. The Aggressive Customer is suggested as better dealt with by taking t [...]

Infographic: Which Is The Most Effective Digital Marketing Channel

Looking to attract new visitors online? Social, email, paid search and SEO are all attractive ways to bring in the audience. But some bring more visitors than others plus some convert better. The folks at Conductor have put together an infographic looking at the four major channels and how effective they are, compiled from various surveys. In summary: SEO: 54% discover new sites this way; just behind email for qualified leads, 36% Email: 51% discover new sites this way; tops for qualified leads, 40% Social: 32% discover new sites this way; tied with paid search for qualified leads, [...]

Infographics & Visual Storytelling: How To Do It The Right Way

SearchEngineLand-Periodic-Table-of-SEO-2013-medium When Jay-Z released "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)" back in 2009, he took it upon himself to "draw [a] line in the sand." He pointed out that auto-tune had become a victim of its own success, with everyone jumping on the bandwagon and many artists using it as a crutch or a gimmick rather than a way of taking music to new and innovative directions. It was a polarizing yet seminal moment in Hip-Hop culture. The Problem With Infographics The marketing industry is having a similar moment with infographics. Over the last few years, infographics have become one of the most popular ways to build i [...]

Infographic: Winning Local Through Search Engines, Yellow Pages, Maps & Reviews

local puzzle Virtually all consumers turn to the internet to find local products and services. Are you positioned to win them, as a local business? There are four key steps to consider: search engines, internet yellow pages, map services and reviews. The folks from Kenshoo Local have put together an infographic with these four key areas, along with specific tips and statistics: You can get the infographic yourself here: Solving the Local Search Puzzle. Related Articles Time For SMBs To Tackle – Or Be Tackled By – Online Reviews 10 Local Marketing Myths Hamstringing Your Business Google [...]

Infographic: The Blogging Food Groups & Do You Serve Well-Balanced Content Meals?

Everyone loves desserts, but you've also got to eat your vegetables to be healthy. Does the same hold true with blogging? That a "healthy" blog won't just be all funny videos and meme images but also contain a balance of others and more substantial content? If so, then knowing your "blogging food groups" may help. Created by LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, the infographic below builds on an idea from Rick Burnes of HubSpot, that there are five types of posts to "feed" a business blog. The LinkedIn infographic suggests a "Blogging Meal Plan" after defining the groups more as well as a suggeste [...]

Infographic: How Location-Based Marketing Delivers Ads To In-Store Shoppers

Imagine a shopper in a store getting a coupon delivered to their phone for a product, because a marketer knows they're actually shopping. It's not just future fiction. It's part of the growing proximity and micro-location targeting that's already happening now. The folks from MDG Advertising have put together an infographics that explains some of the location-based marketing systems out there, and how they tap into wifi, GPS, NFC and other technologies to detect location and help deliver ads: Want the infographic for yourself? You'll find it here: The Future of Proximity & Micro-Loc [...]

Infographic: Facebook’s 10th Birthday, Key Milestones To The Anniversary

Ten years ago, Facebook was born. Since then, it has been transformed from "The Facebook" that aimed to connect students at Harvard together into a service with about 1 billion active global users. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg reflects briefly on Facebook turning 10 in a post today. And below, an infographic covering that growth and some important milestones along the way. Produced by the people at DPFOC, it covers things like Facebook News Feed being launched in 2006, the Like button appearing in 2009 or last year's launch of Facebook Graph Search and Facebook going public (cli [...]

Infographic: Do-It-Yourself Tactics For Small Business Marketing

Run a small business? Chances are, you're not just the boss. You're also the chief marketing officer. It's tough being both the CEO and CMO, but you're not alone. How are you planning to spend your limited time on digital marketing? If you're like your peers, on email marketing, hoping for word-of-mouth and social media. The folks at email marketing company AWeber surveyed 1,500 small business owners to understand how they'll do online marketing this year. The results found email marketing a leading tactic, perhaps skewed by the businesses that already know AWeber. Still, email marketing [...]

Infographic: The Evolution Of The Marketing Department From “Push” To “Pull”

evolution-of-marketing-infographic Long gone are the days when marketing departments could just "push" whatever they wanted to customers. Consumers are actively seeking out and "pulling" in product information through search engines, social media and other channels. Half of shoppers they're better informed about products than store associates selling those items. The folks at Adecco have made an infographic with some stats on the "push-to-pull" shift that has been happening, from the change in media consumed, to new shopping habits, the growing importance of social and how the marketing job market is playing catch-up. Most d [...]

Infographic: How To Succeed With Email Marketing Campaigns

Email's far from dead. In fact, it's one of the top activities on mobile devices. So are your emails and email marketing campaigns set to do all they can for success? Here's an infographic with tips designed to help. The infographic is from the folks at Marketo, who provide an email marketing solution. The data is drawn from their research as well as stats from other sites, including Marketing Land. It covers the need to focus on strategy over creative, that subject line remains crucial but message content, layout and call-to action are also important, that time of day to send should be con [...]

A Picture Worth 10,000 Shares: 5 Questions With Infographic World Founder Justin Beegel

5-Questions-ML After completing a web design project for one of his MBA courses, Justin Beegel discovered he had a real passion for creating and sharing online content. While working full-time as a social media manager for a publishing firm, Beegel followed his passion and began accepting content strategy consulting jobs during the evening hours. "Every night, from 6:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m., I was working on side projects," said Beegel. One project led to another until 2009 when Beegel, at the age of 23, made the leap and started his own interactive design agency Infographic World. "I figured my worst cas [...]

Infographic: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopping Stats

The holiday shopping season is about to kick-off once again with "Black Friday," the busy shopping day after Thanksgiving in the US. Meanwhile, "Cyber Monday," which follows Black Friday, continues strong. Will 2013 break records set in 2012? That seems likely. Below are stats about both days, compiled into an infographic by the folks at Ignition One, showing the growth of sales plus highlights trends such as tablet-based shopping: Want the infographic for yourself? You'll find it here: Holiday Shopping Goes Digital. Also, Nielsen has its own infographic out with Black Friday & C [...]

Infographic: What Holiday Shoppers Want From Retailers In 2013

Tis the season Infographic FINAL high res The first holiday shopping ads have already hit TV. Once again, the season seems to be starting earlier than ever. But for online retailers, you can never prepare early enough. Are you ready? Here's a preview of what holiday shoppers are looking for this year. The folks at shopping search engine Pricegrabber have compiled the results of its Winter Holiday Shopping Survey into the infographic further below. But first, a summary of findings. Customer Service, Free Shipping Key To Loyalty, Motivation Conducted last month, involving nearly 3,000 online shopping consumers in the US, the surv [...]

Infographic: All About How People Share On Pinterest

Pinterest infographic Pinterest is one of the hot social media sites to emerge over the past year or so. Need a stat rundown on who uses it (hint: moms are big), how they use it (think iPads), when and what they share? The folks at ShareThis have compiled an infographic based on Pinterest interactions they see through the ShareThis network: As you can see, ShareThis says iPads are used more than any other device for interacting with Pinterest, responsible for nearly half the Pinterest shares it sees. Food leads the percentage of shares at 18%, followed by parenting items at 16% and fashion at 10%. Unlike Face [...]

Infographic: How Retargeting Through Facebook Exchange Works

FBX infographic They've been to your site and left. Chances are, those prospects will head to Facebook, at some point. If so, you have the ability to reach out and encourage them to come back. How? Through Facebook Exchange, a method that allows for advertisers to "retarget" or show messages on Facebook to people who've been to their site. The folks at MDG Advertising have put together an infographic that explains the system, the basics of how Facebook Exchange (called FBX for short) works, and how retargeting ads appear both within the main News Feed area and in the right sidebar area, along with related [...]

Infographic: What People Put Into Their Email Signatures

The email signature is perhaps one of the most overlooked marketing opportunities out there. Everyone emails. Each email we send is an opportunity to share more about our brands. Do we do that? Almost half use no signature at all. Of those that do, most overlook adding information about their company or social media accounts. The folks at WriteThat.name, a contact management solution, looked at 700 million emails processed through their systems since 2011. Only 52% had email signatures. Of those, most people (70%) included their name, followed organization/brand (58%). In terms of conta [...]

Infographic: As Google Readers Dies, The Other Products It Joins In The “Google Graveyard”

Google Reader dies today. It's just one of many Google products that, over the years, Google decided to abandon. It joins Google Health, Knol, Picnik, Sidewiki, Notebook and others. The folks at WordStream have created in infographic listing various prominent Google products now in the "Google Graveyard," which you'll find below: Want the infographic for yourself? You'll find it here: A Google Projects Resting Ground: The Google Graveyard. Did you get your data out? Have you picked your Google Reader alternative? If not, be sure to see our story, The Big Comparison Of Google Reader [...]

Infographic: A Guide To Facebook Page Post Ads

Feeling confused about Facebook ads? Just understanding one type, Page Post Ads, might seem overwhelming. But the infographic below from the people at Ampush takes you through the type of Page Post ads that can be done, from photos posts, video posts, link posts and text posts -- plus "unpublished posts" that let you target specific audiences. It also covers how Page Post Ads differ from Sponsored Stories: Want the infographic for yourself? You'll find it here: Facebook Page Post Ads Guide for News Feed [Infographic]. Also see the related stories below from us about Facebook ads for more [...]

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