Infographic: A Guide To Facebook Page Post Ads

Feeling confused about Facebook ads? Just understanding one type, Page Post Ads, might seem overwhelming. But the infographic below from the people at Ampush takes you through the type of Page Post ads that can be done, from photos posts, video posts, link posts and text posts -- plus "unpublished posts" that let you target specific audiences. It also covers how Page Post Ads differ from Sponsored Stories: Want the infographic for yourself? You'll find it here: Facebook Page Post Ads Guide for News Feed [Infographic]. Also see the related stories below from us about Facebook ads for more [...]

Infographic: The Challenge Of Email Success In A Fragmented Mobile World

email Soon, nearly half of all emails will be consumed on mobile devices, where the methods used to read them are widely varied. Having a responsive design for your email, as well as the time and day you send, all has a big impact on open and success rates. And, don't forget that catchy subject line! The folks at Email Monks have created an infographic with data from studies about email consumption that cover these and other topics: Like the infographic? You can get it for yourself here: Using responsive mobile email design is crucial. [...]

Infographic: Mother’s Day & The Mobile Purchase

mother's day It's Mother's Day this Sunday in the United States and many other countries around the world. It's also another example of how much last-minute purchase activity happens on mobile devices. xAd, a mobile ad ntework, looked at data from last year to create an infographic showing likely trends for Mother's Day 2013, ranging from nearly one-third researching Mother's Day products on their phones to the peak day for mobile versus desktop purchases, for certain types of products. Buying bakery goods for Mother's Day? On both mobile and desktop devices, the peak day is two days before Mother's [...]

Infographic: 10 Years Of LinkedIn

Linkedin 10 year timeline To celebrate its 10th birthday, LinkedIn has created an infographic with interesting stats about the service, including membership growth by year, by country, and the most popular company pages. Want the infographic for yourself? You'll find it here: LinkedIn Celebrates 10 years of Brand Relationships. LinkedIn also created an interactive "gallery" timeline that offers a brief history of the service. [...]

Infographic: Optimizing Email Marketing For Smartphones & Mobile

mobile graphic Email isn't dead. In fact, it's one of the most popular activities people do on their smartphones and tablets. So are your email messages designed for this on-the-move audience? The folks at GetResponse have created an infographic designed to help you get your email marketing into shape for mobile viewing: Want the infographic for yourself? You'll find it, along with more tips and explanation on making email friendly for mobile devices, here: Email Marketing Mobile Optimization [INFOGRAPHIC]. [...]

Infographic: The Periodic Table Of Google Analytics

Periodic Table of Google Analytics - Google Analytics Reports Guide Want to understand all the ways that Google Analytics can help you learn how people are interacting with your site? A new "periodic table" may prove useful. Created by Jeff Sauer, the table from his company Jeffalytics covers everything from "As" (AdSense Reports) to even stuff Google Analytics can't report -- "Np" for Not Provided. Here's a look: Be sure to visit the actual Periodic Table of Google Analytics page, where you can get a PDF version of the chart to print, embed code to put the chart on your site plus an interactive version that lets you hover over an element to underst [...]

Conducting Content: From Dissonance to Harmony

With today's pressing content demands, every organization with a website, blog and marketing communication documents needs a content marketing strategy. Below are a few questions to consider when developing your own strategy. Do you know everyone in your organization who creates and/or publishes content? Where are your organization’s creative assets stored and managed? (“My Inbox” and/or “My Desktop” are not correct answers.) Do you have an editorial calendar? Do you have content specific metrics? Do you have a channel strategy? You’ve heard it a million times by n [...]

New From Visually: Turn Your Google Analytics Data As An Infographic Google Analytics Inforgraphic Sample Wouldn't it be great to get weekly website performance updates as a simple, easy-to-read graphic? Now you can go beyond the Google Analytics dashboard with a new creative  - and free - tool by The New Google Analytics Report tool automatically delivers an infographic depicting your favorite metrics right to your desktop. Below is a sample of a full infographic that is generated. To be clear, this report isn't meant to replace regular analytics dashboards, nor does it report beyond page views, visitors, time on site, organic traffic and social traffic. You also may be tra [...]

Infographic: A Marketer’s Guide To Pinterest

pinterest-logo Still haven't gotten started on one of the fastest social media sites out there, Pinterest? Pin this -- an infographic guide for marketers on how to get started with the service. Produced by the folks at Prestige Marketing, the infographic covers everything from making good use of your "About" copy to the use of hashtags, running themed boards and more: Want the infographic for yourself? You'll find it here: Advertising On Pinterest – A How-To Guide [Infographic]. And below, see some of our own articles that will help you succeed with Pinterest. [...]

Infographic: The Year In Social Media, A 2012 Recap

The State of Social Media 2012 What happened in social media over the past year? In 2012, everything from President Obama holding a Google Hangout to Facebook buying Instagram and going public to the Pope joining Twitter and Psy's Gangnam Style breaking one billion views on YouTube. The folks at The SEO Company working with NowSourcing produced a nice infographic documenting some of the many social media highlights of 2012: Want the infographic for yourself? You'll find it here: The State Of Social Media 2012. Any highlights or important moments you think are missing? Share them below. And Happy New Year's Eve [...]

Infographic: The Hours We Spend On Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest & Social Media

Infographic_ The Growing Impact of Social Media | Socially Aware Blog Feeling short of time? Perhaps you've lost it all to social media. People spend nearly 7 hours per month on Facebook, and time overall spent on social media is way up since 2006. Even watching TV has become social, with 29% saying they watch TV and use Facebook at the same time. These stats and many more have been compiled into an infographic from the folks at Socially Aware: Want the infographic for yourself? You'll find it here: Infographic: The Growing Impact of Social Media. [...]

Infographic: SoLoMo Stats & Opportunities For Retailers

The Retailers Guide to SoLoMo SoLoMo. A single world to combine three hot marketing areas that often intersect: social, local & mobile. The folks at Monetate have put together an infographic with interesting stats about the three areas and how they can drive visitors into retail stores on-and-off the web. Are you prepared for "showrooming" or are you offering things that mobile users want, such as directions and product info, in a mobile friendly way? You can get the infographic yourself here, The Retailers Guide to SoLoMo, along with links to the source material. Related Articles Study: Consumers W [...]

Infographic: How To Promote Your Blog Posts

If a blog post is written and no one reads it, does it really exist? Rather than ask philosophical questions like this, just ensure people are reading your blog posts! There are a variety of easy ways this can be done, from social media to email. The people at Launch Grow Joy assembled a number of promotion ideas into a an easy-to-review infographic: You can get the infographic for yourself here: 30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts. A few caveats to keep in mind. When it comes to bookmarking sites, submitting your own content to places like Reddit may not be the wisest of ideas. Th [...]

Infographic: iPhone Beats Outlook As Top Email Client, As Mobile Overtakes Desktop

email-marketing-featured What's the most popular email client out there? The iPhone, which stats says now is used by more people than Outlook. That goes along with a trend of more email now being opened on mobile devices than in desktop clients, though the use of webmail could be happening in both places. The stats are from Litmus, an email testing and analytics company that examined one billion "opens" of emails sent by its customers in June, then compiled the findings into this infographic: You can get the infographic yourself here: Email Client Market Share: New Stats. As you can see, more email is now op [...]

Infographic: What Do We Do Online?

Do you know the online population you're marketing to? They email, search, read online news, shop and are increasingly doing social networking. And more will be coming -- only about 1/3 of the world is online. These stats and more were compiled into an infographic by the people at Customer Magnetism. Check it out, below: You'll find the original infographic here: The Online Population Boom. [...]

The Tech Investment Metric System — A New Type Of “Gram”

dollars-weight-scale-featured Instagram sold for $1 billion! Slideshare is being purchased for $118 million! Facebook about to go public for $100 billion! Apple's on its way to being worth $1 trillion dollars! A tech bubble? Who cares. With valuations like these, we need a new way of measure the worth of a company. Allow me to introduce a new type of "gram," one used to value companies. I can't claim the credit here. Last week, I was talking with Google distinguished engineer Matt Cutts. Most known for his role as head of Google's web spam team, Cutts is also an investor himself, as well as a pretty witty observer of al [...]

Infographic: What Should You Be Testing On Your Site?

Testing your web site? You should -- and you should be testing more than the landing page. Different pages, from your own search results to checkout pages should be tested, as well as particular elements such as copy and call-to-action buttons. The folks from Monetate have put together an infographic listing things you should consider testing. The stats on the most popular page elements that get tested were particularly interesting: Want the infographic for yourself? You'll find it here: Website Testing: Move Beyond the Landing Page. [...]

Infographic: Social Media Networking Site Cheat Sheet

Do you know your Twitter from your Facebook? Your Google+ from your Tumblr? Designed for small businesses, the "cheat sheet" below might still be useful to anyone trying to get familiar with some of the social media networking sites out there. The infographic is from the folks at Flowtown and provides some basic tips, lingo and relative audience size for various social networking sites, though Pinterest was too new to be included, apparently: Want the infographic for yourself? You'll find it here: The Small Business Social Media Cheat Sheet [...]

Infographic: Google Searches & The Super Bowl

party list It's well known that the Super Bowl generates plenty of search activity. But in the wake of 2012's Super Bowl XLVI yesterday, Google has produced an infographic filled with stats including a play-by-play of interest by search topic. The full infographic is below. Here's a break-out on each of the key areas, along with some additional charts outside the infographic that Google has provided. The Week Before In the week leading up to the game, popular Super Bowl-related searches were: Super Bowl recipe (up 23 times more than normal) Seven layer dip (up 10 times more than normal) Sup [...]

Infographic: Meet The Chinese Facebook, Twitter & YouTube

What's Chinese for Facebook? Try RenRen. For Twitter? How about Weibo. YouTube? Youku. These aren't different names for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Rather, they are completely different, popular and homegrown Chinese social networking and sharing services. Gerson Lehrman Group's G+ site put together an infographic listing some of what it calls the popular "copycat" social media platforms in China, along with some stats on internet activity in the country, though the activity stats are fairly dated, from 2009: Want the infographic for yourself? You'll find it here: A Social Media Rev [...]

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