Apple & Google End Bitter Mobile Patent Litigation Chapter

apple-google-featured Late last week, Apple and Google's (soon to be Lenovo's) Motorola Mobility settled their mutual mobile patent claims against one another. However, the companies declined to do a cross-licensing deal, which is often customary in these situations. While the agreement ends the often bitter litigation between Motorola and Apple, it has no impact on the ongoing Apple-Samsung dispute(s). In that litigation, so far, Apple has won a majority of the courtroom battles, but Samsung is winning the market-share battle out in the world. Perhaps more significant than the Apple-Google settlement, the c [...]

Patent Verdict: Apple Wins The Round But Fails To Land A Blow Vs. Samsung

apple-google-featured You have to wonder what Apple and its lawyers are now thinking. Last Friday's patent victory did almost nothing for the company and nothing to deter or stop the momentum of chief rival Samsung. After a hard fought and widely publicized trial, Apple extracted a jury verdict of just $119 million against the Korean company. It's a far cry from the roughly $2 billion Apple was seeking. As a financial penalty it's trivial; as a "moral victory" there may be some satisfaction there -- but not much. Apple won roughly $1 billion in damages -- a landmark in patent litigation -- from Samsung last J [...]

Second Apple Patent Suit Vs. Samsung Ropes In Google

apple-google-featured If you're tired of news about smartphone-related patent litigation, you're not alone. However, there's more to come as Apple and Samsung's long-running patent feud appears no closer to resolution today than it was two years ago. The parties return to court this week for another round of patent-for-tat. The new case presents five Apple claims against Samsung and two counterclaims against Apple. Among the Apple claims against Samsung are "slide to unlock" and "tap to search" (on a map) or call a phone number. The damages sought by each side are curiously unbalanced. Apple wants a $40 roya [...]

Coming To Google: Click On Ad, Get Free Ride To Merchant Or Restaurant?

Google self-driving car logo The day may be near when AdWords advertisers can offer customers immediate transportation to bring them to their locations right from an ad.  Google has been awarded the patent for "Transportation-aware physical advertising conversions" US 8630897 B1 which essentially allows advertisers to show a sort-of transportation ad extension offering free or discounted travel to their stores. A hair salon could include free or discounted transportation in its ads displayed during lunch hour to nearby office parks. Or as in Google's own example illustrated below, a restaurant could offer a lunch offe [...]

Verdict: Samsung Owes Apple $290 Million More But It Won’t Matter

apple-logo-black The Judge (Lucy Koh) in the landmark Samsung-Apple patent trial in California ordered a partial retrial on damages. Today the damages case was sent to the jury, which deliberated and awarded Apple $290 million more according to AllThingsD. In total, Samsung owes Apple nearly a billion dollars in damages not counting legal fees. Yet for both companies, this doesn't end their global legal battle, nor does $1 billion matter much to Samsung. In the third quarter Samsung made roughly $9.6 billion in profit, roughly two-thirds of which come from the sale of mobile devices. Android is the do [...]

Google’s $1 Billion Waze Acquisition To See Antitrust Review

waze-featured It will probably just be a formality; however, Google confirmed this weekend that its proposed acquisition of social mapping platform Waze will undergo US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) antitrust scrutiny. Waze's revenues are minimal; but, the acquisition price is surely what got the FTC's attention. In addition, Waze becomes one fewer potential mapping challenger in the marketplace. According to the Wall Street Journal, the FTC "is expected to focus on whether Waze would have become a head-to-head competitor with Google, whose Google Maps software is the dominant digital mapping and naviga [...]

Apple Targets Samsung Galaxy S4 & “Google Now” With Amended Patent Claims

google-legal-law In the ongoing "war of the worlds" patent litigation between Apple and Samsung/Google, the Cupertino company has said it will amend its patent infringement claims to include the Galaxy S4. That's according to Foss Patents, which also reports that Apple asserts Google Now infringes two patents associated with Siri. Overall, there are five patents being asserted in the amended Apple pleadings (below). The Siri-related patents are U.S. Patent No. 8,086,604 and U.S. Patent No. 6,847,959, which pertain to a "universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system." Apple is [...]

Europe Finds That Google’s Motorola Unit “Abused Its Dominant Position” In Patent Fight With Apple

Google Europe The European Commission has made a preliminary determination that Google's Motorola Mobility unit "abused its dominant position" under EU antitrust rules in seeking to obtain and enforce an injunction against Apple in Germany. At the center of the dispute is Motorola's claimed misuse of  "standards essential patents" in mobile patent litigation against Apple. Google's antitrust settlement with the FTC in the US requires the company not to use standards-essential patents to block rival mobile products. The European Commission says that's what Motorola was trying to do in this case. Howe [...]

Federal Judge Expresses Anger Toward Apple, Motorola For Using Global Litigation “As A Business Strategy”

android-apple-ios In the original Star Trek series episode called "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield," two nearly identical aliens, inflamed by mutual hatred, beam down to their decimated planet to continue their fight, seemingly for eternity. That might also be a way to describe the Apple-Android global litigation: it goes on and on, seemingly forever. A frustrated federal judge in Florida has publicly attacked both Apple and, in this case, Motorola (Google) for being unwilling to voluntarily streamline and simplify their case or engage in sincere settlement talks. According to Bloomberg, exasperated US  [...]

Google Countersues British Telecom In US, UK For Patent Infringement

BT OneVoice Google (and Motorola Mobility) have counter-sued the UK's BT Group (British Telecom) for patent infringement in the US and UK. This follows a 2011 patent lawsuit filing by BT against Google. Google has probably asserted its patents in an effort to provide some negotiating leverage against BT in any future settlement discussions. The patents at issue concern IP telephony, data management, networking and mobile technology. BT claims that several of Google's services infringe its patents, including aspects of Android. By contrast Google says that BT has infringed its patents with the latter's [...]

Oracle V. Google Part Deux: The Copyright Appeal

Oracle has filed an appeal in its unsuccessful copyright and patent case against Google involving the Java programming language (specifically Java APIs). Oracle acquired Java when it bought Sun Microsystems several years ago. At trial, Oracle was basically shut out on all its claims. It appears that Oracle is only appealing the copyright portion of the case. The jury originally did find copyright infringement by Google, but also found that Google's selective use of Java in the Android OS constituted "fair use." Fair use is a defense against infringement. The judge in the case, William Al [...]

Facebook, AddThis Face Lawsuit Over ‘Like’ Button

facebook-like-thumb-icon Facebook and AddThis, the social sharing platform company, are named as defendants in a lawsuit that claims two violations of patent infringement law. Rembrandt Social Media, a patent-holding company, filed the suit last week in Virginia, saying that Facebook infringed on two of its patents and AddThis on one. As Ars Technica reported, Rembrandt is working with the family of Joannes Jozef Everardus Van Der Meer, a Dutch programmer described in the lawsuit as "a pioneer in the development of user-friendly Web-based technologies," who died in 2004. Van Der Meer, who once owned the surfb [...]

Apple-Samsung Patent Verdict Now Empty Footnote In Global Smartphone Contest

android-apple-ios For a time, it looked like Apple's $1 billion patent infringement verdict against Samsung would would rock the smartphone world. However, in the months since the landmark decision was handed down, it has proven to be little more than a symbolic victory. Courts and the US International Trade Commission have been loath to ban the import of Android devices regardless of infringement findings. Apple is thus left with its damages and the dubious, symbolic argument that its claims were vindicated by the courts. None of that means anything to the smartphone buying public. By duplicating the "tr [...]

Apple Drops Patent Claim Against Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

S3 Mini According to Reuters yesterday Apple has agreed to drop patent infringement claims against the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. Despite its availability online in several places, including Amazon, Samsung represented to the court that it's not "making, using, selling, offering to sell or importing the Galaxy S III Mini in the United States." On that basis Apple has withdrawn its complaint. Indeed, a search on the Samsung US website doesn't shows only the Galaxy S3 in response to a search for "Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini." However the phone can be purchased on the US version of Amazon's website as [...]

Apple’s $1 Billion Patent Infringement Verdict Against Samsung Could Turn Out Largely Symbolic

law-legal-concept Earlier this year Apple won a billion-dollar US patent infringement case against Samsung. On almost every single claim Apple succeeded, including claims of willful infringement by Samsung. Samsung lost on all its counterclaims. It was a staggering victory for Apple and apparent vindication of its contention that Samsung had "slavishly copied" the iPhone for its various Android handset designs. Yet even this massive win with its $1 billion verdict may turn out to be largely symbolic. Yesterday Judge Lucy Koh denied both Samsung and Apple what they wanted in a post-trial hearing. Samsung h [...]

Apple Notches More Patent-Related Victories Against Android OEMs: Samsung And Motorola

law-legal-concept According to Bloomberg Apple has won another legal victory against rival Samsung, this time in front of the US International Trade Commission (ITC). Samsung had gone to the ITC to block the importing of iPhones and iPads (from China) into the US on patent-infringement grounds. Samsung claimed four patent violations by Apple. Administrative law judge James Gildea found that Apple didn't violate any of the Samsung patents in question. The decision is still preliminary; however it's likely to stand. And it comes on the heels of Apple's recent federal court trial victory against Samsung la [...]

Apple Goes 1 For 2 As Japan Court Rules In Favor Of Samsung

law-legal-concept Recently Apple won a major victory "at home" and lost (partly) "on the road" in South Korea, where a court last Friday issued a split decision in its IP litigation with Samsung. Earlier today Samsung won a round: a court in Japan found that the Korean company did not infringe Apple patents that involve "synchronizing music and video data with servers." From the published reports it appears the court was skeptical of Apple's claim to such basic functionality. Following the decision, Samsung shares gained back some of the losses they suffered in the wake of the major defeat the company suffer [...]

Google-Apple Patent Détente On The Horizon?

Nixon and Breshnev, 1972 Reuters is reporting that Google's CEO Larry Page and Apple CEO Tim Cook have been involved in "behind-the-scenes conversations about a range of intellectual property matters." Like Russia and the US during the cold war, Reuters says the "two companies are keeping the lines of communication open at a high level." The article suggests the discussions started before the recent Apple victory over Samsung in the much-watched US patent trial. That litigation was widely thought to be a proxy fight against Google-Android. And many assumed that direct Apple-Google litigation was likely in its wake [...]

Google: “Core Android” Not Impacted By Apple-Samsung Verdict

android-featured Will Apple's sweeping, yet still preliminary, patent victory over Samsung have a positive or negative impact on Android? Will it have any impact at all? Will it be the death of competition or a boon for competition? Opinions are all over the place. Over the weekend Google issued a statement (via TheVerge) that the decision will have no impact on "core Android" features or capabilities: The court of appeals will review both infringement and the validity of the patent claims. Most of these don’t relate to the core Android operating system, and several are being re-examined by the US Pate [...]

Google Reveals Prominent Legal Expert Among Paid Consultants

google-legal-law As you may recall the judge in the Oracle v. Google patent and copyright trial (William Alsup) asked both sides to reveal authors, bloggers, journalists and others with whom they had financial relationships. Oracle disclosed that it had retained Florian Mueller, who writes the widely read patent blog FOSS Patents. Google said that it had no such relationships. The judge wasn't satisfied with that response and ordered Google to try again and produce a list of paid commentators by August 24. At the end of last week, Google complied by filing a supplemental disclosure listing several nam [...]

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