Will Apple’s Patent Victory Reshape The Smartphone Market?

smartphones-featured This is the question on many minds following the dramatic Apple victory over Samsung in its patent case in US federal court on Friday. Many bloggers, pundits and tech journalists are now mulling over the implications and considering "What comes next?" Decrying the $1 billion-plus verdict Samsung immediately predicted the sky will fall on consumers: "It will lead to fewer choices, less innovation and potentially higher prices," the company statement claimed. Mostly hyperbole, that's unlikely to happen. Indeed the verdict is unlikely to impact Samsung in a big way either. Samsung Unlikel [...]

Apple Wins: Proves Samsung Infringed Patents As Jury Awards $1B+ In Damages

apple-featured Apple has won most of its case against Samsung. The jury found in Apple's favor on an overwhelming majority of claims. Samsung was found to have infringed six of seven Apple patents. Conversely, the jury found against Samsung on almost all claims, including arguments that Apple's patents were invalid. The jury also found that Samsung's infringement was "willful" in several cases and awarded Apple more than $1 billion in damages. By the same token Samsung mostly drew a blank on its claims and was awarded $0 damages. The Korean handset maker will certainly appeal. But the outlook for succ [...]

As World Awaits US Apple-Samsung Verdict, Parallel Trial Sideshow Ends In S. Korean Court

law-legal-concept The tech world is breathlessly waiting for the jury in the US federal district court trial (San Jose, CA) in Apple v. Samsung to deliver its verdict. My prediction: expect some sort of "split decision," in which the jury finds Samsung liable on some but not all of Apple's claims and awards some but not all the damages that Apple is asking for. (Update: see our post-verdict story: Apple Wins: Proves Samsung Infringed Patents As Jury Awards $1B+ In Damages.) Apple might similarly be held liable on a couple of Samsung's counter-claims but those are unlikely to be "material." In such an [...]

Judge: “Google Failed To Comply” With Order To Disclose Paid Authors, Bloggers

google-legal-law In the Oracle vs. Google litigation, which is winding down, Judge William Alsup ordered the companies to disclose authors, bloggers and journalists with whom they had financial relationships. Oracle previously disclosed that it had retained Florian Mueller, who writes the blog FOSS Patents. Google disclosed that it had paid no one. On August 17, 2012 Google filed a statement that read in part: Neither Google nor its counsel has paid an author, journalist, commentator or blogger to report or comment on any issues in this case. And neither Google nor its counsel has been involved in any [...]

Google (As Motorola) Sues Apple Over Patents, Seeks US Import Ban On iPhones, Macs

apple-google-featured Apple has been waging a proxy war with Google and Android through its global litigation with Samsung. Now the companies will be directly battling it out in a new action filed by Google subsidiary Motorola before the US International Trade Commission (ITC). Motorola filed and partly won a patent case before the ITC, prior to the Google acquisition. But this is the first case filed under Google ownership. The earlier Motorola ITC patent victory was based on a single claim related to wireless 3G standards. Motorola seeks an import ban on iPhones in that case. A final decision from the administ [...]

Confirmed: Yahoo, Facebook Settle Patent Dispute, Announce Ad & Distribution Partnership

facebook-yahoo-featured AllThingsD is reporting Yahoo has reached a deal with Facebook to drop the patent infringement lawsuit in exchange for expanding their ad and content deal. Kara Swisher, who typically has the inside word on these topics, said the deal was approved this morning by Yahoo’s directors on a telephone meeting. Kara said Yahoo and Facebook will formally announce it "sometime later today." There wil be no cash payments involved in this deal. The specifics of the deal are not clear right now but the main point is Yahoo will drop their patent suit and they will expand their ongoing partnersh [...]

Patent Chaos: Apple Blocks Galaxy Devices, Googlerola To Face Feds Over Licensing

patent-icon-logo Nobody would disagree with the assertion that the patent system in this country is in a state of chaos. Most of the big internet companies and all the major players in the mobile segment are in litigation over patents, either suing or being sued. It's an incredible waste of time and resources. Among the big match-ups are Apple vs Samsung-Android and Motorola (now Google by virtue of the acquisition) vs Apple and Microsoft. Last week Chicago-based US District Court Judge Richard Posner simply dismissed a closely watched patent case involving Apple and Motorola. Each had sued the other and [...]

Google Scores Total Victory Against Oracle In Patent Suit

According to reports just coming out, the jury in the Oracle-Google trial has found that Google did not infringe any of Oracle's patents with Android. Thus there are no damages that Google must pay to Oracle. This is near total victory for Google. In an earlier phase of the trial Google was found by the jury to have violated Oracle's copyright in using some Java code in Android APIs. However, the jury deadlocked on the question of Google's defense of "fair use." The status of that portion of the trial is still unresolved. Final determinations about the copyright issues will be mad [...]

Oracle vs Google Split Decision: Jury Finds Copyright Infringement But Deadlocks On “Fair Use”

Screen shot 2012-05-07 at 3.03.37 PM According to published reports, a federal jury earlier today delivered a mixed result in Oracle v. Google. The jury found that Google had in fact infringed on Oracle's Java copyright (by virtue of its Sun Microsystems acquisition) in using some Java code in Android and related APIs. However it deadlocked on the question of whether that infringement was protected by the doctrine of "fair use." Fair use is a defense against a claim of copyright infringement. There were more findings and procedural nuances, more fully explained in the Mercury News article on the case. Google has now moved f [...]

Judge Says Android Was A Big Money Loser In 2010

android-losing-money-featured Even as it was selling more and more handsets Google's Android platform apparently lost considerable money throughout 2010, according to remarks made by the Judge in the Oracle-Google intellectual property trial. According to Reuters, Judge William Alsup commented on otherwise sealed financial documents submitted by Google to the court. "That adds up to a big loss for the whole year," the Judge reflected. This, despite generating nearly $100 million in revenue in Q1 2010. The reason this came up is because Android profit and loss records were submitted to the court as part of a damages h [...]

Facebook To Buy 650 AOL Patents From Microsoft

facebook-logo-sm Just two weeks after Microsoft bought more than 925 patents from AOL, the company is turning around and selling about 650 of them to Facebook. The deal also allows Facebook to license the other AOL patents that it's not buying from Microsoft. According to today's announcement, the sale will cost Facebook about $550 million -- close to half of what Microsoft originally spent on the AOL patents. Microsoft says the sale is motivated by financial reasons. "Today’s agreement with Facebook enables us to recoup over half of our costs while achieving our goals from the AOL auction," says Micr [...]

Microsoft Buys 800+ AOL Patents For $1.1 Billion

patent-money-cash-featured AOL and Microsoft have announced an agreement covering the sale of more than 800 AOL patents to Microsoft for $1.056 billion dollars. As part of the agreement, Microsoft also gains a non-exclusive license to more than 300 other patents that AOL is retaining. And AOL also continues to hold a license on the patents that it's selling to Microsoft. The deal comes at a time when tech companies are in something of an arms race over patents, and even a war with Yahoo recently suing Facebook for patent infringement and Facebook counter-suing Yahoo for the same reason. Google bought Motorola Mob [...]

Yahoo Sues Facebook For Patent Infringement, How Much Will Facebook Wind Up Paying?

facebook-yahoo-featured As is being widely reported, Yahoo filed a patent lawsuit against Facebook today in US Federal Court in the Northern District of California. At the center of the litigation are a wide range of claims that cover advertising, the news feed, messaging, social networking and privacy, among others. Here's a key paragraph from the complaint: It reads, "For much of the technology upon which Facebook is based, Yahoo got there first . . ." No dollar amount is specified in the damages portion of the complaint. Presumably Yahoo thinks this IP is worth hundreds of millions if not billions of dol [...]

Yahoo Joins Patent Wars, Says Facebook Is Infringing IP

You have to wonder whether Yahoo's patent-saber rattling is a sincere effort to enforce its intellectual property or an admission about Yahoo's competitive position relative to Facebook. After several years of turmoil, internal politics and a loss of talent the company is struggling to regain its place in the pantheon of top-tier internet companies. Reuters and the NY Times reported yesterday that Yahoo is now asking Facebook for licensing fees related to "10 or 20 patents." The particular patents aren't identified; however Yahoo owns several thousand, covering things like content and adver [...]

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