Mobile Marketing involves reaching customers and prospects when they’re using the internet away from the traditional home/office desktop environment. The increased usage of smartphones, tablets and similar mobile devices has made mobile marketing a must for many online businesses.

LiquidM Launches First White-Labeled Mobile Ad Management Platform

liquidm-logo LiquidM emerged from stealth mode today to announce the public availability of its new white-labeled mobile advertising management platform. The cloud-based SaaS product is designed to simplify mobile ad management processes for mobile media buyers. “As the mobile advertising industry is moving through the trough of disillusionment, more and more mobile advertising companies are looking to increase their competitiveness by turning to a full stack ad tech provider,” said Christof Wittig, CEO of LiquidM. “While some in the market still believe that scale and more sales people will solve [...]

Q3 2013 Roundup: Analyzing IOS 7 And The Evolving Mobile Landscape

iPhone5s-iOS7 A recent study published by Chitika Insights found that nearly 32% of North American iOS-based Web Traffic was generated by iOS 7 users just 48 hours following the release of the new OS on Wednesday, September 18. In a subsequent update published on September 25, data showed the iOS 7 adoption rate reaching more than 50% in North America a week after its release. When compared with the adoption rate of Jelly Bean 4.3 in the same time period, the rapid rate of adoption for iOS 7 seems all the more impressive. By most measures, iOS 7 was the fastest software upgrade in history. The success [...]

Gmail App Update Points To Arrival Of Mobile Ads

gmail-app-logo Unlike the desktop version, Gmail apps have remained ad free. It now appears with the latest Android Gmail update, that's going to change. Artem Russakovskii of Android Police dug in to version 4.6 of the Android Gmail app and found evidence that, while likely not live yet, ads are coming. The code below suggests users will have the ability to save ads as messages and even dismiss an ad, according to Russakovskii: <string name="ad">AD</string> <string name="ad_will_not_save">Will not save ad as message</string> <string name="ad_will_save">Will save ad as [...]

Twitter Deal With NFL Will Bring Instant-Replay & League Highlight Videos Via Sponsored Tweets

twitter-nfl-featured Twitter and the NFL have announced a new ad partnership, allowing the social media company to share instant-replay footage from the league via sponsored tweets. According to a report on Reuters, "Under the new agreement, the NFL will package in-game highlights and other video content - as well as a short ad from a marketer - inside tweets that are 'sponsored' and distributed by the marketer during games." Without giving specifics, Reuters claims that the NFL and Twitter will split revenue earned from the sponsored Tweets. The announcement confirmed that the new deal is Twitter's largest [...]

Making Multi-Screen Campaigns More Engaging: Tips From 3 Pioneers At #AWX

Making Multi-Screen Campaigns More Engaging Panel - Advertising Week 2013 Welcome back to Marketing Land's coverage of Advertising Week 2013! The afternoon of Day 2 assembled an esteemed panel of pioneers in the multi-screen campaign space. Lead by moderator Suzan Gursoy, Publisher of ADWEEK, the trio of speakers included Ritu Trivedi, SVP, Digital Strategy & Partnerships, MEDIAVEST, Karen Starns, Edwards GM Bing Consumer Marketing, MICROSOFT, and Aimee Duell EVP Brand Partnerships, BELIEVE ENTERTAINMENT GROUP. Yep, they were all women. And yep, they were all smart as you-know-what. Another great thing these speakers brought to the table was they each rep [...]

Putting Facial Recognition Technology To Work For The Consumer: 5 Questions With Facedeals CEO

facedeals-featured Facial recognition technology has everyone in an uproar. Privacy advocates and consumers alike are fearful of its possible uses; but, one company believes the controversial technology can be a consumer's best friend, and has an app to prove it. Started in the "invention lab" of Redpepper advertising agency in Nashville, Tennessee, Facedeals has developed an app that uses facial recognition technology to deliver local, personalized deals straight to a user's smartphone. While the app is still in beta-testing, Facedeals CEO Dave McMullen says the company is looking to launch in multiple lo [...]

StumbleUpon Quietly Becomes Profitable As Advertisers Flock To Mobile-Friendly Native Ads

stumbleupon-featured Ten years on, the online content discovery and bookmarking service StumbleUpon is hitting its stride in attracting advertisers to its mobile apps. The company has released revenue data for the first time showing it's now profitable and expects revenue to hit $35 to 40 million this year, growing as much as 33 percent from last year. The company shared these stats and more today on Bloomberg, revealing efforts to crack the mobile nut are paying off. StumbleUpon CEO, Mark Bartels says the company expects more than 20 percent of sales this year to come from mobile applications on smartphones an [...]

Why Customer-Centric Mobile Optimization Matters

Keep-Calm-Mobile-Image-Final While perusing the latest and greatest stats on mobile adoption rates, I ran across recent report by the  UK's Internet Advertising Bureau that really got me thinking. It stated that, as of January 2013, 57% of the top 100 UK brands now have a mobile-optimized site -- up from 37% just six months earlier. Given the increase in mobile device adoption and usage rates, this is a promising trend. However, with the increase in traffic, marketers are also reporting high bounce rates and low engagement on mobile devices. This report contrasted with many other sources, which had been touting increa [...]

Call-Through Rate: Key Mobile Ad Performance Metric

applenotorange With as many as 60 percent of all mobile local searches leading to consumer action within the day (depending on the category), mobile consumers are ready to connect with businesses. While calls are a de facto consumer response for smartphones (it is, after all, a phone), only a small number of mobile marketers are tracking the calls generated by their mobile campaigns. There has been a lot of talk about looking beyond the click for a more holistic view of mobile ROI. Action-based secondary metrics like map views, direction lookups and reservation bookings help confirm which mobile ad channe [...]

QR Codes Work (When Done Well)

qr-code-featured One of the advantages of writing this column at Marketing Land now is that we can focus on any aspect of mobile marketing that interests us -- not just mobile search. So in this column, I'd like to focus on everyone's favorite scannable 2D bar code -- the QR code -- and explain why I think it still makes sense for many marketers to use, provided they do it correctly. [caption id="attachment_56247" align="aligncenter" width="600"] What Google search thinks about QR codes doesn't mean they can't work for you.[/caption] Yes, all of you QR haters: I have heard you. Earlier this year on Marke [...]

5 Mobile Trends Marketers Need To Know About

5 trends Given that we are a little more than halfway through the year, it feels like it's the right time to take a step back and look at some of the key trends happening in the mobile space. In particular, these are trends that marketers should care about, especially as this channel continues to grow in both numbers and usage (see stats below). Some Key Mobile Stats Below are some stats that marketers should pay attention to. [caption id="attachment_56015" align="alignright" width="288"] Image via Shutterstock[/caption] There are 6.8 billion mobile subscribers worldwide. That's up from 6 bill [...]

Google Brings Tag Manager To Mobile Apps

google-tag-manager-mobile Google's Tag Manager tool is now available for use in mobile apps. The company previewed the new tool back at its I/O developer conference in May, and made the formal announcement today. Google says Tag Manager for Mobile Apps should bring more flexibility for mobile marketers who have to deal with the static nature of mobile apps. Forget to add an event to a key button press? Tough! Need to add conversion tracking for a last minute campaign? Too bad! Realize you need to change an important configuration setting? Sorry, not possible... that is, until now! Previewed at Google I/O earlier [...]

Google: We Have No Plans To Use Pay-Per-Gaze Advertising Patent

google-g-logo-2012 In the wake of lots of buzz surrounding last week's news that Google has been granted a patent for "pay-per-gaze" advertising, sources at Google tell us that the company has no plans now or in the foreseeable future to use the patent. As we (and others) reported last week, Google's patent -- which it filed in 2011 -- describes a method for "pay-per-gaze advertising" associated with eye-tracking sensors on eyeglasses that have at least one forward-facing camera. The patent didn't specifically mention Google Glass by name, and the drawings show a traditional two-lens eyeglass device, but seve [...]

Pay-Per-Gaze Advertising: New Google Patent May Reveal Plans For Monetizing Google Glass

google-glass-model-featured Google has been granted a patent that appears to reveal some far-reaching plans for the eye-tracking sensor that exists -- but currently isn't formally used -- on Google Glass. And if you think those plans must include some form of advertising, you'd be correct. In the patent, Google is calling it "pay-per-gaze" advertising, and it involves charging advertisers if the user looks at an ad -- online or offline -- while wearing Glass. To be clear, the patent -- which was filed in May 2011 and granted on Tuesday -- doesn't specifically mention Google Glass by name, and the application in [...]

TheFind: Mobile Now 35 Percent Of Our Traffic

TheFind logo Shopping site TheFind is repositioning itself as a personalized, multiplatform shopping utility that does more than simply give consumers access to product information and prices. It's now a dashboard for managing all e-commerce transactions in a single place, regardless of whether purchases were made through TheFind or on other sites. Shopping search has become something of a commodity. And with Google PLAs it's getting harder for shopping sites to appear in search results. Accordingly TheFind is moving beyond commodity shopping search with an emphasis on mobile user acquisition and person [...]

When It Comes To Social Media Sharing, Mobile Rules

Share This Every person on the planet has a mobile phone -- or at least it seems that way. Therefore, it should not be a big surprise that when it comes to social media sharing of content, more people do so via their mobile devices than their computers, according to a recent study done by ShareThis. The research, which compared 4.9 billion social patterns across the desktop Web and 1.2 billion social patterns across the mobile Web, also revealed insights into what people are sharing on what devices and which social networks are the most popular for sharing. Sharing From The Palm Of Your Hand The ke [...]

8 Reasons You Need A Nexus SEO Strategy For Mobile & Beyond

Image via Shutterstock [caption id="attachment_55177" align="alignright" width="300"] Image via Shutterstock[/caption] These days, the entry points to the Internet are becoming increasingly diverse. Once relegated to computers, the ability to access the Internet eventually came to phones and tablets -- and we're now seeing the emergence of a wide variety of Web-enabled devices, including TVs, glasses, watches, cars, microwave ovens and more. As newer Internet-capable devices come to market, they bring not only differing displays to respond to, but also differing search intent. Moving forward, websites need t [...]

Keep Calm & Send Email: Industry Experts Offer Hopeful Outlook On The New Gmail Inbox Tabs

email-featured On May 29, Google began rolling out a newly designed Gmail inbox that includes five separate tabs to group emails. After the announcement on Google's official Gmail blog, users began seeing their emails sorted into three tabs - Primary, Social and Promotions - with the two additional tabs, Updates and Forums, available from the Configure inbox settings. According to Google, the new inbox organizes emails in a way that lets users, "...see what's new at a glance and decide which emails you want to read when." The new Gmail tabs sent a shock wave through the email marketing community. Would [...]

4 Ways To Prepare For The Search, Social & Mobile Tipping Point

HiRes [caption id="attachment_167680" align="alignright" width="180"] This is a derivative work from an image used by permission from  istockphoto[/caption] According to the 2013 Internet Trends report released in May of 2013, mobile now accounts for 15% of all global Internet traffic and, with nearly 1.5 billion global smartphone subscribers and over 5 billion mobile phone users, learning about the way that people search, consume and share media across mobile devices is at the forefront of the search marketer's agenda. Mobile, Search & Local Hit The Marketer's Radar Mobile phones hav [...]

Why You Should Be Doing Mobile Marketing, If You Aren’t Already

emarketer media data 1 It doesn't seem so long ago that we were introduced to the magical world of the Internet. It became the fastest and most interactive way to get the latest news and entertainment, and with this new technology came a new avenue for marketers as well. Thus, the age of Internet marketing was born. Just when marketers thought they had understood the latest in online marketing, along came another avenue that has become a vital element of successful online marketing campaigns: mobile marketing. Marketers in recent years have sought to understand consumer mobile usage in order to most effectivel [...]

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