Report: 92 Percent Of Pinterest Pins Made By Women

Pinterest Pinterest has a nearly $4 billion valuation. It would be a very likely Yahoo acquisition candidate but for that huge valuation (and its own potential IPO aspirations). In its roughly four years of existence Pinterest has proven itself to be an extremely valuable social network, driving massive social sharing. It also has shown both its e-commerce potential and growing offline retail influence. But its most powerful attribute is undoubtedly its dedicated audience of overwhelmingly female pinners. Source: RJMetrics Analytics platform RJMetrics examined a data set of "50,000 [...]

Propelled By Women, Pinterest Beats Out Email In Social Sharing For First Time [Report]

pinterest-users-network-featured Pinterest has snagged the bronze from email. New data from social sharing service ShareThis shows that for the first time, Pinterest outpaced email to become the third most popular sharing channel in the fourth quarter of 2013. While sharing via email declined 11 percent year-over-year, Pinterest shares increased 58 percent, making it the fastest growing sharing channel in 2013. Most of that growth was driven by women, who account for 56.76 percent of social shares across all channels and 57.63 percent of shares to Pinterest. "The fact that Pinterest, which is still relatively young compar [...]

Pinners Purchase Aplenty This Cyber Monday: Pinterest Revenue Triples

pinterest-logo By now we know that this year's Cyber Monday was a hit with digital sales showing an 18 percent growth from last year. A new study from shows that Pinterest helped drive online sales as revenue on Cyber Monday was up 3.6x from the previous 30 days. Piqora analyzed 400 brands on Pinterest in this study and found that while Pinterest traffic was unchanged the purchasing intent of users was through the roof. According to Piqora, the amount of clicks out to these retailers didn't change either, it was simply that Pinners went from 'collect & discover' mode to 'buy' mode. This co [...]

Infographic: All About How People Share On Pinterest

Pinterest infographic Pinterest is one of the hot social media sites to emerge over the past year or so. Need a stat rundown on who uses it (hint: moms are big), how they use it (think iPads), when and what they share? The folks at ShareThis have compiled an infographic based on Pinterest interactions they see through the ShareThis network: As you can see, ShareThis says iPads are used more than any other device for interacting with Pinterest, responsible for nearly half the Pinterest shares it sees. Food leads the percentage of shares at 18%, followed by parenting items at 16% and fashion at 10%. Unlike Face [...]

New Data Insights On Pinterest’s Potential

pinterest Just a few months ago, Pinterest took a big step forward in its utility for businesses by providing free access to its own suite of analytics tools. I've excitedly dug in to understand the new data and am now even more convinced that Pinterest is the first social media channel made for marketing. After studying the performance data for the ten most active brands across Ahalogy's (my company's) network, the possibilities to brands if they commit to the platform are clear. Insight 1: Viral Nature of Pinterest Turbo-Charges Reach The first test revealed that the average reach per follo [...]

Gigya: Only 2 Percent Of Social Sharing Happens On Google+

google-plus-featured Despite a reportedly growing user base, Google+ isn't popular when it comes to sharing content on social networks. A new report from Gigya says that only two percent of social sharing happened on Google+ in Q2 of this year (April-June 2013). That's a fraction of the sharing that took place on Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest, Gigya says. Those same three sites -- Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest -- are the top sharing destinations from both media/publishing sites and e-commerce sites, too. But in the latter category, e-commerce, Pinterest is actually the top sharing destination. [...]

What Images Get Pinned On Pinterest? Red Beats Blue, Portrait Over Landscape & Lose The Faces

pinterest-logo According to visual analytics and marketing platform Curalate, brand images on Pinterest are 23 percent more likely to receive a repin if the image does not contain a face. Using custom algorithms to evaluate more than 500,000 Pinterest images, Curalate researched how an image's visual characteristics influence social media activity. Examining 30 different visual characteristics, including color, texture, lightness and saturation, the study found that images with lots of color are preferred, while red, orange and brown images are twice as likely to be repinned over blue pictures. Images of [...]

Brands Wanting More Leverage On Pinterest Should Follow The Lead Of Better Homes & Gardens

pinterest-logo-220 Social media metrics firm Unmetric evaluated over 5,000 branded Pinterest pages to determine which brands are leading on the social networking site built on images. The data gathered spanned from all time up until March 14, 2013 to identify the top five brands in five different categories: most followers, most comments, most likes, most pins and most repins. Of all the brands succeeding on Pinterest, Better Homes and Gardens made the most appearances, showing up in three of the five categories. The report revealed that brands with fashion, recipe, home and wedding boards score the highest a [...]

Study: Mobile Users & Older Generations Are Driving Social Media Growth Around The World

social-media-network-people A new GlobalWebIndex study analyzing international social media behavior revealed that mobile use and older Internet users are driving growth for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. To conduct the Social Stream Q1 2013 study, GlobalWebIndex surveyed 31,779 consumers in 31 different countries, examining global social media behaviors during the first quarter of this year. According to the findings, Android and iOS users were more likely to be on social networks than average Internet users. In Japan, iOS users were 133 percent more likely to use Google+ than average Internet us [...]

Pinning The Competition: Pinterest’s Four-Digit Growth Is Tops Of 2012

Social-Sites-Nielsen The big three sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) are about to become the big four. Pinterest is here to stay and was the clear cut winner in Nielsen’s 2012 Social Media Report. Pinterest showed the most growth year-over-year for social desktop usage, social web usage and social app usage. Pinterest saw a 1,047% increase in unique PC visitors, and is aiming to surpass LinkedIn this year. The social site that show the next highest growth was Google+ that saw an 80% increase in traditional web users.  Pinterest’s mobile growth also dwarfed the competition. The popular bookmarking sit [...]

Pinterest Debuts In comScore’s Top 50 Web Properties

pinterest-growth-featured You could see this one coming a mile away: Social image-sharing site Pinterest has finally cracked comScore's monthly list of the top 50 web properties in the U.S. The September Top 50 is just out, and Pinterest squeaked in at No. 50 with an estimated 25.3 million visitors. That puts it still slightly behind the declining MySpace (26 million estimated visitors). Instagram and Tumblr are also slightly ahead and Pinterest and stand at 44th and 42nd, respectively. Pinterest has been growing dramatically for at least a year, but its recent growth is no doubt being fueled by the site' [...]

Study: 70 Percent Of Pinterest Users Are There For Shopping Inspiration

pinterest-logo This should come as no surprise to anyone that's done more than just take a quick glance at Pinterest: Consumers rely heavily on the site when they're looking for product- and shopping-related inspiration. It's also, as I'll explain below, good news for Pinterest's future business plans. A recent BizRate Insights study compared why online shoppers in the US and Canada use Pinterest and Facebook. Both sites scored highly as a source of entertainment, but Pinterest users are there for commerce-related reasons more so than Facebook users. Seventy percent of Pinterest users say they use the [...]

Pinterest May Have More Visitors Than Tumblr; If Not, It Will Soon

pinterest-tumblr The folks at Compete made a splash today with a blog post that shows how Pinterest recently surpassed Tumblr in terms of unique visitors. Compete called it "monumental" and the news spread pretty quickly on Twitter and other tech/social circles. Compete's chart shows Pinterest on a more rapid rise toward 25 million uniques, while Tumblr traffic is rising more steadily toward the same number. It shows Pinterest surpassing Tumblr in August of this year. We checked in with comScore to see if their data showed the same thing. The answer? Not quite, but comScore shows that Pinterest is [...]

Social Network Demographics: Pew Study Shows Who Uses Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Others

social-media-network-people There are stereotypes attached to certain social networks about the makeup of their user base. LinkedIn is for business people. Facebook has a lot of older Americans. Pinterest is for girls. That's the conventional wisdom. (And just this week, a local friend of mine -- a guy -- gave me a hard time when he found that I have a Pinterest account. I'm very comfortable with that.) But are the stereotypes true? In a report issued this week that's ostensibly about social photo/video sharing activities, the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project also shared its latest social n [...]

Report: 17% Of Marketers Using (Or Planning To Use) Pinterest For Business Purposes

pinterest-users-network-featured With the recent mobile/tablet app additions and public opening of Pinterest, adoption rates within the marketing community are rising. A recent study by the Creative Group  showed that 7% of marketers are currently using Pinterest in their marketing mix and that 10% of marketers are planning to. The survey was made up of marketing and advertising executives from randomly selected companies with more than 100 or more employees.. The majority (44%) of respondents replied that they were not interested in using Pinterest for business purposes and 17% were interested but still hesitant. For [...]

Pinterest Userbase Up 237 Percent Since Start Of 2012, ComScore Says

pinterest-logo-220 Pinterest was again one of the fastest-growing websites in February, and its U.S. userbase is up 237 percent so far in 2012. That's according to comScore's monthly accounting of the Top 50 web properties in the U.S. ComScore estimates that Pinterest reached 17.8 million unique users in February, making it the third biggest gainer in monthly users for the month (behind Healthline and That figure is a 237 percent jump over the 7.5 million uniques that comScore estimated for Pinterest at the end of December. It also puts Pinterest in comScore's top 100 websites overall for the first [...]

Hitwise: Pinterest Passes 103 Million US Visits, Now A Top 30 Website

pinterest-growth-featured The hits keep on coming for social image sharing website Pinterest and, yes, I actually mean that in the analytics/visits/pageviews sense of the word "hits." The folks at Experian Hitwise say that Pinterest is now one of the top 30 US websites based on total pageviews. In the course of two tweets this afternoon, Hitwise offered the following stats about Pinterest's explosive growth: Pinterest received more than 103 million total US visits in February. That traffic was a 36 percent increase over January visits. Total US pageviews were up 21 percent between January and February. [...]

Pinterest Is Growing Like Gangbusters (Hitwise & comScore Agree)

pinterest-logo-220 The exact numbers may differ, but both Experian Hitwise and comScore agree that Pinterest is one of the hottest websites around right now. Hitwise tweeted yesterday about the site's growth, saying that Pinterest was the 60th most-visited website in the US last week, with total visits growing from 10 million to 17 million since the start of the year. Hitwise shared this chart showing Pinterest's growth. ComScore agrees. I wrote yesterday about comScore's latest ranking of the top web properties in the U.S. Not included in that story was Pinterest's inclusion on comScore's chart showi [...]

Pinterest, The Most Improved Social Site Of 2011?

While it's clear that the Facebook is the MVP of 2011, some interesting new social players made significant steps forward in 2011.  Some social sites fizzled out in 2011,  but Google+, Tumblr and others saw great growth this year.  One of the most surprising successes has been Pinterest, the online pinboard that makes social sharing simple. A recent report from Experian Hitwise shows the massive growth that occurred at the end of the year.  Pinterest received nearly 11 million total visits last week up 40 times traffic numbers in June.  The audience skews female (58% of audience) [...]

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