Watching Video Through A Reddit Filter Just Got Better If you like watching random videos on the Internet but want them a bit less random, you can tune into Launched in 2009, pulls video posted on the link-sharing network into a dashboard, allowing viewers to "easily flip through the hottest videos of the day and see what’s going on in your favorite subreddits or what’s popular on reddit from your favorite websites and platforms." Yesterday, the site updated its layout with an HTML5 player, a larger video screen and a slicker overall look. The main video source is from the r/videos subreddit, but there are als [...]

Newcastle Brown Ale Runs Reddit Ad To Promote The Super Bowl Commercial It Won’t Be Running

Newcastle IfWeMadeIt screen shot In place of the Super Bowl ad it couldn't afford, Newcastle has chosen to use a promoted post on Reddit for its Newcastle Brown Ale. Essentially, Newcastle's promoted post on Reddit is an ad... for an ad, or at least, a campaign. The promoted post asks Reddit users to tell Newcastle what kind of ad they would like to see: So tell us what you’d like to see in your ideal big, gimmicky S**** B*** ad, and we’ll show you the ad we would’ve made for reddit. We want to make an ad so effective, it’ll make every redditor empty their wallet and fill it with smooth, refreshing Newcastle Brown [...]

Report: Despite Reddit’s Furious Growth, Overall Share Of Referral Traffic Declined In 2013

Reddit-Share-Traffic Last month, Reddit posted fantastic end-of-year numbers that showed explosive growth. In 2013, the social aggregation site ended with 56 billion pageviews, 731 million unique visitors. and 6.7 billion total votes cast. These numbers were up 51% to 82% of 2012's numbers. Impressive, right? Well, one company doesn't think so. Shareaholic, a discovery and sharing platform that helps sites promote content, hasn't seen this growth translate into an increase of Reddit's share of overall visits to websites. The Shareaholic network supports 200,000+ websites and tracked 322 million people acros [...]

Caught Redd-Handed: How Trying To Game Reddit Can Backfire For Brands

reddit-featured If there is one thing as popular as narwhals or bacon on Reddit, it is the community rallying around those trying to infiltrate their system. As we've previously reported, Reddit does not like people who spam or who try to synthetically inflate their own articles. People haven't learned this yet and over the past few weeks there have been some strong examples of just how this can backfire for brands and companies. According to the Daily Dot, the large Russian news site has been banned from the news subreddit for alleged spamming and vote manipulation.  Now all content from su [...]

Reddit Insight Gives Users A Detailed Glimpse At Profiles, Posts & Statistics

reddit-growth-featured A slick new tool has been released to help users navigate the treacherous waters of Reddit. The simple looking social site has long been notorious for confusing visitors and being too streamlined. A new tool, Reddit Insight,  has been created by Hack Reactor that helps visualize and analyze Reddit accounts, posts, keywords and subreddits. Users can breakdown their specific profile data by entering in a username, or expound upon a post. The details provided show where users gained Karma and when articles received votes. The data is formatted using sleek charts that provide info when a [...]

Who Reads Reddit? 6% Of US Internet Users, Young Men Are Highest Group

reddit-logo.png.512 A new survey finds that six percent of adult Internet users in the United States say they've used Reddit, with the group most active perhaps being no surprise to those familiar with Reddit -- young men, ages 18 to 29. The report is from Pew Internet. In all age categories, Reddit was used by men more than women, and the biggest gap between the two sexes was in the youngest group. Young Men Like Reddit Whereas 15% of men aged 18-29 said they use Reddit, only 5% of women said they did, a 3-to-1 ratio. Other age groups have a smaller gap except for 65+ and older, where the percentage of use [...]

Karma Required: Reddit Looking For $1 Million In Angel Investing

Reddit-Logo Rumors have been swirling about Reddit being close to raising capital and AllThingsD has reported that this in fact the case. They just aren't looking for a heck of a lot of money.  Reddit (valued around $400 million) is apparently looking to raise just $1 million dollars. In comparison BuzzFeed raised a whopping $15.5 million earlier this week in their third round of funding. Reddit isn't looking for the cash from a VC firm, either; rather, they are only looking to certain angel investors. The likely reason for this is to gain influential investors rather than simply obtaining cash [...]

More Photos & Pics Please: Imgur Creates Image-Only Social Network

Imgur-Homepage Until this week the image hosting site Imgur has been most widely known as the most submitted URL to the social networking site Reddit. Imgur allows folks to quickly upload and host photos and has widely been adopted as the favorite hosting choice of Redditors. Earlier this week Imgur announced they will now be doing more than just hosting images, they will be running their own socially driven enhanced "gallery" with user moderation, reputation and advanced content sorting. Having an image be included in the new "gallery" is an option that users must choose when uploading.If this opt [...]

The Curious Story of Reddit, Heinous Content & Free Speech

Reddit-Alien Last week Gawker uncovered one of Reddit's most notorious users, Violentacrez. This user was a man known for creating vile, hateful, and illicit Subreddits on the site that sometimes displayed unlawful content. Reddit has always been a site that allowed users to mainly act out with little to no filtration other than from individual moderators of any given Subreddit. The outing of this  Reddit monster brings to light the legal & moral issues that any site can run into when inmates are running the Asylum and the conundrum that Reddit is facing. You see,  Michael Brutsch, aka Violentac [...]

Reddit, New Digg Make TIME’s Best Websites Of 2012

time-magazine-logo Two social networking stalwarts have made TIME magazine's list of the Top Websites of 2012: Reddit and Digg. The magazine compiles its list annually, and this year's Top 50 seems to focus even more than usual on sites that would be under the radar of a mainstream news magazine audience. As TIME says, most of the sites it likes to choose "aren't yet household names." So, this year's list includes both Reddit and Digg, two sites that have been around the social networking space for a long time but certainly don't have the name recognition of Facebook or Twitter. (Heck, pretty amazing that [...]

Ask The President Anything: Obama Partakes In A Presidential AMA On Reddit

reddit-alien Election season is upon us and the incumbent candidate, President Barack Obama, has taken to answer questions on the social news site Reddit. One of the more popular features on Reddit are ask me anything (AMA) posts where celebrities and interesting folks answer questions in the comments section of a submission. The President stated that he would partake in answering questions for about a half hour while on the campaign trail in Charlottesville. To participate, the President set up an account titled "PresidentObama," verified himself on Twitter and answered 9 different questions. A [...]

Reddit Bans The Atlantic, Business Week And More For Spamming

Yesterday Redditors noticed a strange error message when trying to submit content from a handful of major news sources, a message that indicated the sites were not allowing due to "spamming and/or cheating."  Reddit, the most popular social news aggregation site, has traditionally been a very open community, but this move is less apparent.  No official blog post, no Tweets from Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian -- just speculation. It has been noted that the bans are only temporary as well.  So far the list of banned domains include: [...]

Reddit Lands Former Facebook Engineer Yishan Wong As CEO

yishan-wong-redditor The world's most popular social news site has a new CEO, and a very atypical CEO at that.  Yishan Wong is a long time redditor, former Facebook Engineer, power Quora user - and now reddit's CEO.  Wong left Facebook about a year ago to do start up consulting, but jumped at the chance of overseeing Reddit: At first, I didn't really quite believe I was a serious candidate. It didn't seem real, and I knew that I didn't match the profile of what you might consider (or so I thought) a CEO candidate. I don't have the polish and the poise and the schmoozing, and I don't play golf. Instead, I'm [...]

Reddit On The Rise While The Decline Of Digg Continues

The Social News battle between and is nearly over - with a clear winner prevailing.  A recent post from, studied traffic from 12 major magazines and web-only destinations from both Digg and Reddit. The results?  Reddit referrals rose 360% from 2009 to 2011 while Digg traffic dropped to 4.6 million in 2011 - just 14% of the referrals the site was sending 2 years ago. [caption id="attachment_4495" align="aligncenter" width="431" caption="Image Courtesy of"][/caption] Even with 45 million in funding, Digg continually found a way to aliena [...]

Reddit Sees 2x Growth In 2011, Now Serving 2 Billion Pageviews A Month

reddit-growth-featured The most popular social news community, Reddit, hit record numbers in December.  The site served over 2 billion pageviews last month, up from 1 billion in February of 2011. Reddit is a community of sub-communities (also called sub-reddits) where people share relevant content and articles.  For example, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter sub-reddits exist that users can subscribe to if interested.  The submitted stories are voted up (or down)  by fellow Redditors.  The site is very minimalist which helps to keep the focus on the content itself. What is even more impressive about th [...]

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