Twitter Users Now Get List Of Auto-Complete Hashtag Suggestions On The Web

Twitter Logo While Twitter's Android and iOS apps already have an auto-complete function for trending hashtags, the social media site has brought the feature to the web, making it possible for users to find popular content more quickly, and, according to a report on, to help, "...funnel the discussion around hot button topics in a more focused fashion." Twitter's auto-complete offers users an extra level of direction by providing a collection of currently trending hashtags. A user wanting to find tweets on a specific topic - or connect their own tweets to a specific Twitter conversation - [...]

#ItsAHit: Study Shows Facebook Hashtags Have Been Adopted By Big Brands

facebook-hashtags-featured It's now been two full weeks since Facebook jumped into the hashtag market. A recent survey from SimplyMeasured found that so far, hashtags have been a hit with the top brands on Facebook. From June 12th to June 24th, 56% of the top 100 brands have posted a Facebook update that contained a hashtag. Nearly 40% of brands have posted multiple hashtagged posts, and a small portion of the brands went hashtag crazy with 10+ hashtag laden posts in that timeframe. The hashtagging hasn't been on a fleeting trial-basis. Brands have slowly ramped up the use of hashtags since Jun 12th. Of the po [...]

Will Hashtags Help Facebook In The Social TV War?

I've written a lot here about the intersection between social platforms and TV, and as these markets continue to evolve, there are still a lot of interesting things happening in both. A couple of things happened recently that probably highlight where social TV is heading, suggesting some of the things that marketers should be thinking about in order to make the best use of both. At the back end of last month, following the NewFronts (where digital media owners look to replicate the scale and success of the TV upfronts), Twitter made two important announcements. The first of these was the ex [...]

Why The New Facebook Hashtags Are #Awkward & #Unnecessary

hashtags-featured Today to the delight of many marketers Facebook announced the release of hashtags. The new clickable links will pop open a new stream with public updates around each specific term. While hashtags seem like a great idea, there are quite a few obstacles in the way of #success for this new feature. Why Not Search? While hashtags work well for simple social sites like Twitter (140 characters) or Instagram (a photo with little to no text,) they come off as unwarranted on a site that includes in-depth Open Graph Search like Facebook. Facebook is far and away the most sophisticated social netwo [...]

Facebook Finally Gets Hashtags: How They Work

Facebook Hashtags Twitter has them. Google+ has them. Instagram has them. Now Facebook has them, too. Hashtags have arrived on Facebook, giving the company a much needed way to tap into the marketing dollars that have been flowing into hashtag-focused campaigns. Meet Facebook Hashtags Facebook posted today about the new hashtag support with an overview, saying: Starting today, hashtags will be clickable on Facebook. Similar to other services like Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest, hashtags on Facebook allow you to add context to a post or indicate that it is part of a larger discussion. When you click [...]

Online Retailer Boticca Using Customer Instagram Photos On Homepage & Product Pages

Boticca With the help of social photo crowdsourcing solution Olapic, the fashion website has started using customer photos on their homepage and adding the photos to product pages, as well. Launched last week, the website's new photo Gallery feature will showcase Instagram and regular photos taken by customers wearing Bottica's jewelry and accessory items. According to the company's announcement, Boticca's founders Avid Larizadeh and Kiyan Foroughi realized that "street style" content was impacting a large portion of sales on the website. "We were keen to harness the power of street [...]

Hashtag Bombs: How Not to Leverage Trending Hashtags

When it comes to social media marketing, many brands and organizations have staked claim to various hashtags. Yet by their nature, hashtags can't be owned. They can’t be wordmarked or copyrighted, either. The reality is that many hashtags are started organically, not by brands themselves but by their customers. Hashtags were once the sole domain of Twitter. Over the years, other social properties began incorporating them as well. Google Plus and Instagram recognize them. Earlier this year, LinkedIn started using them. And soon, they'll become part of Facebook as well. Hashtag Bombs Are S [...]

#Boooo! NCAA Bans Hashtags, Social Media URLs On Football Fields

football-penalty-featured Talk about #notgettingit and #dumbrules. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) -- the organization that makes the rules governing college sports -- has banned the display of hashtags and social media URLs on football fields. That means colleges and universities in the U.S. will have to find other ways to market their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media presences, along with any hashtags they were using to increase school pride, awareness, and so forth. A new bulletin (PDF) from the NCAA Football Rules Committee begins by saying "there may be no advertisi [...]

Blab Offers Marketers A Crystal Ball, Giving Insight Into What Will Trend Next

With its launch today at the 2013 ad:tech Summit, Blab claims to be the first commercial platform to predict social media conversations up to 72 hours before they happen. Applying algorithms that analyze text, images, and videos from more than 50,000 real-time data sources, Blab organizes billions of conversations to predict future conversations within 24, 48 and 72-hour windows. Designed using a SaaS platform, marketers access Blab's Conversation Canvas dashboard to find opportunities and threats in real-time, making it possible to devise strategies and develop content based on future conv [...]

Survey: 71% Of Hashtag Users Are Using Hashtags From Their Mobile Device

blue-hashtag-200px According to a recent mobile hashtag survey by RadiumOne, 58 percent of respondents said they use hashtags on a regular basis, and 70 percent of the hashtag users are doing so from their mobile device. RadiumOne's survey evaluated how consumers perceive, value, and use hashtags. Of the 494 survey respondents, 71 percent were female and 44 percent, middle-aged. (RadiumOne noted that while social media use is most predominant with 18 to 24-year olds, comScore credits middle-aged women as the group most responsible for growth in social media site usage.) Another key insight from RadiumO [...]

Report: #Hooray, Hashtags Coming To A Facebook News Feed Near You

facebook-hashtag-featured To date, Twitter has owned the market on real-time, crowd-sourced information. Whether it's during the Super Bowl, Television, or cultural events -- users flock to Twitter (and hashtags) to see what's happening. Our own Danny Sullivan summed up the current Facebook/Twitter experience masterfully in the article "For Social Media Viewing, Twitter Is Live TV, Facebook Is DVR." Well, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Facebook wants out of its DVR status and in on the hashtag. Sure both Google+ and Instagram support tags, but Facebook has typically stayed far away from th [...]

Sorry, Google+ Users, Those Super Bowl Hashtags Really Were For Twitter

google-plus-featured Soon after our post about Twitter being referenced in 50% of Super Bowl commercials, and Google+ being shut-out, the Google+ defenders started complaining. Since Google+ supports hashtags, was our analysis biased toward Twitter? Nope, some further analysis shows. You can see some of the complaints in the comments to our original post, and I received a few when I shared our story to Google+ yesterday. As a result of that, I started doing some counting yesterday, to see if those hashtags really were aimed at Google or not. The 19 Brands Using Hashtags In Super Bowl Ads There were 19 brands [...]

Commercials Of The 2013 Super Bowl: Over 80% Had An Online Call To Action

Super Bowl Despite arguments that four million dollars are better spent online than on a Super Bowl commercial, there's rarely an advertising opportunity that can raise awareness of your brand and get people talking like a Super Bowl commercial done right. From kick off until final play, I tracked 42 brands and 53 commercials with an eye toward how those brands might be tracking success. Did they want viewers to talk about their brand? Visit their web site? Go online to see the commercial again? Or just go out and buy the product? Eight of the ads had no calls to action at all, so apparently the ad [...]

The #Hashtag Bowl, Game Over: Twitter Mentioned In 50% Of Super Bowl Commercials, Facebook Only 8%, Google+ Shut Out

twitter-football-featured The Baltimore Ravens just beat the San Francisco 49ers to win Super Bowl XLVII in a game that came down to the final seconds. But online, the social network showdown belonged to Twitter in a dominating win over Facebook, Google+ and all other social networks. According to my count, Twitter was mentioned in 26 of 52 national TV commercials -- that's 50 percent of the spots that aired during CBS' game coverage. Facebook was mentioned in only four of those commercials -- about eight percent. Google+, which is reportedly the No. 2 social network in the world, wasn't mentioned at all. YouTube [...]

Zeppelin Beats Space Needle For Biggest Twitter Hashtag Title

topthis Sometimes, it is the size of your hashtag that matters. In Seattle this week, the Space Needle launched a contest that will let one person place his/her own design atop the iconic structure for six months. And one of the ways the Needle is promoting the contest is with a Twitter campaign around the #topthis hashtag -- which has also been painted on top of the Space Needle. [caption id="attachment_19767" align="alignnone" width="600"] Courtesy the Space Needle[/caption] The hashtag and campaign has already gotten pretty heavy press coverage in Seattle, with news helicopters showing how [...]

Twitter’s Second Hashtag Page Promotes Euro 2012, Continues Twitter’s Move Into Media

twitter-logo-2012-new Following the success of its NASCAR hashtag page earlier this month, Twitter has just launched another sports-themed hashtag page -- this one for Euro 2012, the European Football Championship. It's another step for Twitter in the direction of content curation and, beyond that, becoming something of a media source in its own right. With hashtag pages, Twitter uses a combination of algorithms and human editors that surface "the best and most relevant Tweets from commentators, broadcasters, journalists, players, former players" and others. Twitter is already where folks like this are crea [...]

Twitter Airs Its First TV Commercial, Promotes Its First Hashtag Page

twitter-logo-2012-new Twitter aired its first TV commercial during Sunday's Poconoa 400 NASCAR race that aired on the U.S. cable network TNT. The 15-second spot is part of Twitter's recently announced deal with NASCAR that saw the racing organization buying a new ad product called a "hashtag page." Update, June 22: We got this part of the story wrong. As Twitter has confirmed in this new article, Twitter’s Second Hashtag Page Promotes Euro 2012, Continues Twitter’s Move Into Media, hashtag pages are not a paid product. We apologize for the error. During race weekend, fans could visit [...]

Slinging Hash Tags: Community Building In 140 Characters

twitter-hash-tags On October 28, 1939, an auctioneer sold off the entire company-owned village of Chichester, located in upstate New York: each and every house; factory building; the old social hall; and even the two-roomed schoolhouse. Seventy years later, this small hamlet isn’t unlike most other small rural communities. The grocery store exists only in the distant memories of some old-timers. The church’s last remaining parishioners lost the ability to maintain the building years ago, which like so many other churches, Grange halls, and Odd Fellow lodges across the country, was repurposed as an artist [...]

The #Hashtag Bowl, Final Score: Twitter & Facebook 8 Super Bowl Mentions Each, Google+ Gets Zero

facebook-twitter-google-plus-featured While most Super Bowl viewers were concentrating on the Giants-Patriots final score, we were tallying up a different score -- call it the #Hasthtag Bowl, if you want -- and the final score was just as close as in the real game. Based on my informal tracking, Twitter and Facebook shared equal visibility during the Super Bowl, being mentioned in eight commercials each. And both of them skunked Google+, which wasn't mentioned at all during any Super Bowl ads. Out of 59 total commercials -- that's my unofficial count beginning with kickoff and ending when time ran out in the fourth quart [...]

Google Adds Meme Generator & Hashtag Auto Complete To Google+

Today Google announced the addition of two new features to Google+.  One of the features is quite helpful and time saving, the other ... not so much. Hashtag Autocomplete The first item coming to Google + is an auto-complete feature for hashtags.  This will allow popular hashtags to appear when a user enters the '#' symbol.. This looks quite similar to auto-complete for search, and can be seen in the included video clip. Meme Generator The second feature that is being added is a built in meme generator for user photos.  In case you have been living under a digital rock, a meme is a v [...]

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