IAB: Mobile Revenues $3 Billion In 1H, 15 Percent Of Total

iab-logo-0922 The IAB has just released its Q2 and first half 2013 revenue report. Total digital ad revenue in the US was roughly $20 billion. Search was the largest single category and mobile captured 15 percent of the overall total in the first six months of this year. Almost all ad formats/categories were up in real-dollar terms. However percentages were down because of the rise of mobile. The IAB doesn't break out mobile ad formats as it does with PC advertising. Search is the largest single mobile ad format -- likely bringing in more than 50 percent of total mobile revenue. Mobile revenue [...]

Smartphone Market: Android Plateaus But Google Near 100 Percent Audience Reach

google-samsung-nexus-phone-featured The August comScore US smartphone market share report is out. The story is familiar: Apple and Samsung are the top two OEMs, while others are down or flat. On the OS side, comScore agrees with earlier Kantar data showing small gains by Windows Phone in the US. But the news here appears to be that Android may have hit a ceiling. This may be in part because, in the US at least, the Galaxy S4 has underperformed. These data also don't reflect the release of the iPhone 5s and 5c. The most interesting part of the report are the data on app and mobile web usage.  They show that Fac [...]

Report: iPad Has “Passed The Baton” To Android Tablets

New Nexus 7 ABI Research released a report speculating that “Apple’s iPad family of products has passed the baton to the Android ecosystem.” Based on IDC shipments estimates of Android tablets vs. iPads, as well as tablet revenues, ABI argues that Android tablets are now outselling iPads. ABI estimated that Android tablets generated half of all tablet sales revenues in Q2. The company said the global tablet market saw $12.7 billion in overall sales in Q2, $6.3 billion of which were iPads. Based on the iPhone smartphone precedent, various analyst firms have been anticipating the iPad would lose [...]

Study: Nearly Half Of Mobile Users Will Share Location For Relevant Offers

mobile web smartphone Text-based mobile messaging has effectively become the "red-headed stepchild" of mobile marketing. Once the only mobile marketing that worked on all devices, it has lost favor over the past several years with the mass adoption of smartphones and the rise of mobile display. Under specific circumstances, however, SMS can be very effective as a mobile loyalty and engagement tool after a consumer opts-in to receive texts. A new survey of roughly 1,500 users in July from eight countries (US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Spain and Italy) finds that many consumers are recept [...]

Top Cell Phone Activity In 2013? Texting, Then Internet, Email & Apps

iphone-android-phones-featured Our phones may be smarter than ever, but the most popular activity most Americans use them for is pretty simple -- to send SMS messages. That tops the list of cell phone activities for 2013, according to a new study released by Pew Internet. The study, conducted in April and May of this year and involving over 2,000 adults, asked about various activities. Texting topped the list, followed by accessing the internet, doing email, downloading apps, getting directions and more. The full list: 81% of cell phone owners text 60% of cell phone owners use the internet 52% do email 50% down [...]

Study: Nexus 7 Usage Flat, Kindle Up Following Discounts

Amazon Original Kindle Fire Ad network Chitika has released data on the comparative traffic being driven by the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire, prompted by the introduction of the new Nexus 7 in July. Chitika looked at North American tablet-based web traffic between June and August of this year. While Nexus 7 web traffic remained remarkably consistent during the period, Kindle's traffic increased, based largely on Amazon discounting to move devices ahead of the anticipated roll out of the next generation of Amazon tablets. What's the lesson? Price matters. In order to generate this report, Chitika examined "tens of [...]

Pew: 34 Percent Go Online “Mostly” With Mobile

mobile-devices-featured The Pew Research Center released new survey data about mobile phone internet access today. The organization says that 93 percent of smartphone owners use their phones to go online and 63 percent of all mobile phone owners do so. Pew says that 34 percent of all those who go online with their phones do "most" of their internet browsing via mobile: When asked which device they use most often to access the internet, one third (34%) of cell internet users say that they mostly use their cell phone rather than some other device such as a desktop or laptop computer (we refer to this group as [...]

Forecast: Mobile Devices To Eclipse PCs In Q4 This Year

computer-smartphone-tablet-featured IDC has released its latest devices forecast arguing that tablets will overtake PC shipments (desktop + laptops) in Q4 of this year. The firm said that for the full year PCs will still have larger numbers, but that will change by 2015 with tablets outpacing PC shipments. IDC expects essentially flat growth for the PC market during the four year forecast period with laptops offsetting declines in the desktop market. However I think that's a bit of wishful thinking on IDC's part. Only if the enterprise market compensates for declines in the consumer market will we see flat or modestly positiv [...]

Survey: Facebook Dominates Check-ins, 30 Percent Geotag Posts

smartphone-map-checkin A new survey from the Pew Research Center focuses on the use of location on mobile devices. It found that roughly three-quarters (74 percent) of smartphone users access directions and other location-related information on their devices. The survey also found that checking in has declined in popularity since last year. Among "check-in" services Facebook is the most widely used, followed by Foursquare. The graphic above compares use of location-related services and check-ins. Use of the former has remained steady; however checking-in has dropped from 18 percent to 12 percent since 2012 [...]

Study: Over 50 Percent Go Mobile Only For “Online” Banking

Keep-Calm-Mobile-Image-Final There's now ample evidence that a large percentage of mobile device users are either "mobile only" or "mobile first." Most digital marketers still fail to fully appreciate the implications of this development. Further evidence of this mobile first/only population is provided by the latest data from the xAd/Telmetrics Path-to-Purchase Study (conducted by Nielsen). It focuses on mobile activity in the Banking & Finance vertical. The report found that more than 50 percent of smartphone and tablet users did not use a PC in the category to help in making purchase decisions. The Mobile Pa [...]

Mobile Close To 20 Percent Of Internet Traffic Globally

mobile youtube According to data from StatCounter, mobile devices now drive almost 20 percent of all global Internet traffic. In Africa, it's 25 percent, while in Asia it's nearly 30 percent. India is the most mobile-centric country in the world, with 61 percent of its Internet traffic coming via mobile devices. A range of these kinds of data are compiled in a new global report on mobile penetration and usage from the Webcertain Group. The report offers an array mobile metrics, at both the global and country level, for 28 markets. Most of the data are compiled from third-party sources. It's an e [...]

Report: Windows Phones Gain In EU, Struggle In US, China

windows-phone-featured Kantar Worldpanel ComTech today reported that Windows Phones are seeing meaningful share gains across a number of European countries. In particular, Germany, UK, France and Italy are emerging as strong markets for the platform. The Microsoft OS has also grown in a number of other countries such as Mexico and Australia. However it continues to tread water or struggle in the US and China. Across the "EU5" Windows Phone has gone from 4.9 percent a year ago to an 8.2 percent share in July 2013. Kantar reports that Windows Phone has seen success among first-time buyers, "with 42 percent o [...]

Forecast: Mobile To Be 48 Percent Of Display Revenue By 2017

money-growth-chart-featured Data aggregator eMarketer has published a revised set of ad-revenue forecasts with an emphasis on mobile. The firm projects that mobile advertising will account for an increasing share of display revenue and represent nearly 50 percent ($14.5 billion) of all display advertising by 2017. Google will capture more than 50 percent of global mobile ad revenue this year; Facebook is gaining, however. According to eMarketer, Facebook's share of mobile ad revenue will grow from just over 5 percent last year to almost 16 percent this year. In terms of the broader category of global digital ad [...]

Smartphones Driving Nearly Twice The Commerce Of Tablets — comScore

smartphones Every report I've seen comparing conversions on PCs, smartphones and tablets shows tablets as having much higher conversion rates than smartphones. Part of the reason is that people rarely complete transactions on their smartphones -- they tend to buy later on PCs or tablets or offline. That's why it's both interesting and curious that comScore has data showing the percentage of e-commerce transactions happening on smartphones being almost 2X of tablets. However, as a percentage of the total value of e-commerce in the US mobile (smartphones + tablets) still constitutes less than 10 percent. [...]

Pew: Nearly Half Of Teens Have Turned Off Mobile Location Tracking

mobile-apps-200px The Pew Internet & American Life project has released some new survey data about teens and mobile privacy. What the data reflect is that a majority of teens have downloaded apps and that they're quite aware and sensitive to privacy issues, especially personal data collection and location tracking. According to Pew 78 percent of teens have a mobile phone and 23 percent have a tablet. The following are the top-level findings from the study, which consisted of surveys and focus groups (for qualitative color): 58 percent of all teens have downloaded mobile apps 51 percent of teens hav [...]

5 Mobile Trends Marketers Need To Know About

5 trends Given that we are a little more than halfway through the year, it feels like it's the right time to take a step back and look at some of the key trends happening in the mobile space. In particular, these are trends that marketers should care about, especially as this channel continues to grow in both numbers and usage (see stats below). Some Key Mobile Stats Below are some stats that marketers should pay attention to. [caption id="attachment_56015" align="alignright" width="288"] Image via Shutterstock[/caption] There are 6.8 billion mobile subscribers worldwide. That's up from 6 bill [...]

Mobile Internet Time Now Exceeds PC — comScore

Keep-Calm-Mobile-Image-Final StatCounter will tell you that in the US, at this moment, 15.8 percent of web traffic is coming from mobile devices. Given that there are roughly 150 million smartphones in the country that seems like a relatively small percentage of overall traffic. While the aggregate number may still be small, when one looks more closely at particular sites and categories, as well as other metrics, a very different picture emerges. Mobile is rapidly becoming a dominant driver of traffic and search queries in many categories. Source: StatCounter For example, the following are a cross section of [...]

Samsung Taking Share From Other Android OEMs, Not iPhone

iphone-android-ios-phones-featured A "meta-analysis" of smartphone owner surveys, conducted between July 2012 and July of this year by research firm CIRP, produced some interesting findings about who buys Samsung (Android) smartphones and who buys the iPhone. There were a number of generalizations that emerged from the analysis: Samsung buyers are mostly prior Android and feature phone owners Apple owners mostly come from prior Apple ownership, with a smaller number coming from feature phones 42 percent of Apple customers already had an iPhone, while 43 percent of Samsung customers owned Android handsets All buyer [...]

Survey: Interest In Place-Based Mobile Offers Growing

smartphone-map-checkin Mobile loyalty platform Placecast has sponsored research (conducted by Harris Interactive) since 2009 about consumer attitudes toward mobile marketing and specifically receptiveness to location-based mobile marketing. The research is called the "Alert Shopper" and it's now in its fourth year and fourth wave. The particular survey out today was done in May and had 2,000 US adult respondents. Participants (a mix of conventional handset and smartphone owners) were asked about their interest in receiving "mobile alerts" from brands and marketers (after an opt-in). The data in the chart immed [...]

Study: 75% Of Smartphone Owners “Highly Likely” To Delete Emails They Can’t Read On Their Phone

delete-keyboard-buttons-featured Email service provider Constant Contact's mobile email study released today discovered that 80 percent of smartphone owners say it is "extremely important" to read emails on their mobile devices, with 75 percent of the nearly 1,500 survey respondents claiming they were "highly likely" to delete an email if it couldn't be read from their smartphone. With the help of research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey, Constant Contact surveyed 1,497 smartphone owners to gain deeper insights into mobile email open rate habits among different age demographics. The study found that among participants age 18 t [...]

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