Twitter Adds Photos, Accounts To Web Search Results

If you do any searches on in the near future, your search results may look quite a bit different. Twitter has announced that matching photos and accounts will show up in search results. It essentially makes Twitter's search results more "universal," in that you won't just see tweets that match the search term. There's also a new "Photos" filter, and other changes that are visible from the dropdown underneath the search box. We've detailed all these changes, along with some screenshots, in our story over on Search Engine Land: Twitter Launches Its Version Of [...]

Twitter’s Latest Updates To Ad Setup Process Lets Users Save Draft Campaigns

Twitter Bird Three years after launching their advertising platform, Twitter has announced new updates to their ad campaign setup process. Rolling out over the next few weeks, the updates will provide more information and visual aids, including a progress bar to show users where they are in the setup process, more contextual help when selecting ad options, and a 'Targeting Summary' box. Also, advertisers can now save draft campaigns to finish at a later time, or let someone else complete. According to the announcement, advertisers will, "...find a friendlier and more intuitive campaign setup experien [...]

Twitter’s “Let’s Get Started” Box Blocked Some Users From Web-based Tweeting

Twitter Bird As the LA Times has also reported, a random group of Twitter users are unable to send out tweets from the Web because they're getting a "Let's get started" content box in the spot where they'd normally be able to write and send a tweet. And these folks are none too pleased about the change, particularly because the "Let's get started" box is sometimes showing up on the accounts of people who've been on Twitter for years. Here are some of the tweets I've found by doing some Twitter searches. The first one below shows the box -- which offers a step-by-step guide that should be for new user [...]

Twitter Rolls Out Updates For 7 Different Apps & Syncs Direct Messages Across All Devices

Twitter logo Today Twitter announced they are rolling out updates for their Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac,, and TweetDeck apps. Among the updates for all seven platforms, direct messages will soon be synched across all devices, so that messages marked as read from one device will show up as read on other devices as well. This update is being released gradually; and, according to Twitter, users must have the most recent version of each app before direct messages will synch across all devices. Twitter's mobile search has also been updated so that Twitter users now receive an [...]

See What Sites Are Referencing Tweets With “Embedded On” Twitter Test Feature

twitter-new-logo-blue Providing metrics to users is something that Twitter has really pushed this last year. From individual analytics to downloadable archives more data than ever is being provided. A new test shows that even more data may be coming. Mikko Hypponen recently discovered a new Twitter experiment that displays "embedded on these websites" underneath a Tweet: This is the first time that embed data has been seen from Twitter, and would be quite helpful for marketers. Seeing specific sites that carry your Tweeted content would be a boon for those looking to build their following, build relatio [...]

Twitter Simplifies Profile Photo & Background Image Editing

twitter-egg-no Okay, brands, you're running out of excuses not to have a nice custom background and a solid photo/logo for your Twitter profile. Twitter has simplified the process of adding or changing profile photos and background images by bringing the editor right out on your Twitter profile, rather than making those changes possible only in account settings. This has actually been happening over time -- you could change images from the main profile page for a while, but now there are new options that include drag-and-drop uploads from your computer desktop taking a new photo via webcam and au [...]

Twitter Lists Get A Major Expansion: 1,000 Lists & 5,000 Accounts Each

twitter-new-logo-blue Twitter has announced a two-fold expansion of its seemingly ignored Lists feature, and the upgrades feature significant expansions of Lists' previous limitations. Users can now make up to 1,000 lists, instead of 20. And each list can have as many as 5,000 accounts in it, an upgrade from the previous limit of 500. Lists have had those previous (and overly restrictive) limits since the product was first rolling out in 2009. Expanding the numbers has been a common feature request, so today's news is sure to be well-received. Twitter Lists are a great way to monitor accounts whether you f [...]

Twitter App Update Makes Photo Sharing Even Easier & Lets Users Proof Tweets Before Going Live

Twitter-App A new Twitter app update has rolled out to both iOS and Android platforms, making it even easier to share photos, locations and to see how your Tweets will look before sending. By skipping a few previous steps, users can now Tweet out a photo in under six seconds: Tweet a photo in under six seconds with our new mobile update! — Twitter (@twitter) May 29, 2013 While you can Tweet in under six seconds, it's a bit hard to catch the main upgrades. Included in the new version is the ability for users to see the full photo to be tweeted, not just a cropped thumbnail. Add [...]

Twitter Music App Is Live & Available For All Users

twitter-music-200px Twitter's music app is live today and can be downloaded from the App Store or used via the Web version which can be found at Based on a user's activity, the app will offer recommendations on popular tracks and emerging artists. Users will be able to locate and listen to specific artists' music from the artists' profiles, as well as tweet the songs directly from the app. Twitter #music songs are sourced from iTunes, Spotify and Rdio, but the default application to preview songs is iTunes. To hear full tracks via Spotify or Rdio, subscribers must log into their Spotify or R [...]

Twitter Brings Back ‘View All’ Option To Media Galleries

twitter-camera-images-200 Good news for brands, marketers and anyone with a highly visual or image-based Twitter presence: The "view all" option for Media Galleries is showing again on Twitter profile pages. Visit any Twitter profile and you should see the "View all photo and videos" link below the most recent six images/videos that the user has tweeted or retweeted. Here's an example from @gap (The Gap): The "view all" option was present when Twitter launched galleries back in the summer of 2011, but it curiously disappeared sometime this past winter. When the link went away, the only way to see an accoun [...]

Twitter Announces 3 New Twitter Cards At Developer Event

twitter-cards-featured With a packed house in Twitter's employee cafeteria Tuesday night, the company announced an important expansion of "Twitter Cards" -- the technology that adds rich content inside a tweet. These were first called expanded tweets when Twitter launched the feature in June 2012. About four months later, Twitter announced that it already had more than 2,000 partners using the content-rich tweets. Last night, Twitter told developers that they eventually want to have hundreds of different card types. But for now, there are three new types of Twitter Cards: App, Product and Gallery. Those join t [...]

Report: #Hooray, Hashtags Coming To A Facebook News Feed Near You

facebook-hashtag-featured To date, Twitter has owned the market on real-time, crowd-sourced information. Whether it's during the Super Bowl, Television, or cultural events -- users flock to Twitter (and hashtags) to see what's happening. Our own Danny Sullivan summed up the current Facebook/Twitter experience masterfully in the article "For Social Media Viewing, Twitter Is Live TV, Facebook Is DVR." Well, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Facebook wants out of its DVR status and in on the hashtag. Sure both Google+ and Instagram support tags, but Facebook has typically stayed far away from th [...]

Twitter Launches Promoted Products API, Letting Marketers Buy Via Third-Party Tools

twitter-advertising-featured Little Twitter is growing up, today announcing it will offer an advertising API for its Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts products, a development allowing marketers to buy and optimize Twitter ads alongside their other media buying. The company has been testing the system for the last month or so, with beta partners Adobe, HootSuite, Salesforce, TBG Digital and SHIFT. "With the Ads API, marketers now have more tools in their arsenal to help them deliver the right message, to the right audience, on the desktop and on mobile devices — all at scale," wrote April Underwood, Twitter's prod [...]

Filter Content, Keywords & Media With New Column Filters From Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck-Logo Popular Twitter client Tweetdeck, just became even more powerful as a Twitter tool with new column filters. Tweetdeck rose to popularity, thanks, in part, to columns that allowed users to customize content by hashtag, lists, users and message types. As of today, columns can do even more with new Tweet filtering options that allow users to include/exclude words, media and even retweets.   The new filters can be accessed by clicking on the edit button at the top right of the column and have four main filtering options: Showing - This can be switched from showing - All Tweets, Tw [...]

Twitter Media Galleries: Not User-Friendly & Not Brand-Friendly Anymore

twitter-camera-images-200 In an era when brands are flocking to Pinterest because of the opportunity it provides for high-quality visual marketing, and Instagram is taking steps to be more attractive to its growing brand users, Twitter has made a curious decision that essentially takes away similar visual marketing opportunities on its platform. I'm talking about those media galleries that were in the news this week. They now show both photos and videos, but they're a lot less useful than they were both for brands and regular Twitter users. Here's why: sometime in the last few months, Twitter removed the ability [...]

Twitter Adds Videos To User Media Galleries

Twitter announced a couple changes to its interface today, the most interesting of which (in my opinion) is the addition of videos to media galleries. Media galleries were originally called User Galleries when they rolled out in Summer 2011. They show(ed) the 100 most recent photos that a user shared or retweeted. Twitter says videos from Vine, YouTube, Vimeo and other sources whose videos show in expanded tweets will show up in Media Galleries now. Brands that are actively tweeting quality images, or already adopting Vine, should welcome the expanded galleries as a place to collect more [...]

Touché! Instagram Starts Pulling Its Images From Twitter

instagram-featured You'll be excused if you think the social media platform battles are starting to look like something you'd see on Romper Room. The latest step in this back-and-forth is Instagram's decision to prevent its images from showing properly on Twitter's website and clients. At the LeWeb conference today, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom confirmed the move and said that his company plans to fully prevent Instagram images from being embedded on Twitter. Here's how he's quoted on the New York Times' Bits blog: We've decided that right now, what makes sense, is to direct our users to the Instagram Web [...]

Twitter CEO Confirms Test That Replaces ‘Favorite’ With ‘Like’ & ‘Star’

star-like-thumbs-up Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has confirmed that the company is testing a change in its user interface that would replace the "heavyweight" Favorite button with "lightweight" options such as "Star" or "Like." According to, Costolo told the Internet Advertising Bureau's Engage conference yesterday that Twitter is thinking a change of terminology might increase engagement with the feature. "We're testing some alternative terms for favourite. Favourite feels a little bit too heavy weight so we're testing some lighter weight terms. Engagement begets engagement. The lighter weight and mor [...]

Twitter Now Has More Than 2,000 Interactive Tweet Partners

twitter-logo-2012-new Twitter's interactive/expanded tweet product is growing. The company says that it now has more than 2,000 partners taking advantage of the ability to include various media in tweets via what are called Twitter Cards. When the expanded tweets product launched this summer, Twitter had a relatively small group of participating publishers like TIME magazine, the Wall Street Journal, WWE wrestling and TMZ. Today the list has expanded with groups like The Weather Channel, shopping site TopFloor, Fandango and the music app Soundcloud, which includes song previews and more in its interactive twe [...]

TweetDeck Gets A Light, Bright New Design

Tweetdeck-Light If you've been one of the many users turned off by the dark, drab TweetDeck look, you're in luck. Twitter has released a new version of TweetDeck that mimics the web version of Twitter with a lighter, cleaner look. If you've been one of the avid users who've loved the dark look, no worries. A toggable switch will let you continue in your dark ways. Twitter bought TweetDeck back in May of 2011 and the intrinsicly-Twitter redesign ha been a long time coming. Another welcomed change for many users will be the ability to change font sizes. Now users can select from Small (13pt), Medium (1 [...]

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