Facebook Drives Nearly One-Fourth Of All Referral Traffic [Shareaholic Report]

shareaholic2q2014 Facebook, the king of social media referral traffic, is strengthening its reign, according to social analytics and publishing firm Shareaholic. In June, Facebook generated 23.39% of the total share of visits to Shareaholic's network of 300,000 websites. That total, a gain of 10.09% and 2.14 percentage points since March, is the highest Shareaholic has ever registered for Facebook. Meanwhile, all of Facebook's social competitors registered decreases in referral traffic since the first quarter. Second-place Pinterest (5.72%) fell 19% and 1.38 percentage points and third-place Twitter ( [...]

Twitter Wins Real-Time Marketing Smackdown; Agency Strategist Declares Facebook Organic Reach 100% Dead

snickers-twitter-v-facebook It looks like the perfect A/B test of real-time marketing. One tweet, one Facebook post for all the marbles. Snickers, like many a brand yesterday, joined the bite-jacking fray after Uruguay's Luis Suarez appeared to sink his teeth into an Italian defender during a FIFA World Cup soccer match. Snickers posted similar messages on both Twitter and Facebook. And what happened? The tweet -- "Hey @luis16suarez. Next time you're hungry just grab a Snickers. #worldcup #luissuarez #EatASNICKERS" -- got 39,000 retweets and 17,000 favorites. The Facebook post -- "Next time you're hungry just grab [...]

Origami Logic Launches Enterprise Marketing Intelligence Platform For Cross-Channel Analysis

Origami Logic marketing campaign reporting platform Today, Origami Logic released its new Marketing Intelligence Platform to help enterprises aggregate and analyze their online marketing activities in real time.  The platform is designed to help marketers move away from cumbersome data collection and spreadsheet reporting and to make faster, informed decisions. Opher Kahane, Origami’s founder and CEO said in the announcement, "With our Marketing Intelligence Platform, we make it easy for brand marketers to measure the performance of their activities, no matter where they are being executed. This significantly closes the feedback loop, [...]

Facebook’s iOS Related Content Test Could Be A Boon For Marketers

merged Facebook wants check-ins to be more social, which could be good news for marketers. Facebook is testing a new iOS feature that shows users related information after they check into locations or post activity-based status updates. So if someone checks into Yosemite National Park, he might see a list of friends' Yosemite posts and photos that friends have taken at Half Dome. Or if someone posts that she watched "Caddyshack," a card will display showing who among her friends has recently done the same. A Facebook spokesperson explained: These cards can help you discover informatio [...]

10 Ways To Cure The Post-Holiday Email Blues

sad-dog-computer-laptop-600 Now that we're beyond the volume increase around Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas, are you suffering from the post-holiday email blues? After having sent so much volume to drive holiday sales, you may need to get back on track with relevancy in your email campaigns. Try these strategies for engaging your holiday subscribers in 2014. 1. Reward Subscribers That Purchased During Holiday Say thank you to your subscribers that purchased during holiday. Don't follow up with an automated post-purchase email; send an authentic, dedicated thank you message that includes a bounce-back offer [...]

It’s True: @JCPenney Might Have Won The Super Bowl Buzz

Bfgs1bjCMAAnfZa Last year, Oreo had its big moment "newsjacking" the Super Bowl, crashing in with a tweet about the event that won the buzz even though Oreo wasn't an sponsor. This year, Oreo literally sat this one out -- and JCPenney's "mitten-garbled" tweets might have won. Twitter measurement company TweetReach says that JPC was the most-discussed non-sponsor of the game. Drunk Or Mittens? First, the backstory. JCP put out two tweets in a row that many assumed were supposed to be as if the company was pretending to be drunk. Well, that the Twitter account was drunk. Well, that the person running it wa [...]

69 Percent More Brands Participated In Programmatic In First Half Of 2013 [Report]

Programmatic Media Buying Brands continue to adopt programmatic ad buying, even as the majority of spending is consolidated among a few top advertisers.  The overall number of brands participating in RTB grew by 69 percent between the fourth quarter of 2012 and the second quarter of 2013, according to a new report. The latest Index Quarterly Report by Casale Media, which aggregates data from the billions of impressions traded each quarter across marketplaces powered by Index, highlights how heavily global/national brands dominate programmatic, with over 70 percent share through the entire first half of 2013. That's [...]

Instagram Deterring App Developers From Using “Insta” Or “Gram” In Brand Names

Luxogram If you are an Instagram app or product developer we sincerely hope your brand name doesn't closely mimic the Instagram name. According to Techcrunch, Instagram has begun sending emails that request developers change their names "within a reasonable period." Recent updates to the Instagram Brand Guidelines include: Use “Instagram,” “IG”, “Insta” or “Gram” in your app name Use the Camera Logos, or the Instagram name or logo, in your app icon Use the Instagram stylized font in your product or marketing materials An email to the Luxogram team (from Instagram) was [...]

On YouTube, Funny Ads That Would Never Air On TV About Touchy Subjects

Bodyform With a few exceptions, outside of the Super Bowl, most TV ads I see don't take risks. That's understandable. Targeting a mass audience, advertisers largely choose to play it safe. But YouTube is a playground where taking risks may draw in an audience. Ads become content, even ads about unlikely things like women having their periods, condom use and men wiping their butts. Oh my. HelloFlo: "Like Santa For Your Vagina" Let's start with HelloFlo. If you've never heard of it, perhaps it's because you're a man and without need of feminine hygiene products. If you're a woman, well, you've neve [...]

HootSuite Wins One Of The Biggest VC Deals Of The Year, Securing $165 Million In Financing

hootsuite-logo In its fourth year, social media management company HootSuite has secured $165 million in Series B financing from a joint investment led by Insight Venture Partners, with added funds from Accel Partners and OMERS Ventures. According to the announcement, the investment deal is one of the top five global venture capital deals this year. "This capital gives us additional resources to expand quickly and strategically into new markets, innovate rapidly, and deliver our vision around the world," says HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes. During the last twelve months, HootSuite increased its staff from 1 [...]

Google Shows Nearly 100 Million Unsafe Browsing Warnings Per Week

Safe Browsing – Transparency Report – Google The Google Safe Browsing system is designed to warn people from Google's search results and when using popular browsers if they are about to enter a site deemed unsafe due to suspected malware or phishing attempts. Google's now sharing figures on how often it warns: currently almost 100 million times per week, along with other statistics. The statistics have been added to the Google Transparency Report, where Google has shared information about when it is required to remove content or provide user data due to legal reasons. Now, Safe Browsing statistics are a new area of the report. Unsafe [...]

Report: #Hooray, Hashtags Coming To A Facebook News Feed Near You

facebook-hashtag-featured To date, Twitter has owned the market on real-time, crowd-sourced information. Whether it's during the Super Bowl, Television, or cultural events -- users flock to Twitter (and hashtags) to see what's happening. Our own Danny Sullivan summed up the current Facebook/Twitter experience masterfully in the article "For Social Media Viewing, Twitter Is Live TV, Facebook Is DVR." Well, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Facebook wants out of its DVR status and in on the hashtag. Sure both Google+ and Instagram support tags, but Facebook has typically stayed far away from th [...]

My, What A Big Profile Page & Cover Photo You Have, Google+

google-plus-featured Like many today, Google+ offered to upgrade the cover photo of my Google+ profile page to the new larger size, up to 2120x1192. Wow, would that even fit on my screen? And would anything even show other than the picture? Let's have some fun comparing profile pages at Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Oh Say What Can You See? For this test, I loaded up all the pages on my MacBook Pro Retina running at the default display resolution of 1440x900. I normally run the screen at a higher resolution, 1680x1050, giving up a tiny bit of quality for more screen real estate. But I wanted to stick with wh [...]

Report: iOS Continues To Dominate Web Traffic

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 6.37.13 AM A report appearing in the Wall Street Journal asserting that Apple cut production orders on components for the iPhone amid weak demand sent nervous investors into a frenzy and sent Apple stock down this week. (The WSJ may have been "used" by people trying to manipulate Apple's stock price.) We'll find out about how stable iPhone demand is next week when Apple reports earnings. What appears to be very stable over the past six months, however, is the amount of traffic that iOS devices are driving compared with Android. According to ad network Chitika Apple devices continue to generate nearly [...]

SocialCrawlytics: Providing Insight On How Your Content Is Being Shared

sharing-kids-featured It's funny how subjective using social media tools can be from person to person. Every day, I use at least a half dozen tools to post and track social activity online, primarily SocialFlow, Chartbeat, Google Analytics, Tweetdeck, Facebook Insights, Exact Target. On occasion, that toolset grows: Google Webmaster Tools, Simply Measured, PageLever, Followerwonk, Raven Tools, Curalate, Twitter Analytics, bitly, Muckrack, Tweetreach, Google Insights, Statigram, IFTTT... and there are more if I count the tools I use on a personal basis. I haven't used Union metrics for Tumblr yet (frankly I am si [...]

Google+ Hits 135 Million “In Stream” Users: The Growth Chart & Behind The Numbers

google-plus-featured According to new Google figures, Google+ now has 135 million active users, with 235 million active users when counting Google properties with Google+ features, and 500 million with Google+ enabled accounts. Below, a chart of the growth and more about each type of figure. Google's Growing "Network Thingy" If three sets of figures for a social network seems odd, that's because Google+ is positioned by Google as more than a social network. Google has often spoken of it as a social "layer" across various Google properties. More recently, it has been described as a social "spine." Google's pos [...]

Forget “Subscribe,” Facebook Is Soon To Be About The ‘Follow”

facebook-logo-square It appears that Facebook will be conforming with social naming norm. The Verge is reporting that all of the "subscribe" actions are going to be converted to "follow" actions.  This will not change the "friend" functionality, rather is simply a name change for the subscribe feature. The name change appears to be a play to entice more users to follow celebrities on Facebook. Following has been the long-time verb of record when describing a 1-way connection in social, not Facebook's "subscribe" verbiage.  Additionally, the "subscribe" feature could be misleading as users can subscribe to an [...]

Smartphones Are For Shopping, Tablets Are For Buying

Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 10.44.49 AM Tablets and smartphones are lumped together in the same category: mobile. But that's not accurate because it blunts and obscures some of the differences in how consumers use these devices. Both tablets and smartphones are used at home. However, generally speaking, only smartphones truly make it outside and are used "on the go." (Carrier-connected 7-inch tablets may change that in the future.) According to recent data from Nielsen, smartphones are most commonly used to find local stores, to check prices and for product research. Product research is also something done quite heavily on tab [...]

Pew: 61% Say Smartphones Make Them More Productive But Nearly 1/3 Find They Distract From Real People

Reasons for not upgrading to smartphone Pew Mobile phone owners are ambivalent about their devices. Most people say that "net net," mobile phones have been helpful, increased productivity, saved time and made them more connected to others. However there are also social costs and a dark side to the widespread adoption of mobile devices and smart devices in particular. That's according to survey data released today by the Pew Internet & American Life Project. The biggest complaints about mobile phones have to do with being distracted and unable to focus on a single task, the increased challenge of separating from work and the in [...]

Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker Lets You Remix, Edit & Enhance Videos, All On The Web

Popcorn-Maker Yesterday an exciting new 'Popcorn' based project was released at the Mozilla Festival. Popcorn is a video editing & hacking project from Mozilla that allows developers to integrate the web into their videos with dynamic interactivity and information. Yesterday the  product 'Popcorn Maker,' a 100% web-based video editing platform, was announced. With Popcorn Maker, users can edit, add and enhance content directly into pre-existing videos. Think of it as Google Annotations on steroids with a build it editing function to manipulate video. A nice benefit for Popcorn Maker is tha [...]

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