What’s Tumblr Worth To Yahoo? Board Says $1.1 Billion.

tumbler AllThingsD reports the anticipated Tumblr acquisition was approved by Yahoo's board today for the amount of $1.1 billion. Kara Swisher from AllThingsD said the deal was a "foregone conclusion and was an unanimous vote" by Yahoo's board. They plan to announce the deal tomorrow, Monday, morning. This will be Marissa Mayer's largest acquisition as the CEO of Yahoo. It appears Tumblr will remain as a standalone brand, similar to the Flickr brand. The Wall Street Journal adds that it is not clear if the Tumblr board has approved the deal as of yet. Tumblr was founded in 2007 as a microb [...]

Yahoo Beats Back $2.75 Billion Yellow Pages Verdict On Appeal

Yahoo! Yahoo announced yesterday that it had prevailed in an appeal of a $2.75 judgment in Mexico obtained by former joint venture partners: The appellate decision overturned all monetary awards against Yahoo! Inc. and reduced the monetary award against Yahoo! Mexico to $172,500. Yahoo! Mexico was awarded $2.6 million in the original judgment, and this award was confirmed by the appellate decision. The plaintiffs may appeal this decision. The litigation began in November 2011. Plaintiffs were Worldwide Directories and Ideas Interactivas. The case arose from the termination of a joint venture agreem [...]

Will Tumblr Be Yahoo’s Big-Splash Acquisition?

tumblr logo Yahoo is trying to buy social blogging platform Tumblr for $1 billion (or more). That would represent about a third of the company's existing cash -- though it stands to make more cash from its remaining Alibaba stake. It's a big bet and the type of high-impact acquisition that Marissa Mayer has wanted to make since becoming CEO of Yahoo. Why buy Tumblr? The reasons are almost self-evident. Yahoo is a media/content company whose primary revenue source is display advertising. Tumblr is a massive user-generated content machine with a huge audience and page views (read: inventory). It's a t [...]

Yahoo & Twitter Bring Real-Time Tweets To Yahoo’s Newsfeed

twitter-tweet-featured Yahoo announced a partnership with Twitter today to include real-time tweets from media outlets, politicians and celebrities in the Yahoo homepage newsfeed. In a post titled "@yahoo delivers #bestoftheweb," Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said users will see "relevant and personalized Tweets alongside stories from Yahoo! and other sources." Users will be able to follow tweet sources by clicking on the "Follow" button displayed in the tweets. It is not yet clear how the tweet personalization will function, but one would think that users who are signed in to Yahoo and or Twitter will be served mor [...]

Why Yahoo Will Never Reach The “Revenue Per Search” That Microsoft Promised

microsoft-yahoo-money-featured Microsoft has effectively renewed its search vows with Yahoo a second time, pledging once again that Yahoo will indeed earn a high "revenue per search" that was promised back when the alliance was made in 2009. That's not going to happen. When the latest extension expires in a year, the expected RPS still won't be reached. Microsoft will either renew again or Yahoo will walk away, if it can. All About RPS Yahoo Extends Microsoft Search Deal & Revenue Guarantees is our story on Search Engine Land today that covers how Microsoft is extending a part of its deal with Yahoo about "revenue pe [...]

Yahoo Narrows Focus By Cutting Yahoo Kids, Upcoming, Yahoo Deals & More

Yahoo announced today that it is retiring five of its products at the end of this month, including Upcoming, Yahoo Kids and Yahoo Deals. Older versions of Yahoo Mail will be disabled as well on June 3. In an attempt to narrow their focus, Yahoo stated they wanted to put their energy into building "beautiful products," citing Yahoo Mail for iPad and Android tablets, and Yahoo Weather for iPhone, which were both introduced this week. Upcoming, Yahoo's events and calendar tool, will be cease to exist as of April 30, 2013, along with its API support. Other products scheduled to retire this m [...]

New Tablet Mail, Weather Apps Continue Yahoo’s Push For Mobile Relevance

Yahoo Weather app This morning, Yahoo introduced its improved Mail app for Apple and Android tablets and a new weather app for the iPhone. The Mail app is a larger, tablet-optimized version of the Mail app that was introduced for the iPhone in December. Yahoo's new mail apps put Yahoo Mail's quality and functionality on par with Google's mail apps and will help increase mobile usage and retain Yahoo Mail users. The weather app, however, is not just "workmanlike" but offers a visually rich environment and should grow usage on the iPhone. The Android version of Yahoo Weather is similarly immersive, but not [...]

Yahoo Q1 2013 Earnings Report: Marissa Mayer Confident Company Is Set For Long-Term Growth

Yahoo released its Q1 2013 earnings report today, announcing GAAP revenue of $1,150 million for the quarter, a 7 percent decrease from Q1 2012. You can see a complete list of financials and key metrics from the Yahoo Q1 2013 Financials Highlight presentation in the table included below. "I'm pleased with Yahoo's performance in the first quarter. We saw continued stability in our business, strengthened our team, and started the year with fast execution against our products and partnerships," stated Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer in an announcement released today. She continued to say she is confide [...]

Marissa Mayer: Yahoo ‘Back In The Game’ For Top Employees

Less than a year into her time as Yahoo's CEO, Marissa Mayer says the company is wrapping up its first "sprint" -- a focus on changing perceptions about Yahoo as a workplace and improving the quality of the company's workforce. Speaking today on the company's Q1 earnings call, Mayer said Yahoo has already implemented 567 employee-focused initiatives across the company, and things are changing for the better. She said the company's data shows that more people are planning to work at Yahoo, and more are staying. In the first quarter of the year, Mayer said, Yahoo received triple the amoun [...]

WSJ: Yahoo Wants Deeper Relationship With Apple

Yahoo + Apple Earlier in the week, I speculated that Yahoo might be able to follow Facebook's lead and create a Home-like proprietary software layer on top of Android. But, there would be risks in doing so. An alternative way to boost mobile usage and traffic might be to deepen an existing partnership with another operating system that has massive reach: iOS. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is reporting this afternoon that Apple and Yahoo are having a conversation, with no deal imminent, to expand the amount of Yahoo content available to Siri and pre-loaded on Apple devices. According to the WSJ: But [...]

Could Yahoo Build Its Own “Home” On Top Of Android?

yahoo-mobile-phones-featured Facebook Home is slated for release this week, and blogs are abuzz with news that a pre-release version has leaked ahead of the official April 12 launch. It's reportedly buggy, so better to wait. Despite some early indications that Home may face an uphill climb, it could prove to be popular with die-hard Facebook users. We'll soon see. But, last week's frenzy and coverage surrounding Home got me thinking about another company with significant mobile aspirations: Yahoo. Let me qualify what I'm about to say. I'm not a developer or engineer, so I can't assess the technical challenges or fe [...]

EMarketer: Yahoo Ad Revenue Is Growing, But Google Still Owns The Marketshare

For the first time in several years, Yahoo saw their net US ad revenue grow in 2012, reaching $3.18 billion. eMarketer forecasts this upward swing to continue, with Yahoo's net US ad revenues climbing to $3.28 billion by the end of the 2013. According to a report released by eMarketer, the forecasted 2013 numbers are based on Yahoo's Q4 search revenues coming in far higher than expected. With the continued management restructuring and investments at Yahoo, eMarketer estimates the company's net US search ad revenues to reach $1.23 billion this year, a seven percent climb from 2012. eMarke [...]

Yahoo Buys Summly News Aggregation App Developed By UK Teen

Yahoo! Yahoo has acquired mobile app Summly, which was founded by UK teen Nick D’Aloisio. He was 15 then; he's 17 now. Summly is not unlike Zite or Flipboard. It's a mobile app that aggregates and formats news content from numerous publishers and offers elegant "summaries" of those articles. AllThingsD reported that the acquisition price was "close to $30 million." Founder D’Aloisio and the Summly team will join Yahoo. However, the Summly app will disappear, starting today. This is both an "acqu-hire" and a technology acquisition for Yahoo, which will incorporate Summly's capabilities into [...]

Yahoo! Expanding Dublin Operations & New York Data Center

Yahoo! announced expansion plans to their Dublin, Ireland operations center and their data and customer care facility located in Lockport, New York. More than 200 employees will be added over the next 12 months in Dublin to support business operations in the Europe, Middle Eastern and Africa (EMEA) region.  The Lockport facility intends to add 115 new jobs. In a statement released by Yahoo!, Ireland's Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton TD, confirmed that the expansion will more than double Yahoo!'s existing Dublin workforce, stating, "Today's announcement that Yah [...]

Yahoo Confidential: The Real Story

In case you hadn’t noticed, Yahoo ranks number one for “Yahoo sucks.” Everyone in the digital marketing business knows it sucks, and efforts to turn the place into Google have yet to achieve fruition. Sure, the stock got a bump when Marissa came in, but that’s largely due to her status as one of the original Googlers. Home page redesign and human resource parlor tricks like that free lunch thing aside, Yahoo’s corporate culture is akin to the Balboa camp right after Mr. T pounded the stallion into submission in Rocky 3. Nothing To See Here They need to turn this ship around a [...]

Why Not Work From Home? “We Have The Technology,” Says WordPress’ Mullenweg

The benefits and drawbacks of working from home -- or having employees working from home -- has been a big topic of discussion in the online advertising and publishing worlds, ever since new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer told the company's telecommuters to come into an office or say bye bye to their jobs. One contrary point of view came from an interesting and influential voice this week -- WordPress founding developer Matt Mullenweg, who was interviewed by AllThingsD's Kara Swisher at SXSW Interactive. "Why are so many companies set into this factory model?" Mullenweg asked. "Find the best pe [...]

Yahoo’s Work From Home Staff Must Now Work On-Site Or Else…

yahoo-home Kara Swisher reports that Yahoo has made a decision to require all their employees to work within a Yahoo office. So for all those hundreds of work-at-home employees, you either start figuring out how you will get to work every day or find a new job. The internal memo explains that Yahoo is making this change to increase the speed and quality of the work. Yahoo said that "speed and quality are often sacrificed when we work from home." Yahoo goes on to explain that working side-by-side with your fellow Yahoo employees fosters communication and collaboration which can lead to new ideas, be [...]

More “Modern” Yahoo Homepage Starts To Roll Out

Yahoo! We've known for quite some time that Yahoo was preparing to relaunch its homepage. We saw early evidence several months ago in screenshots and even more recently "in the wild." But today, the "new Yahoo" is officially starting its rollout in the US. Overall, the new homepage has an updated but similar look, with a range of visual and structural changes. For comparison, here is an image of the "old" Yahoo homepage, which is still live for most people: Below is the new homepage (screenshot provided by Yahoo). The colors, the fonts, the icons and other elements of the page are slightly [...]

Report: Yahoo’s Mobile Ad Revenue $125 Million

yahoo-mobile-money-featured Kara Swisher at AllThingsD, who seems to have an unlimited supply of moles and sources within Yahoo, is reporting that she's been told by someone inside the company that Yahoo's mobile ad revenues are only $125 million annually -- with most of that coming from search. According to Swisher: [D]irect mobile revenue hovers only around $125 million annually, mostly from search revenue on mobile devices. While users are consuming lots of Yahoo Web pages on their phones, which could technically boost the sales numbers higher, rendering most desktop-created ads on mobile is not the same thing as [...]

Yahoo Strikes Deal To Run Contextual AdSense Ads From Google

yahoo-google Yahoo has announced that it will be working with Google. No, not on search-triggered advertising, Bing is still Yahoo's exclusive partner there; but, Google will non-exclusively provide contextual ads that will appear throughout Yahoo's properties and certain co-branded sites. The ads will come through AdSense for Content, with mobile ads provided by AdMob. In a blog post announcing the global relationship, Yahoo said, "By adding Google to our list of world-class contextual ads partners, we’ll be able to expand our network, which means we can serve users with ads that are even more meanin [...]

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