Flickr To Terminate Facebook & Google Logins After June 30th

flickr-dots-icon-200px Yahoo has worked hard to turn Flickr back into a social image sharing threat again. The most recent Flickr 3.0 apps are beautiful, feature rich, and after June 30th, you'll need to have a Yahoo account to access them. In Yahoo's attempt to push their own usernames (gathering user data & insights in the process) Flickr is the newest product that will be adhering to the log-in directive. The first implementation of the all Yahoo usernames occurred with the ever popular Pick'Em NCAA college app back in March. Flickr currently supports Yahoo, Google and Facebook logins. While this sh [...]

Video, Detailed Photo Data & Simple Sharing Highlight The Sexy New Flickr 3.0 App

Flickr-App Remember when the entire Internet asked Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO, to make Flickr awesome again? Well it turns out that she was listening. YesterdayYahoo released a new, beautiful version of their Flickr app for iOS and Android. The app is  chock full of helpful features and tools that appeal to the photography community. Here's a look at some of the biggest improvements: Video Hits Flickr The biggest change that will affect users is the ability to include video. A slick interface allow users to capture HD video from within the app and upload it directly to Flickr. The video can [...]

New Version Of Yahoo iPhone Flickr App Includes Picture-Perfect Editing Tools For Free

flickr-dots-icon-200px Yahoo has released a new version of the iPhone Flickr App, adding new updates and removing fees for a selection of the professional editing tools. Now users will have access to features like photo enhancement, cropping, sharpening, and color adjustments for free. Noting the iPhone 5 as the most popular camera on Flickr, Yahoo claims the new Flickr App, "Takes full advantage of the depth of capabilities that Apple's iPhone camera has to offer and more." According to Yahoo, many of the new Flickr App features were made possible since the company's acquisition of camera apps KitCam and GhostBi [...]

Yahoo Gives Out Inactive Usernames Via “Wishlists” & Launches “WatchList” With A $1.99 Fee

yahoo-featured Yahoo users who completed a Wishlist for their "dream" Yahoo username/email last month should find out today if they received one of their top five choices. According to the announcement, even if a user didn't win one of the five usernames they submitted on their Wishlist, Yahoo's newly launched Watchlist will offer more opportunities to claim a Yahoo ID. Yahoo's Watchlist allows users to monitor up to five usernames for three years. The company says that if any of the usernames on a Watchlist become available, the user will have 14 days to claim it. Any users who completed a Wishlist will [...]

Yahoo Names Bernardo Hernández To Lead Flickr

flickr-logo Marissa Mayer has chosen former Googler and Spanish entrepreneur Bernardo Hernández to lead Yahoo's photo-sharing unit Flickr. Before coming to Yahoo, Hernández managed Google's Zagat property. reports that Hernández has actually been at Yahoo for a number of weeks,  "...but did not have a specific role until now." Hernández's first Internet venture, has grown to become Spain's leading real estate online portal. He has acted as a Business Angel investor for a number of startups, including,, and the leading social network [...]

Behind Flickr’s New Pricing: Yahoo Really Wants To Show More Ads

flickr-dots-icon-200px It looks like there's something more to today's series of Flickr announcements than just bigger images, more storage and a shiny, new design: Yahoo really wants to show more ads. As you probably heard, Flickr has upped its base storage for all users to an astonishing one terabyte of data. And that's free. No charge. Zip. Gratis. It's a dramatic change to Flickr's previous account tiers. Before today, Flickr Pro accounts ran about $25 per year and included several benefits that Free accounts didn't have: unlimited photo and video uploads unlimited storage unlimited bandwidth [...]

New Flickr Debut Puts Photos First, Free Terabyte Of Space For Each User

flickr-featured Yahoo followed up its acquisition of Tumblr today with a relaunch of a "better, brighter Flickr" at a press conference in New York City. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said she challenged the Flickr team to "make Flickr awesome again." The new Flickr puts photos first. Acknowledging that Flickr had become a mishmash of small thumbnails, links and words, today's launch showcases the new approach to an immersive photo experience. "We want all your photos" Adam Cahan, SVP of mobile and emerging products at Yahoo announced that all photos are full resolution and each user will have a free tera [...]

Rumor: Yahoo! To Announce Updates To Flickr During Today’s Press Event

flickr-logo-small The Yahoo!/Tumblr talk may be the biggest element of today's Yahoo! press event, but that's not all that will be announced according to Bloomberg. The once wildly-popular photo-sharing site Flickr will be updated, according to the report. Flickr has taken a backseat to other social sites like  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Imgur, but still has more than 80 million monthly users. Upon arrival, of new CEO Marissa Mayer, Flickr was actually dropped from the Yahoo! homepage during an initial re-design. When Mayer took the reins, the Flickr community was abuzz and pleaded with Yahoo! [...]

New Tablet Mail, Weather Apps Continue Yahoo’s Push For Mobile Relevance

Yahoo Weather app This morning, Yahoo introduced its improved Mail app for Apple and Android tablets and a new weather app for the iPhone. The Mail app is a larger, tablet-optimized version of the Mail app that was introduced for the iPhone in December. Yahoo's new mail apps put Yahoo Mail's quality and functionality on par with Google's mail apps and will help increase mobile usage and retain Yahoo Mail users. The weather app, however, is not just "workmanlike" but offers a visually rich environment and should grow usage on the iPhone. The Android version of Yahoo Weather is similarly immersive, but not [...]

Could Yahoo Build Its Own “Home” On Top Of Android?

yahoo-mobile-phones-featured Facebook Home is slated for release this week, and blogs are abuzz with news that a pre-release version has leaked ahead of the official April 12 launch. It's reportedly buggy, so better to wait. Despite some early indications that Home may face an uphill climb, it could prove to be popular with die-hard Facebook users. We'll soon see. But, last week's frenzy and coverage surrounding Home got me thinking about another company with significant mobile aspirations: Yahoo. Let me qualify what I'm about to say. I'm not a developer or engineer, so I can't assess the technical challenges or fe [...]

Report: Yahoo’s Mobile Ad Revenue $125 Million

yahoo-mobile-money-featured Kara Swisher at AllThingsD, who seems to have an unlimited supply of moles and sources within Yahoo, is reporting that she's been told by someone inside the company that Yahoo's mobile ad revenues are only $125 million annually -- with most of that coming from search. According to Swisher: [D]irect mobile revenue hovers only around $125 million annually, mostly from search revenue on mobile devices. While users are consuming lots of Yahoo Web pages on their phones, which could technically boost the sales numbers higher, rendering most desktop-created ads on mobile is not the same thing as [...]

Flickr Privacy Bug Set Some Private Photos To Public

flickr-featured A bug at Flickr caused some people to have their private photos opened to public view over the past three weeks. Flickr said the bug only impacted a small number of users and only photos uploaded from April to December 2012. Flickr Quietly Tells Users Flickr made no post about this on its blog. Instead, yesterday, as one of the impacted users, Flickr sent me an email to politely let me know that hundreds of my private photos were opened to the public for a 20-day period recently. The email said Flickr had: Identified a software bug that may have changed the view setting on some of your phot [...]

Are New Terms Driving Instagram Users Away Before Marketers Can Reach Them?

instagram-featured If you go by my Facebook and Twitter feeds, you'd think Instagram is finished -- users are packing their bags (downloading their photos using services like Instaport) and migrating to other services like Snapchat or even the venerable Flickr. This because the Facebook-owned photo-sharing service announced changes in its terms of service due to take effect in January, with some of those changes designed to allow advertisers access to the audience. Is everyone leaving Instagram before marketers get a chance to engage with them? Not likely. Since this latest Facebook-related-change panic (FR [...]

Marissa Mayer Outlines Her Goals At Yahoo, Gives Frank Assessment Of Where Company Is Today

yahoo-mayer-featured Yahoo's first company earnings report under new CEO Marissa Mayer is still in progress; as I type this, new CFO Ken Goldman is reviewing Yahoo's financials on his first day at the company. But the big focus of the call is Mayer herself -- it's her first opportunity to speak to investors and the public about her plans to revitalize one of the internet's oldest, and still most popular, destinations. She began by telling listeners, "This job is tailor-made for me," and explained that Yahoo's core components - search, advertising, mobile, news and the home page -- are the same core component [...]

Yahoo’s Newly Redesigned Home Page Drops Flickr & Purple Logo

Business Insider has a screen capture of the reportedly soon to be released new Yahoo home page under Marissa Mayer's new lead as CEO. Overall, I find the new look to be cleaner, tighter and a bit more organized. But one glaring omission is featuring Flickr on the options on the left. It was listed as the fourth option from the top and now it seems to be buried under the "more" option - at best. In addition, you can see that the logo is white on a blue background, removing Yahoo's branded purple color from their Yahoo! logo. Before Screen Shot: After Screen Shot: As you [...]

Internet To New Yahoo CEO Mayer: Please Make Flickr Awesome Again

dear-marissa-mayer-featured The Internet is speaking, and it wants new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to save and fix Flickr. The screenshot above is the entirety of, a website that launched in the hours after Mayer was named Yahoo's new CEO on Monday. It asks Mayer to "please make Flickr awesome again," and is signed, "Love, the internet." But it's actually the work of Los Angelean Sean Bonner, who writes on his blog about why he put up the website: I think flickr is their most underrated product and if they would put some support behind it, bring it up to date, give it an actually functional [...]

What We Can All Learn From The Slow Demise Of Flickr And

Picture the scene: a two-person team of entrepreneurs, made up of a business head and a developer, had pivoted their original business into the hottest photo sharing platform in the world. With growth of over 400% in its first twelve months it was snapped up by one of the giants of the web for a mouthwatering price, despite never having turned a dime in profit. Or how about this: created by a team of Northern Europeans, but based out of London, it was the coolest social music product on the scene. With a free streaming product, and social built into its roots, it was set to take on the musi [...]

Facebook Launches Standalone Camera App; Whither Flickr, Google+ & Pinterest?

facebook-camera-photos-featured Later today, Facebook Camera will be available as a standalone app for the iPhone. That's probably great news for a lot of Facebook users, but on a bigger scale, Google+ and Flickr probably have good reason to be worried. As shown in Facebook's announcement, the new Camera app will allow both photo sharing and consumption. Users can publish multiple photos at once, rather than posting one photo at a time. They can tag friends, add a location and/or include a description. There's also a few photo editing tools -- cropping, rotating and so forth. Or, they can use the app to browse through and [...]

Flickr’s New Image Uploader Is Faster, Supports Huge Photos

flickr-logo-small Flickr has announced an all-new image uploader -- the Flickr Uploadr, as it's called -- that the company says offers a number of improvements over its predecessor. For starters, Flickr says the new Uploadr will send images to Flickr 20 to 30 percent faster on average, with international users possibly seeing uploads going 50 to 60 percent faster. Flickr and the Uploadr now also support bigger images: up to 50mb for Pro users and 30mb for regular accounts. The new Uploadr also uses HTML5, which makes the uploading process much different than before. Users can drag and drop images into the [...]

Flickr Uses “Nopin” Meta Tag To Keep Some Images Off Pinterest

flickr-pinterest-logos Flickr appears to be the first of what you'd call a "major" website to employ a meta tag that keeps copyright-protected images from being pinned on Pinterest. As VentureBeat first reported, Flickr is using the "nopin" meta tag that Pinterest just introduced earlier this week. When Pinterest sees the tag on a web page, none of the photos can be pinned directly from the page. Flickr is adding the "nopin" tag to photo pages that are marked as private, marked as non-safe, and -- this is the most common implementation -- on pages of Flickr users whose privacy settings don't allow photos to be [...]

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