• Brittany

    Yes it’s certainly good enough; coming from an iPhone 4 I love everything about this phone. The alarm is taking some getting used to and I’m having trouble deciding on a lock screen but that’s my only problems.

  • namecnassianer

    A short rebuttal. It seems that the really good things (things that are really important on a phone) were given short shrift: ” It’s fast. Battery life is good. It feels light. It gives me a larger screen than the iPhone 5.”

    Secondary characteristics like the camera were dwelled upon at length. I find that the camera works very well as a point-and-shoot in low light. Hey, it’s a phone, not a dedicated camera!

    I really like my Moto X.

  • tesla3090

    Have you tried using the “trusted bluetooth devices” feature to bypass the password? I’m thinking about upgrading to a Moto X and would be curious to know how well that works.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    I haven’t. I’m not sure how that would help, since my voice command isn’t going through Bluetooth.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    I use the camera on my phone very often. Surveys find that most people do, as well. Other phones like the Nexus 4 and the iPhone and the Galaxy S4 all are fast, feel like and have killer features unique to each of them. That’s why the focus is on the disappointments. The Moto X, to me, is a good phone with a big flaw in terms of the camera. Even without that, it still is generally only a good phone among great ones. But, if you don’t use the camera, wants a larger screen than the iPhone, not as big as the S4 and the LTE that the Nexus 5 lacks, sure, it’s in a sweet spot. Glad you like it. As I wrote, ultimately, what’s a great phone is down to personal preference.

  • tesla3090

    It’s supposed to unlock the phone automatically when it’s near a trusted Bluetooth device. Since I have a fitbit that I wear all the time, that would allow me to keep a password on the phone when I’m away, but still be able to use the voice commands. So in theory, it’s like the skip without needing to touch your phone to it.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Ah. Well, if I had a device all the time with me, maybe. I do have a Fitbit. Maybe I’ll try that.

  • A.Y. Siu

    I had the exact opposite experience. I love the camera controls on the Moto X. Tap anywhere to take a picture. Tap the video icon to take a video. Hold and drag with one finger to zoom in or out. To each her own, I guess. If you don’t like the controls, use a different phone! ActiveNotifications and camera controls are what I love about the Moto X. OK Google Now I turned off the second day I had the phone.