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    I love re-marketing as the conversion rates can be high when compared to prospecting. The audience who have visited the website, needs little push to get a sale.

    Definitely, just using the re-marketing tools shouldn’t be enough. One should look into the data to see the co-relation.

    Sometimes one needs to focus on one thing for the more profitability. Interesting post.

    P.S I stumbled here via Kingged.

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    Flashtalking is a great platform for retargeting if you are buying your own media. Their retargeting and rules engine make it possible to serve the most potent ad, using 3rd party data, multivarate optimization, sequencing, etc. Their great service team will work with you to craft the best solution for your goals.

  • Lorena Martínez

    I find it fascinating how effective the “remarketing toolset” really is. Recently,
    I had a random experience in which I confirmed the power behind the
    re-targeting tool. It actually became a topic at a random breakfast in Budapest
    that I wrote a blog post about it.


    Interesting article. Thanks!