• Sam Mazaheri

    This is a really helpful and detailed look at LinkedIn Ads Benjamin, thanks for the post! I put together “5 Tips for Optimizing LinkedIn Ads” for people looking to get more out of their campaigns: http://blog.adstage.io/2013/12/06/5-must-try-tips-for-optimizing-linkedin-ads/

  • Betsey

    Great overview of LinkedIn ads, thank you! Do you think LinkedIn will roll out different formats (i.e. larger, more visually appealing) for their ads, sort of like native advertising/ads in the Facebook News Feed anytime soon?

  • Ariana

    I love the idea of being able to target my message to a selected group of people. However, our results with paid avertising on Linkedin have been so-so: we mostly get leads of people looking for a job! I think it is because people go on Linkedin with a career mindset (looking for a job, looking for an interesting professional article) rather than with the idea of “i am looking for a product or solution”. I think the sponsored update advertising gets more clicks and awareness, however, not convinced it would generate actual leads.

  • Sumith

    Thanks Benjamin for the detailed article. What I understood from the article is Linkedin supports only two ad formats (text+image and video). Rest of the specs mentioned on adspecs.liasset.com are by Google. Please correct me if I am wrong.