• http://www.thomadaneau.com/ Thoma Daneau

    Thanks for the post, I think it will be a great feature. Any idea when it will be available for everyone?

  • Arnie Kuenn

    I think they are still in the middle of rolling it out to the next 25,000. My guess is they will make sure that goes smoothly before the next wave. I understand their target it to have it available to all by the end of 2014.

  • http://www.thomadaneau.com/ Thoma Daneau

    Thanks, I will have a lot of time to prepare texts.

  • http://www.keshkesh.com/ Takeshi Young

    Looks like they allow dofollow backlinks? Yum! Linkedin also has insane domain authority, so anything you post there is guaranteed to rank well in Google.

    If they can keep this from getting spammed to hell, this could be a huge opportunity for content producers.

  • Arnie Kuenn

    I was kind of hoping no one would point that out ;-)

  • Corey Barnett

    My guess, Matt Cutt’s next greatest uproar will be, don’t share links on LinkedIn. Your site will be penalized.

  • davenathan

    Imagine the money-making power of “Boost Your Content.” I think they’re onto something here. [*paying homage to Facebook advertising with the term “Boost”]

  • http://www.otriadmarketing.com/ Christopher Skyi

    “With the rise of content marketing and the amount of content published daily always increasing, some marketers predict that eventually, the content bubble will burst. This notion, referred to as content shock, assumes that someday, there will simply be too much content to consume.”

    This is why the ability to curate content will become a more and more valuable skill.

  • Olivier Lambert

    I really don’t see why links from LinkedIn will get penalized. It’s not like people will spam the hell out of it… It’s a professional network where your self-brand is on the line.

  • Olivier Lambert

    My question is: will LinkedIn allow google Authorship?

  • Arnie Kuenn

    Ye, I believe they are on to something too ;)

  • Arnie Kuenn

    True, but the ability to create the content that rises to the top will be the teh most valuable skill of all.

  • Arnie Kuenn

    They don’t give many tools for the authors right now. But I stuck the code in my author bio at the end of my articles.

  • Olivier Lambert

    Excellent idea!

  • Chris Elwell

    Call me cynical, but Linked In just feels more and more desperate these days. Seems like they’re living on e-mail to drive traffic and a flurry of new features (like this) that won’t provide lasting value to the community. MySpace anyone?

  • Greg Shuey

    Great post as always, Arnie! I’ll be taking it for a spin for sure! I’ll also be leveraging it for a few of my clients whose target audience is found on LinkedIn. I think you’re thoughts about content shock are right on. I don’t believe there can ever be too much amazing content. Too much crap content… yes, but it will fall by the wayside and the best will rise and be consumed.

    Definitely excited to get my hands on this.

  • Arnie Kuenn

    Cynical. ;-)

  • Arnie Kuenn

    Hi Greg – yep, those creators that are not seeing results will eventually give up. It’s been happening for centuries.

  • guptaabhijit318

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