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    What’s on Facebook, worth viewing that I can’t get from Google or Twitter???

  • http://thepaisano.com/ Paisano®

    Thanks Danny for this

  • http://twitter.com/victorpan victorpan

    I knew it! Facebook search! They’re finally tackling personalized/localized search based off of their giant database!

    This is the solution to fake online reviews – reviews from people you know, kind of know, and will know to distrust if they’re wrong (but at least you can tell them that their opinion sucks afterwards)… you know, the by-product of connecting people. Awesome!

  • http://twitter.com/sed sean dreilinger

    from the slides, it looks like the facebook ad-targeting engine, restricted to your own social network and modified to show you exactly which users are selected by your filtering choices.

  • http://www.shaneatkins.co.uk/ Shane Atkins

    This awesome thanks MarketingLand.com

  • http://www.chocolateseo.com/ A. Chris Turner

    A lot of private data I would think. I wonder the number of users that are gonna change their personal privacy settings as a result. I think Facebook is on to something, but wonder what it will really look like when it’s in full swing.

  • http://www.sagerock.com/blog Sage Lewis

    Facebook SEO. That looks like the new frontier.

  • Guest

    Facebook: Still trying to make a killing off your private info any way the can. >.<

  • http://www.myspace.com/kevinwaynesongs Kevin Wayne

    Facebook: Still trying to make a killing off your private info any way they can. >.<

  • http://twitter.com/b2bmarketing13 Abhishek Bhan

    I don’t understand why Facebook is after the privacy of its users? Why can’t it just keep quite and let us use our profiles the way we want it too? Every other day I hear something about Facebook that ruins our privacy. Not cool!