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    Surprised somebody as intelligent as Guy Kawasaki would ask the beat-to-death Is Google doing evil type question to a top Googler. Seriously, you really think a Googler will say, ‘Why yes, we are indeed doing evil.’? 

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    Well done sir. Thanks Danny! Now if you could only keep Scoble in check :-)

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    Social Adds Is Best

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    Google 2.0 is coming on strong. Insightful interview with the G+ head hauncho, but still at the 30,000 foot view. Many of us in the Local SEO space are wanting to know what impact G+ Business Pages will have on Google Places (Maps) in the near/long term?

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    A totally flawed argument from Vic:

    He says they don’t want to do what others have done: “I’ve seen others …. open up a third party ecosystem … and later change their minds and piss off developers.”

    Well, I’m sorry but more users were helped by opening it up, than there were pissed off developers…

    … by orders of many magnitudes.

    Using a similar method which we have to turn up/down the ‘volume’ of posts from certain circles, it would be extremely easy to implements a similar feature to control the ‘client type’ used. 

    So, if a bot-script type thing was ‘over sharing’, then I could simply dial that down, without removing the person.

    The oAuth methods we have make it very very easy to determine the client app used to make the post.

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    Gundotra is the most amazing people that works in google. But if you see facebook and twitter have used foully innovations Google has developed in the social, not stiffened the immediate benefit is provided to you.

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