• Rynna Beautylicious

    nice message for all advertising agencies.thanks to share me.

  • http://righthandplanning.com/ Peter Semple

    There’s no reason not to at least try display advertising, especially if one is already running AdWords text ads. A local and limited budget test can reveal the better strategy.

    Also, small business owners should consider that SEO and other forms of “free” marketing are not free when you factor in the time spent developing the strategy and creating and sharing the content. Sometimes paid traffic is the way to go.

    But again, it’s always wise to try and to test in order to learn what works.

  • Brian Ash

    Totally agree with the first four. I’m not saying Display Advertising doesn’t also have merit, but there’s one distinct difference: there’s no residual effect once you stop spending money. Any dollars you invest in local search marketing will continue to reap benefits even if you later decide to spend your money somewhere else. But once you stop paying for those display ads, they will disappear and offer no long term benefit.

  • Shelley Ellis

    Unless you have remarketing set up (even just the audience capture) as part of your strategy. Those cookies stick around for up to two years. Even in a bad year, you can always get back in front of your remarketing audience (from those mildly interested to converters) a few times. But even beyond that, if you look at your Google Analytics, you’ll see that not everyone buys from their first banner ad or on day one. It’s fascinating how many people come to your site multiple times over a period of time before they take action. I’ve watched paused display campaigns just keep on converting for days (sometimes longer) after they are turned off.

  • Cathlyn Park

    Display marketing integrated with an online marketing strategy will surely have better effect on people. Local businesses should start looking into this marketing option. If there’s potential with print media, it’s also worth adding to the marketing mix. Print media, after all, is ideal in targeting local markets. Here’s a great article on how to target the local market with print media: http://blog.printplace.com/targeting-the-local-market-with-print-media/