• Alex Bisset

    The content marketing landscape has definitely evolved. Like Mark Schaefer said, (http://opentopic.com/blog/content-curation/content-marketing-spotlight-series-qa-mark-schaefer/) content marketing has been around for a long time, it’s just gaining traction and popularity because the rise of the internet has created a way to utilize content marketing with virtually no entry costs. I definitely agree with him when he said the future of content marketing lies in “help, help help” instead of “sell, sell, sell,” which I think Michael also touched on.

    Brands need to be able to reach consumers at all points of their buying journey and I think that content marketing especially reaches out to those at the very beginning of the journey. By establishing your brand as a thought leader in the industry, you have the ability to guide your consumer through the buying process and really stick out as an authority in the industry before they even begin their buying process.

  • http://www.prosemedia.com/ Justin Belmont

    Really interesting interview, Rebecca! Michael Brenner has helpful idea for content marketers, like our team at http://www.ProseMedia.com. I really like that he talks about identifying problems when you’re first developing a strategy; it’s important to have concrete ideas on what you want to improve in your company.