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    Not necessarily an easier goal to achieve.

    First of all, “to be loved” is a fashionable fake aspiration of almost every large consumer product/service company, or at least of their PR departments. Switching to such a commonplace motto only reinforces that Google is in the process of becoming “just another large corporation”.

    But most important, this goal actually gives less guidance to Google than to most other companies.

    On the user front, they were, are, and will be loved, simply because their core business model dictates that. They must “buy” users by the hundred million, in order to be able to sell them on to advertisers. And the only cost-effective way to buy users at such a scale (as opposed to Microsoft’s moronic incentive schemes) is through giving away useful free products. Being loved is an inevitable by-product of this business model, with or without such a motto.

    On the advertiser/partner front, however, they are less and less loved, and they won’t be able to change that. Not with their increasing power grab, monopolistic domination, arrogance, lack of honesty, and, what gets overlooked in either mainstream or professional media: their fundamental abhorrence of actual human communications with their business partners, and an unwillingness to provide any decent client service (instead of automating the hell out of everything).

    So with users, this motto is completely superfluous, with partners, it is guaranteed to fall flat on its face.

  • http://www.erikeric.com/ erikeric

    I think you’re right that trying to be more deserving of love is ‘less impossible’ than “Don’t be evil.” If their Codes of Conduct define what “don’t be evil” means in more practical terms (and I believe it does), then that particular phrase has been completely undermined since the advent of SPYW means Google no longer provides “…unbiased access to information…”