• Pat Grady

    Digital is eazey peazey lemon squeezey! :-)

  • jm778426

    Google is paying approx 80$ per>>CLICK FINENCIAL REPORT FOR MORE INFO

  • Jayne Reddyhoff

    I couldn’t decide whether to be depressed by what you have said or motivated to rush out and select a range of automation tools!

    One logical conclusion from your argument is that very small businesses, with very small budgets, might as well not bother with digital marketing at all, because they are unlikely to be able to afford automation tools.

    But that is patently not the case, as many small businesses, in a well defined niche, make good money from limited, properly targeted digital marketing.
    They may not be able to match the big boys (Myth – Digital Levels The Playing Field), but that doesn’t matter if they are achieving their objectives.

    At this level, many organisations are only using one small part of all that digital marketing has to offer e.g. just Google AdWords PPC. In this circumstance, the PPC automation tools don’t offer nearly as much value as they do do a multi-platform digital advertiser.

    Reporting tools that combine data from multiple sources are far too costly for such small businesses – and for small agencies.

    So I think what you are saying really applies to the mid level SME but less so to the Smallest business.

    However, I do think re-examining what is available in the way of automation tools on a regular basis is important. The cost of automation does seem to have fallen in the last couple of years and there is much more competition and many more options than previously.

    I have decided not to be depressed and to continue my search for cost effective automation for small businesses and small agencies!