• http://www.facebook.com/people/Kyle-Wanderwal/100003688528002 Kyle Wanderwal

    Some similar sites to Pinterest I’ve found now that the
    bubbles burst…

    Boxnutt (http://boxnutt.com): Reddit meets
    Pinspire – same as pinterest
    Chill (http://chill.com): for videos
    Trippy (http://trippy.com): for travelling
    Gentlemint (http://gentlemint.com): for guys

  • vincent lepage
  • http://twitter.com/sociallyclimb Jannette Pazer

    Anyone know of a way to create an activity report that lists all the pins that we did in a given period of time? Pinterest lists its activity with boxes of different sizes and I cannot get an organized chronological list of activity that I can put in a report for a client. I have to manually copy, crop and past screen shots, which is terribly tedious.