• http://twitter.com/skrenta Rich Skrenta

    blekko isn’t pivoting. We realized that we had a news engine hiding under the hood (e.g. https://blekko.com/ws/+/politics+/date ). Each newsboard is essentially a slashtag, and any interaction or curation on the newsboards feeds back into the search engine. Rockzi actually grew out of a project done by one of our engineers at an internal hackathon. We could have called it news.blekko.com, but thought that was boring, and the social features would get more traction on a uniquely branded site.

  • Alan

    Stumbleupon paid discovery is cheap? Either you are being sarcastic or I am doing something very wrong $500 for 5000 visitors who stay all of 30 seconds like all stumbleupon users. Is pretty steep. It would be cheap if it was decent (find a site and actually read the article) type traffic but it isn’t. It is the usual stumbleupon rubbish!