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    In answer to your question, yes, you are going to have to wear a branded hat like NASCAR.  The idea that you could invest in someone rather than something is interesting…although it sort of feels like indentured servitud for the people in whom the investment is made.  I will researching this for sure because I am a Kickstarter addict, and this is just the thing to cure me.

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    Microsoft seems hell bent on shooting itself in both
    feet. The move to have tracking set to opt-out by default is misguided.
    Instead of looking at how people respond to targeted ads, Microsoft
    wants to listen to what people say about targeted ads………………..

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    does anyone know what they’re dressing up as-if you are dressing up. I’m going
    to a party on the 20th, so I’m going as a girl who used to be super ugly and
    bullied a lot, and in an attempt to prettify myself I went to get plastic
    surgery but something goes horribly wrong and I end up killing anyone who has
    correct surgeries. I’ll post pictures of my costume most likely

    What about
    you guys?