• http://www.getsnappay.com/ Jim Rudnick

    Absolutely great news for us SEO types, eh! Kudos to Matt for earning the job and to SEL for the ability to pick a real winner! Matt…hoping to share another meal with you soon! And can’t wait to see the direction SEL takes under your leadership! :-)

  • http://www.mikearnesen.com/ Mike Arnesen

    Huge congratulations to Matt and everyone else! All your success is very well-deserved!

  • Matt McGee

    thx a bunch, Mike!

  • Matt McGee

    thx Jim, much appreciated. I can promise more coverage on both sites of U2 and the Seattle Seahawks. Super excited! ;-)

  • RavenCourtney

    Congrats, Matt! Excited to see where you’ll take this awesome community.

  • http://twitter.com/chiropractic Michael Dorausch

    A huge congratulations to Matt McGee, I LOVE reading news like this. Also, to Danny Sullivan for leading by example and continuing to produce quality content both online and at SMX conferences. When I think of people in the industry doing things right I see Danny, Matt, Michelle and Barry at the top of my list. Wishing you all continued success!

  • http://www.techipedia.com/ Tamar Weinberg

    Congrats, Matt!!!

  • http://www.nickeubanks.com/ Nick Eubanks

    This is awesome news. Congrats Mike! Looking forward to what this means for the ‘lands’

  • https://serps.com/ Scott Krager

    Congrats Matt! I’m predicting a Seahawks/Packers rematch, and this time the hawks will win for real. : )

  • Matt McGee

    Just wanted to say thanks again to everyone who’s commented — really appreciate the kind words and support!