• Chris Jacob

    Is Yahoo really a place where the best and brightest want to work? The ones who want a mature tech challenge but have the brand and $ behind them will go to Google, Facebook, Apple, etc. and the ones that want an innovative play would go to Twitter, Dropbox, Airbnb, Uber, etc. Then the third group would found their own companies or go to the hot new startups of tomorrow. I am not sure where Yahoo fits in all of that b/c it is certainly not in Group 2 or 3 and is a long way from playing again with the major tech leaders in Group 1.

  • gregsterling

    Fair point but I think that Yahoo’s position and reputation have improved quite a bit

  • Patel Vidhu

    Yahoo will be dead within few years. They are trying to earn money from stock market otherwise they do not have any solid product.

  • http://www.seopros.org Terry Van Horne

    It only matters if Google has capacity to hire all the best and brightest. Worldwide that is not the case so what Greg is pointing too is significant. You also assume that search is Yahoo’s end strategy, clearly, it’s not! I think it’s back to it’s core of being a destination which clearly is gaining momentum illustrated by it being declared by comscore as the Number 1 destination on the web. Google’s answer to the “content” is Google+…sorry a bunch of marketers yakking primarily about their stuff does not a destination make! The days of Search being the starting point for internet users has quite possibly seen it’s hay day.

  • Chris Jacob

    I never mentioned Search once actually so I don’t assume that at all. Also as someone who has worked around the globe, Yahoo’s reputation and traction outside the US is far less barring the odd exception like Japan. This has nothing to do with search or content or just Google but where engineers want to be creating the next great thing. So if you want the budget and brand you to experiment on a larger scale you will go to the major technology brands and if you want something new you will found your own company or go to the newer dynamic and disruptive brands. Yahoo is neither of these so will always be a 2nd or 3rd choice for engineers generally.