• Tim Mayer

    Hi Ratko
    Nice article. I agree with the article just wondering why you are assuming a 3rd party ad server is the way to go rather than a first party ad server in your chart. Seems that given the changes happening in the marketplace with Firefox and other browsers not accpeting 3rd party cookies this would be better off left open or be fodder for another article. With a First-Party ad server reasons 1,3 and 7 would be a lot stronger.
    Thanks, Tim

  • Jameel Johnson

    This was an excellent article. I agree that owning your own ad server is essential to really be able to progress in this industry. What are your suggestions as far as media marketing?

  • Rob Mence

    Great article and worth reading for media buyers quizzing why they need an adserver. All solid points & especially to really understand your performance.